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Did you exercise today? (Motivation Thread)

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This is a discussion on Did you exercise today? (Motivation Thread) within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Not today. Hot shower and rest, with a dull/cloudover headache. Hopefully I'll feel more like it tomorrow....

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    Not today. Hot shower and rest, with a dull/cloudover headache.
    Hopefully I'll feel more like it tomorrow.

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    Yeep, went on a run today.

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    I needed to maintain my calories today, so no. I will do a light cardio tomorrow however.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigApplePi View Post
    Did exercises in physical therapy today. Since I won't be back for a week, I forgot to ask if I should do instructed homework every day or every other day?

    Any opinions?
    Every other day is about right. That will give your muscles a chance to build and your body to heal and strengthen your immune system in between. Also; if you do sections, rest several minutes between each set instead of mere seconds for optimal strength.
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    I did a light cardio with 10 lbs dumbbells in each my hands.

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    Yes. I ventured out into the unknown....with the sweaty body builder types :D

    I decided to freestyle with the dumbbells, and discovered it is rather a lot of fun, haha. Although people were looking at me with slightly concerned gazes, lol. I trust my body to guide me though - the consciousness of this vehicle xD

    I still find the gym a little restrictive though, but I have figured out that between the hours of 9:30-11:30am, I can go nuts with barely anyone there

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    I took a walk again on my way home from school...

    I really do feel sick, like I can only feel the pain in my head and shoulders/back but not the rest of my body. I felt too tall when I would rather roll on the floor, and couldn't feel my feet. I decided to walk the last few blocks to test if I had control over my feet at least; I did, but I still couldn't feel them that much even when I was already tired.

    I get too tired too fast lately, and it's starting to scare me now. Feeling cold on the inside, like it's either a nerve or circulation thing, numb and almost shaking/shivering at the same time. Like I want to shake but it doesn't push through. I need help, but with the whole plague thing I'm afraid I'd cause a scare in my town. I had respiratory problems (allergies and asthma) for the last month but those subsided and now it's a whole different thing.

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    Yes a little bit but I have had or has the cold or the flu or something, because I've sneezed a lot and felt really really tired. But it sems to be better at the moment *knock on woods.*
    Not sure if it will last.
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    Felt better on my walk home this morning. I stop feeling sick when it is sunny and hot. The noontime sun is terrible for most people, but not me. Also, I ditched the face mask so I could breathe easier. The past few nights really scared me. I'm glad to feel my feet again.

    Today, I want to catch up on sleep. Logging on here might not be the best idea for that lol. Then, if my health permits, stocking up on groceries and supplies.

    Stay safe and take care of your health, everyone.
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    Supersetted ohp and deads, felt great fuck im exhausted


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