[Enneagram Type 4] Typing persons you would likely fall in love with

Typing persons you would likely fall in love with

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This is a discussion on Typing persons you would likely fall in love with within the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; My ideal date: Enneagram: Definitely a 7 !! History showed i fall on 7's. Followed by 4's, 2's and positive ...

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    Type 4w5

    Typing persons you would likely fall in love with

    My ideal date:

    Enneagram: Definitely a 7 !! History showed i fall on 7's. Followed by 4's, 2's and positive 9's. I don't want to date 3's and 5's. However: i'm not going to type a person i fall in love with. You just gotta fall in love with someone (you can't decide). But most likely 3's and 5's are not persons i would fall in love with.

    MTBI: INFP followed by INFJ, ISFP and ENFP.

    Extra: I don't want a Belgian. I want someone in a foreign country. I want a mysterious difficult relationship, but one that is very strong. And i would everything i can to show that her.
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    Type 6w7

    I thought this was like, for individual people I have "crushes" on (I'd be referring to celebrities.) I'm gonna use them as a basis, anyway, as I feel this is all for fun. I feel like there's no telling who I'd actually fall in love with, if anyone:

    Fred Armisen

    MBTI: Based on Portlandia, I'm gonna guess that he's an extremely silly ENFJ. I think there's a lot of Fe because his facial dexterity is off the charts, and he's so good at observing + imitating behavior as a whole. He's so insane. I feel like he'd be so much fun to be around.

    Enneagram: I wanna say 7w6.

    Since we're discussing MBTI as well, perhaps I should state I'm an INFP. 99.9% sure I'm a 4.


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    Type 4w5

    There are two "ideal people" that I have conceptualized in my mind. Pretty intricately, really. First is a man, second is a woman, though genderfluid would also work for either. These idealized people change over time, but as of right now...

    The guy: Either an ENFJ or ENTP, hard to say. Probably a 5, 6, or 9. I don't know, since it's hard to type a projection.

    The woman: Probably xNFP, and definitely either a 4 or a 9.

    -_- this is really ridiculous but whatever.

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    passionate, humble someone with a big heart
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    Type 4w3

    I tend to fall for Sevens.

    Twos and other Fours annoy the crap out of me. And Fives I just have a hard time connecting with on a romantic level though I have some great 5 friends.

    Otherwise, I haven't given it much thought.
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    Type 8w7

    I am 8w7, 4w3, 7w8 SxSo but my 4 is usually a part that is jerking me around. I have conquered most of my 8 ness and it now serves to integrate me. The 4 is proving more ... difficult (go figure).

    Having had relationships with many women I can say easily that I enjoy the relationship process all except for the getting there. Starting a relationship is like so damn hard for me. It isn't any of the normal reasons that make it hard either.

    I'm going to go with INFJ and ENFJ women for ... oh just a lot of reasons. I am very 50/50 on T/F coming from mostly a T childhood. I am 100% N on tests, yet me function flesh out as Ne, Se, Ti, Fe; making me an ENTP who is super Se. Yeah, once I get the ladies involved (let's say to keep this PG) things go very well (for them). But getting there is hell because even at my age I am a raging storm of chaos.

    I am going to have to go with Cate Blanchett. INFJ, smashing good looks, and an ethereal childlike energy that just drives me wild.

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    Type 4w5

    Okay 4's want definitely love with 7's.
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    My crush right now is an xNTP i think. Definitely alpha. Probably enneagram 7 :) Hes pretty nerdy but parties a lot too. 4+7=<3
    or its actually 4+7=3< but whatever :D

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    Type 4w3

    Sevens. So much sevens. Sigh.

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    1s get the work done.

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