Efficient way to lose weight?

Efficient way to lose weight?

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This is a discussion on Efficient way to lose weight? within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Just weighted myself about 2 hours ago, my weight was 72.6 in kilograms, and my height is around 1.64 in ...

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    Efficient way to lose weight?

    Just weighted myself about 2 hours ago, my weight was 72.6 in kilograms, and my height is around 1.64 in terms of meters. Which to calculate, it is 27 in BMI, which is your average overweight, and I am 20 years old, which is considered being an young adult.

    To tell the story, about 1 or more year ago I used to eat pizza everyday, which is the reason for my weight gain and my weight is used to be like 83 kilograms (Height is same, 1.64 meters).

    I stopped eating pizza completely, and started to do exercises for a good 1 year, my weight got reduced to 69 around something kilograms, though instead I started to eat fast food such as burgers in any restaurants (Including MacDonalds), and I still drink hella load of Coke.

    This is how I exercised, and to note that I used to make several changes in my exercise schedule.

    So yeah;

    * Get outside and run for a distance of 1 kilometer (Or less I think, not sure).
    * Then walk to the nearby park where there are exercise Facilities, where is that one where you need to hand yourself with your hands down and move your legs up - down, I did it for many months untill I canceled it and exercised just at home.
    * In home I needed to do recumbent, and those passive exercises where you hold your entire weight with your hands elbows, and I sure you get the rest.

    But later on I just dropped doing exercises about at February I think, maybe call me a lazy fat fuck on this one, but just so you know that all of this exercising stuff is just feels like too much of an forced thing which makes it feel like not being worth the hassle. I tried resume it back, but I quickly gave up. I don't really wan't to be stuck doing exercises for my entire life which would just easily-quickly cripple out my willpower.

    It's not because I hate going outside, I do encourage myself to do so as It's a fun activity or meet up for a good trip or something that is actually important, rather than running outside for just a 10 minute exercise and making myself look like idiot in-front of strangers.

    I'm actually not that fat in terms of looks to be honest, except that there is a little bit of an fat on my belly and my face is slightly inflated.

    All I desire is to have an healthy, slim body (Having muscles is not important to me really right now). Maybe perhaps toning/cutting out the Burger, Coke, chips and other kinds of unhealthy food consumption will help with that? Maybe it is indeed that those exercises are just useless forced schedules?
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    No refined sugar - this shit is addictive and bad for you.

    Loads of veggies/fruit, protein (don't overdo it), good fats (grass fed butter, olive oil, coconut oil are all good sources of fats).

    Check for vitamin/micro-nutrients' deficiencies; some deficiencies affect metabolism (notably iodine).

    Limit refined carbs; try and get most of your carbs intake from complex carbs i.e. whole-grains, sweet potatoes, brown rice etc.

    Exercise is good, but it will do little for you if you don't fix the root cause, which is diet.

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    Its mostly diet yeah. The diet is more than food, too. It's the music, tv, etc you consume. Some people drink coke for example because they see a commercial for it all the time. Maybe the polar bear appeals to their emotions, who knows. I think soda is the absolute best to cut out immediately and for good. Try mixing things into water if you're bored from water. Ice, lemon, cucumber, or get creative. Share your creations with friends and create a logo for advertisement to compete with coca cola. Go out of your way to put coke in its place, because of the harm it caused you. Take it personally. Make sure your friends drink your stuff and not coke. Be yourself, not a coke fanboy.

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    What is the reason that you eat fast food? That will help. Do you know how to cook? Do you think you dont have time to prepare your own food, or is it simply a taste thing.

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    Want to lose weight?
    - or -
    Want to lose girth?

    There's a difference.

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    Intermittent fasting.
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    The easiest way to control your weight, especially if you're only slightly overweight, is moderate daily exercise (at least five days a week, but it can't hurt to do seven) and caloric restriction. Find out how many calories it takes to support your current body weight with your current activity level, then how many it will take to sustain your desired weight. I do recommend a balanced diet, as this will make you feel better and stay healthy overall, but your diet's makeup will not affect your weight gain or loss, your net calorie intake will. I recommend a good daily multivitamin (unless you have a deficiency you don't need more than one, you're going to pee most of it out anyway), as it's impossible to get all of your necessary micronutrients, no matter how good your diet is. Don't feel like you can't eat junky food every now and then, as long as you stay within your daily caloric limits. Your weight loss will be slow but steady, for most people this is the best way for sustainable long-term weight control, and it's arguably one of the easiest.

    As always though, before making any major dietary or lifestyle changes, please consult with your doctor or licensed dietitian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwowq View Post
    Want to lose weight?
    - or -
    Want to lose girth?

    There's a difference.
    Both obviously. Being more lightweight gives advantages; You can run for longer without experiencing fatigue after running 100 meters because of my weight. Plus being overweight gives bad pressure on your body overall which is bad for your health.

    As for girth, getting rid of it too also would be very good because I as I said before, I want to be healthy and look slim, and able to sit without my belly turning into mishmash because of the fat.
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    Cut refined sugar, reduce carbs with high GI, switch to veggie and protean diet, do cardio. That gets you 90% there.

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    Eliminate all carbs and sugars. Steak and veggie only. Exercise.
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