Get fit quick with bambi

Get fit quick with bambi

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This is a discussion on Get fit quick with bambi within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; just stop eating rubbish...

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    Get fit quick with bambi

    just stop eating rubbish
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    No body said getting fit is easy, now get up and go for a run!
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    How somebody like you can be VIP ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbaladon Arc V View Post
    How somebody like you can be VIP ?
    ik its pathetic

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    Quote Originally Posted by StinkyBambi View Post
    ik its pathetic
    Thats the funniest answer i ever read
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    "Get Fit Quick with Bambi: Volume 3: Running from Hunters with Bambi"
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    Volume 4: running away from Bambi's threads
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    With Bambi you say? You're not talking about deer velvet extract, are you?


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