Did you exercise today? (Motivation Thread)

Did you exercise today? (Motivation Thread)

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This is a discussion on Did you exercise today? (Motivation Thread) within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Just somewhere you can post what you did to make your body healthier. Maybe something to motivate you. Did you ...

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    Did you exercise today? (Motivation Thread)

    Just somewhere you can post what you did to make your body healthier. Maybe something to motivate you.

    Did you exercise today?
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    yup through a pedal exerciser. These are great. You put it under your desk and pedal away, while you post, surf or whatever. With this one you can increase resistance.

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    I went swimming for about an hour in the sea
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    1/2 hour speed walk. Wasn't much, but it was something!
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    Nope havent done that in a while.
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    Nothing formal today, but I spent 9 hours babysitting today and there was a lot of hopscotch. I already feel it in my legs.

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    Walking, running, isometrics...and gratitude for being able to do them.
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    not yet... but I'm going to the gym for combat and rpm after work. Been slack the last couple of weeks so this week we're back on the full program.
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    I exercise in the evenings during weekdays and it's morning here... so not yet! But I did go running and lift weights yesterday. Plus, I will do the same later today.
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