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Do you enjoy riding your bicycle?

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This is a discussion on Do you enjoy riding your bicycle? within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by 95134hks Even in California it is too cold to ride for pleasure. I have to bundle up ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 95134hks View Post
    Even in California it is too cold to ride for pleasure.

    I have to bundle up and wear my cross country skiing gear to get around in and get groceries while my automobile is still in the shop. Especially with the intermittent cloudbursts occurring off and on all day long.

    Yesterday I went to get more milk, wine, and lunchmeat, all of which I was running out of.

    The good news is that the automotive parts have finally arrived and I may get to pick up my vehicle sometime tomorrow (Friday 1/15/2015).
    Which half of California though? Northern or Southern/Mid?

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    Was listening to some music to be nostalgic and found this gem:

    It reminds me of all the mountain bike riding I used to do when I was a kid and some of the off roads trails me and my buddies would ride while camping.

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    I used too, until someone took it. than my other bike the handle bar popped off. lol.

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    I love riding my bike!
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    I have been riding bike now for about 4 years actively.

    This is quite rural area, no bike paths and some fire roads, long winter with snow and ice, but I still ride my bike year around and almost daily.

    For me upgrading bike is half of the hobby, I like to find out ways to maximize distance I can ride, so I make some upgrades to bike every now and then, difficult it is because most bike parts are sold with hype without any real data to back up marketing claims, also some cyclists buy so much into hype that there is no trusting what other people's experiences are.

    We have some hills here so other point has been to modify bike so that I can get up hills without being completely exhausted at the top of the hills, this has allowed me to bike more and that has helped me loose lot of weight.

    My current bike is cheap Trek, with replaced gearing, stem, handlebar, saddle, tires and so on, short stem and 720mm handlebar currently, tires Race King, Speed King, Bontrager and for winter Nokian Extreme, I like to swap tires depending where I go to ride.

    I do all work to bike myself as there are no any good bike service here.

    During summer I do sometimes 40-50 mile rides on hard surfaces, mostly 1 to 2 hours though on crushed stone, mud, forest tractor tracks, fine sand etc. Of course I keep heart rate monitor with me and I keep book of my performance, earlier I had even Android device with me to take gps logs, but battery exploded so it has been just manual recording of stats now.

    I'm only one riding those routes in my area, there is never other bicycle tracks and quite often some roads my tracks are latest even it would been week since I rode that particular road, so it is perfect alone time and recharges my batteries quite well.

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    They're sort of too expensive for me.

    I just...longboard to be honest.

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