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This is a discussion on Insomnia within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; My insomnia is terrible as of late. It takes me forever to fall asleep and I wake up a lot ...

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    My insomnia is terrible as of late. It takes me forever to fall asleep and I wake up a lot in the night. I've spoken to my doctor about it multiple times, I'm prescribed Mirtazapine which helped a LOT for the first few months but it's worse than ever right now. My doctor has now referred me to a sleep clinic. Any advice? I do the whole having a bath, lavender oil and drinking chamomile tea thing.
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    you can try ambien, just don't have black people near you

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    have you tried melatonin?

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    Adjust diet as well as intake times. Exercise, and stay up as many days in a row as possible so you get that one complete rest from exhaustion. Try reset the clock from there. Or aim for 90 mins at a time > biphasic sleep cycle.

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    source: Medicineman9s very good health tips!

    Inform yourself about Earthing:
    Try it for yourself, for example by using the wrist bands.
    You can also make your own device as Jonathan explains here:
    Home-Made Grounding Device

    Simply raise your bed by 6 inches (= ca. 5 degrees angle) for better, healthier sleep:
    Also see:
    Amazon also sells "bed risers".
    Here wooden 6 inch bed risers:
    (well, once upon a time you could buy 6 inch bed risers seems to lead nowhere now...)

    Also check out this sleep information, it might be very important!!! I found the english book as downloadable PDF here :-):
    Also check out
    Natural Sleep - as a Source of Strength and Healing
    and (for other versions / other languages):
    Matthias Draeger / St. Goar
    The book is also available in a Russian Version!
    I also found the german version at Amazon:
    The 6 people who reviewed it are very convinced it works!!!
    The english book is also available on the above mentioned homepage or here:
    Also check this out:
    and this book:
    Regarding sleep, I also recommend that you sleep in the direction as recommended by Vastu:
    I recently also wrote this:
    Regarding sleep, I recommend
    * get your bed checked for earth rays (like water veins) (by a so called "Geopathologe" in german), technical fields (by a so called construction biologist) and for toxins (like mold spores) (by a so called construction biologist).
    This is most important and can very well be a matter of life and death (at least in the long run. Your body MUST be able to regenerate)!
    I personally am able to "spot" water veins by divining rod, but this is a talent you either have or not have.
    * getting an earthing sheet
    * tilting your bed (inclined bed therapy)
    * removing all radiation sources from your bedplace
    * get a demand switch for your fuse box or simply turn off the fuse of your sleeping room
    * use vastu sleeping direction (first try sleeping with your head towards north or south, if this does not work well try east)
    * try the so called "natural sleep",
    Natural Sleep: As a Source of Strength and Healing Kindle Edition
    by Theodor Stöckmann (Author), Alfred Thienes (Editor), & 1 more
    I have also been sleeping with earplugs for years, very recommendable! I use the standard "ohropax"-earplugs made from wax. I cannot tolerate other earplugs made from plastic, they make my ears sweat. Therefore I recommend the standard "ohropax"-earplugs made from wax. I suggest if anyone wants to try this, first get a small package, then, if you like it, buy big packages like a 10 x 20 pieces package (usually not available in stores) and compare prices. You can use one set of "ohropaxes" for several days, so this is a really cheap way of improving your sleep :)
    Regarding the alarm, make sure you got one that is loud enough and gets through the ohropax. Many battery operated "tavel alarms" are just a joke. I still recommend a battery operated alarm (and not something like a smartphone or radio alarm) because they do not create a harmful electromagnetic field. Make sure your sleeping room is free of electromagnetical and geopathological fields (for example water vein radiation, crossing of magnet lines etc.). Make sure no conducting lines of any kind are near you, or buy a demand switch for your fuse block.
    Make sure the room is as dark as possible and make sure there are no artificial lights. Get rid of all LED lights and energy saving lamps, as they emit a lot of blue light, which can prevent you from falling asleep or delay it and disturb your sleep. Many technical device nowadays have an aggressive, bright LED, which can illuminate your sleeping room on its own, turn it f*cking off.
    If you cannot fall asleep, try this "military" technique, which is supposed to help (no guarantees):
    Why it MIGHT be a good idea to wake at 05:30 AM - at least, for SOME people...if you are the "wrong type" of person, this most likely will not work:

    Here an interesting information about pillows:
    i'd like to add get a buckwheat pillow. after 3 nights u will never go back. the kind i get is Sowakowa - i think. they last for years and years. they: • wick away heat and • keep your head cool • are actually flame-resistant* • fully support head, neck and shoulders • are available online or thru Bed, Bath and Beyond, and are also at Walgreens occasionally. • cost about $20 or $25 and • are worth every cent *or non-flammable - iow u can hold a lighter to them and they don't catch on fire. i saw it with my own eyes.
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    I always suggest to never hang out in your bed for anything other than sex, or sleeping. It creates a script that the bed is used as comfort, not for sleeping. If you can't fall asleep in about ~25 minutes or so, leave the bed and do something like stretch, or read. Insomnia can cause a lot of sleep/sleeping anxiety (being worried about getting/not getting enough sleep and panicking), it's best to not focus on trying to reach the goal of sleep, as you'll burn out. Try to go to bed when you begin to feel tired and even trying to convince yourself to stay awake while sleeping has been shown to trick your brain into actually sleeping.

    My biggest advice though, please don't hang out in your bed.

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    I've noticed I get to sleep easier if I wake up and exercise early in the morning. It energizes me for the day, then by night I'm much more ready for sleep, having done something physical that day but with the endorphins long since worn off. Also, of course, no caffeine after noon.

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    Thanks all <3 It has somehow improved the past couple of nights. I gave my bedroom a big clean, that's the only thing that changed.

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    You should keep a lot before you see the sleep specialist so they have information to assess. Write down when/how much caffeine you have, when you go to bed, wake up at night, go to the bathroom at night, wake up in the morning, use devices like phone and tv/computer. These will be helpful. Also note down any medications that you take to help you sleep (over the counter or otherwise) as well as any medications or supplements that you take every day. They can all affect sleep.

    Getting light filtering glasses if you do a lot of phone or computer use (the amber ones are the only ones that have been scientifically tested and work) and wearing them 4 hours before bed help a lot, as well as going to bed and getting up at the same time nightly (yes, even on the weekends). Also, like others have said, just sleeping in bed. If you can't sleep, get up, go in another room, and read a book (a real book, not on a device). Exercise every day, and try to get 8-10 hours a night to see where "your normal" is. Do this for at least 10-14 days. If after 10-14 days of trying all of these things you still can't sleep, something else may be going on, and they can try a sleep study.

    You want to avoid using something like mirtazepine, lunesta, or ambien more than 3 nights a week, as it begins to interfere with your sleep ability and then you can't sleep without it. Also, you can black out on Ambien (and lunesta, though it is less common). Note that 5 mg is the dose of ambien for women, so don't take 10 mg even if they prescribe it. Melatonin up to 5 mg can be really helpful (usually with a 10 mg dose there is morning drowsiness) - they even make chewable gummies and quick dissolve if you can't sleep.

    Good luck.

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    Motherfucking insomnia.

    I hate this. Fucking wars. How the hell did I ever enter those anyway.

    Insomnia for life. PSTD for life. Scars for life. Knee ache's for life. Need to pack, for life.

    And knowledge about the truest nature of the human kind, for life.


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