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This is a discussion on Choose a Magical Power! within the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; id be able to soundtrack moments using my imagination to create and superimpose sounds on my surroundings....

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    Type 4w5

    id be able to soundtrack moments using my imagination to create and superimpose sounds on my surroundings.
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    Healing is my first choice. Otherwise, some protective force field would be sweet! Can I have both? :P

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    Type 4w5

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    My favorite superpower is telekinesis / psychokinesis! Moving things with my mind just seems incredible I think this may also have something to do with my love of the movie "Matilda" when I was a kid, although I'm not sure if the movie influenced my opinion, or if my opinion helped me to love the movie

    I'm curious if there's a noticeable difference between the different types and their chosen magical powers! I'll have to read through and see if I can find one, haha.

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    This is easy...teleportation.

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    I'm going to cheat and say unlimited powers including the ability to change them.
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    I have always wanted to be able to fly. I was obsessed with flying as a kid. I think it was due to Peter Pan tbh, but I almost jumped out the window a few times...

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    Type 4w5


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