Alopecia & other forms of hair loss - anyone else?

Alopecia & other forms of hair loss - anyone else?

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This is a discussion on Alopecia & other forms of hair loss - anyone else? within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Was just wondering if any other PerC folks have alopecia, or hair loss from other health-related issues (cancer, PCOS, thyroid ...

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    Alopecia & other forms of hair loss - anyone else?

    Was just wondering if any other PerC folks have alopecia, or hair loss from other health-related issues (cancer, PCOS, thyroid issues, anemia, etc).

    The kind of alopecia I have is gradual, but irreversible (the hair follicles shrink gradually until they just die) so although my hair has been falling out for years, it sped up and I lost an exponential amount over the last year and am now partially bald.. yay So I started wearing wigs a couple of months ago, and will be wearing them for the rest of my life. I am 23.

    I still have my eyebrows, eyelashes, body hair, etc. but since I have to wear wigs anyway now I kinda wish all that stuff would fall out too. Not having to shave would be awesome. But you can't have it all, I guess...

    It can be very isolating to lose your hair as a woman, regardless of the cause, so just figured I'd post and see if anyone else has been dealing with it or had questions about it. I've accepted it, but it took me lots of time. Am also willing to answer any questions about alopecia, hair loss, wigs, etc... I am basically an expert now.
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    I am 28, and I have female pattern baldness. It's pretty bad, but does not sound as bad as yours does. I had to cut my hair pretty sort and do a side part to make it look better. But it will continue to get worse, and there doesn't really seem to be anything that is going to help it. It feels hopeless sometimes, I know that compared to all my other health issues it's minor - but it eats at the self esteem.

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    Male pattern baldness... receeding hairline AND got the "donut patch" going on, so I just was like "screw this" and decided to just go completely bald from then on. 25 currently.

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    viva have you ever taken minoxidil?

    years ago i had a ..not so good emotional distress which ran for half a year to 2 years maximum..i just stopped eating right and drank a lot of vodka. i lost a lot of weight, had cracked lips and my hair just fell from where i am standing. it was really freaky since i have heavy, thick and long hair that people really raved about and crap.

    i bought a bunch of shampoos, like 50% of my salary went on

    i took some mane and tail shampoo for several months it didnt seem to stop the hair falling. then i took this shampoo that had a percentage, albeit a small %age of minoxidil (Rogaine in brand) and it grew back. i have been taking vitamins for hair skin and nails, etc

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    My hair has thinned a lot in the last year, nowhere near it's original thickness. I think that's it for having long thick hair in my lifetime, even though I'm 24 . :(

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    I have a niece with that, so I feel for ya. She's 17.

    On my moms side, 3 of 4 uncles have MPB which they so kindly passed along to me. I'm almost 50 but still.. ugh. I liked having hair on the top of mah head.

    I've often thought that if I won the lotto I'd have some hair transplanted from the sides (it's really thick), but it's just not feasible with what I make now.

    Hats are a cheaper option, and I don't go outside in the day without one.


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    I have a long story but will try to keep brief. I had surgery at 36yrs of age. Not knowing then but was very Low in iron & ferritin at the time. 7 months later my hair started shedding & almost completely stopped growing on my body. Moving ahead 6 years now.... I've had every medical test done. Scalp biopsy, tests for crones etc. iron for some reason isn't orally absorbed into my body, injections weren't enough so I've received 6 IV iron infusions totally 1800 units to boost up my iron and ferritin. After many years of research and having seen MANY specialists, I've realized that having surgery thru my body into a resting state/shock and just didn't/hasn't recovered.

    I would love to talk with anyone that has experienced somewhat of the same experience.

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    Not sure if this counts but my hair line has been receding a lot in the past year or so. At this rate it'll reach the center of my scalp by the time I'm 30 :/

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    I have a bald spot at the top-back of my head that I've had since I was 22/23-6/5 years ago- (it's worse than when it first started but about the same as it was a few years ago), I don't really care about it, I just hope it doesn't get worse. It's not as noticeable when my hair is long. My hair grows unevenly around my scalp, the hair at the top of my head is a lot thinner than the hair at the sides and the back (even at the top, when I shave my head I notice that some areas grow in faster than others). I don't know if that's alopecia or if it's normal for hair to be thicker in some places than others. As much as I don't want a receding hair line I could deal with it in itself, what would make it worse is the negative attention it would get from other people.

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    I'm an Undergrad student in college and for the past year and a half or so, my hair has been starting to thin out, especially in the front. It's especially bad with my bangs, I'm thinking of just getting rid of them (if possible) on my next haircut. Supposedly minoxidil won't help with this type of hair loss, and I don't feel like going on finasteride, too many side-effects. I'll probably just experiment with different hairstyles for now. I've found that hair spray helps a lot with hiding hair loss while not making my hair feel/look weird.


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