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This is a discussion on What Type Would... within the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; Feel as if they were basically an alien? I don't literally mean a real alien (like an extra-terrestrial), but so ...

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    Type 6

    What Type Would...

    Feel as if they were basically an alien?

    I don't literally mean a real alien (like an extra-terrestrial), but so different as if they might as well be one: They're an oddball, are either aware of it as long as they remember, or realize they are one; they want to be accepted as they are; they don't like being an oddball and want to be normal, but is afraid of changing themselves so much that eventually there is no "them" left

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    Four. Though I've also seen this sentiment among some self-typed Fives (with a Four-wing) on PerC.

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    Type 6

    Would a person be a four if they tried hard to fit in, and then realized they couldn't and decided to be themselves

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    Female eights. Or just any gender Four.

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    Type 6

    This question is based both on a guy I know through a support group, and to a degree on myself.

    I wonder how many Asperger types have E4 traits

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    Type 5, especially type 5w4.

    I think type 4s feel as though they are different than others but in a flawed (unhealthy), superior (unhealthy) or unique (healthy) way.

    I think type 5s are the ones that feel like they are the observers in life, not quite fitting in using logic for people and the world to make sense. I think they feel like they don't have much in common with the emotional social side and odd rituals people do that do not make sense to them. In order to cope with this unsettling feeling they seek knowlege because that is their power.

    Aspergers actually coincides more with type 5s than type 4s. It's a misunderstood disorder, people with Aspergers are actually really sensitive so they may mistype themselves as 4s, but they have a hard time socially. Their ability to place themselves in someone else's shoes (empathy) is difficult because they think entirely differently. Internally this feels frustrating, confusing and very hurtful. Just because their empathy is low does not mean they are "bad" people. They are not sociopaths or psychopaths who actively seek out for themselves and prey on the weak. I would bet that a majority of people with Aspergers have extreme Ti or very weak Fe. (depends on the person, they are all different and there is a large spectrum). I think 5s are more avoidant while 4s can be more depressed. 4s can be avoidant but I think it may be more emotionally driven with self loathing.
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    Type 4w5

    I have always felt alienated.

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    Potentially any type, but more likely Fours (flawed and different) and Fives (detached and observing). Or anyone who isn't neurotypical, such as myself, which has nothing to do with type.

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    Type 6

    Would 3's exhibit any of these traits?

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    Type 1w2

    3w4 would show some, but not a lot. 3s don't tend to do a lot of introspection, even with a 4 wing.

    The description in your OP could easily be a 1 that has been under a prolonged period of stress. Particularly 1w2, with their desire to be loved and accepted.

    Quote Originally Posted by RobynC View Post
    they don't like being an oddball and want to be normal, but is afraid of changing themselves so much that eventually there is no "them" left
    Here, I'm picking up on a bit of fear of deviating from the "rules". The person you're describing recognizes that their personality/behavior is keeping them from fitting in, yet refuses to change regardless, and notably, that refusal is purely from a superego standpoint, a self-regulated rigidity. There's nothing that's actually keeping that individual from changing, yet it's still expressed as something like "I can't change", a superego statement justified by a desire to preserve personal integrity -- in other words, it's not actually that they can't change, it's that they won't let him/herself change, the "can't" is the inability to defy the superego. A sense of being trapped by one's own self and forced to continue doing what makes one miserable by loyalty to one's own integrity is classic E1 behavior and mindset. That's what causes the E1's resentment and, when that anger is turned inwards, depression and disintegration into something resembling a low-functioning E4.
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