Is modern society healthy for our psychology ?

Is modern society healthy for our psychology ?

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This is a discussion on Is modern society healthy for our psychology ? within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Its a very deep and intresting asking i mean her....

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    Is modern society healthy for our psychology ?

    Its a very deep and intresting asking i mean her.
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    I love the video btw - thought provoking.

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    Well, I love history so I want to say no, but . . . where I live we would have been subject to attacks by bandits, various native american tribes(they and the U.S. soldiers could both be sickingly brutal to each other), desert would bake you or . . . actually flood you, . . . I just realized you may not have mean that far back . . . sorry.

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    That clip is effin' brilliant.

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    The irony is that it's not society's fault, but the individual, the one who desperately seeks happiness but who is void of spirit.
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    crazy video I posted about that exact topic on your other thread an hour before this was posted.

    In response to you asking ppls opinion on adderall I wrote:

    "Im no expert but don't think ancient humans had as many disorders or needed as much medicating as the modern day man.. The way society is set up is unnatural and therefore we lack the grounding needed to maintain a healthy mind body existence. This is extreme- but picture a group of tigers conditioned to get up every day at 5 am get stuck in traffic for an hour and a half to sit at a desk for 9 hours a day drive back in rush hour traffic to get home exhausted only to eat sleep and do it all again the next day (not to mention all that societal pressure)... Not being in their natural habitat & not existing as they were meant to exist is bound to create array of unnatural disorders that "need" medicating. Medicating would thus "help" the sad/anxious/ "mentally ill" tigers carry on the artificial life "society" manufactured for them ... But that's just my opinion."

    I love the video though.. depicts the msg.

    Cheers and your welcome ;)
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    I believe that social media destroys the happiness of too many. I'm way happier since I severely limited my use of it. :)

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    Are modern people healthy for a society?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IDontThinkSo View Post
    Are modern people healthy for a society?
    ENTP don't switch subject.
    I know you want chaos and take it power by that but not with me.

    An normal attack don't affect an spectral in pokémon , you need to swtich stratégie before playing sweep , i hope you have a stall to play bulky tanky or you gonna loosy my friendly ENTPY

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    I think it's amazing. Pre-industrial times were like 1000x harder to live in than the modern era.

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