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What do you want from relationships?

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This is a discussion on What do you want from relationships? within the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; Acceptance. I want to be understood and loved....

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    Type 1


    I want to be understood and loved.

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    Type 4w3

    I look for relationships in general where I can be loved for who I am and love the person for who they are. Once there is mutual respect, anything can be built from there!

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    Type 4w5

    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    friendships - relating, sharing common interests, exploring new & fun experiences, good conversation, emotional connecting, mutual support & sympathy, laughter, loyalty, generosity, honesty, thoughtfulness

    romance - all the friend stuff + being loved for your whole self & loving someone for who they truly are (flaws & all), unselfish valuing - not about what you get but how you recognize the other's value in what you give, the deepest of knowing, commitment on the highest level, intensity, passion, mutually inspiring and renewing

    What do I want from the world & life?
    world - a place & way to be me, to reach my potential & be appreciated for it. Also, compassion, justice, empathy, unselfishness, insight, flexibility. Adventure, inspiration, opportunities, and accessibility.
    life - happiness, fulfillment, meaning, purpose, love, truth

    I never have problem with the romance but with friendship I always feel my friends are not on the same page with me. I always want more. I want a deep and meaningful friendship. A close friend whom I can share my deepest secrets with, whom I can trust...It's hard cuz not everyone look for that in friendship and so I have never had a best friend. My bf always becomes my best friend.

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    Type 4w5

    All the good stuff XD. Loyalty, Understanding, Outgoing (Yes I like to be invited out), someone who makes me feel less lonely, caring, intelligent etc. etc.

    Of course in reality this isn't possible with everyone. so for a gf, I'd prioritize Loyalty, Understanding, Caring, intelligent and Outgoing
    For friend, I'd prioritize Loyalty and Outgoing.

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    Someone who's main goal is always to grow and learn as a human being and isn't focused in on just improving their social stance
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    Type 4w3

    Understanding. Patience. Love. Humor. Fun. Loyalty. Strength. Support.
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    Type 9w1

    I notice I tend to feel most comfortable around people who are both subdued and clever... Like, we can both be in a corner laughing about really weird things. But it's important they have a soft gentle side and don't cut me with words, I don't like sparring. Reliability is nice. Physical affection is nice. And patience! It takes time for me to warm up to new people.
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    I want meaningful relationships, of any kind.

    What do you want from friendships as well as romantic relationships?

    I want to be around people who make me happy, and I want to make happy those who choose to be around me.

    What do you want from the world and your own life in general?

    I want to learn.
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    Type 4w5

    Love, affection, acceptance, trust, support, safety, passion.

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    Someone who's inner goals are complimentary to mine. Someone who understands all the inner agony that I feel as a 4 and can help me find the truth about myself.

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