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How to tell the difference between 4w3 and 4w5?

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This is a discussion on How to tell the difference between 4w3 and 4w5? within the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; As a 4w5, I never really cared about success or fame. So the 3 side is alien to me. I ...

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    Type 4w5

    As a 4w5, I never really cared about success or fame. So the 3 side is alien to me.

    I both care about what others think, and don't care what others think.

    For example, if I produce a piece of art and they weren't accepted by people... ehh, I wouldn't care.

    If I thought that people were beneath me, I wouldn't care.

    If someone directly insults me and decide that he is just a nasty person, I wouldn't care. However, I would care if the person was usually nice or something.

    If some random person looks at me funny or something, I would care. I am really terrified of rejection and being hated, but I don't mind being an outcast.

    So it's weird... I both care A LOT about what others think, and at other times, I don't. It's almost as if I pick and choose what to care and what not to care .
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    Type 4 is an image type.

    The goal is to ultimately find your identity.

    A 4w3 would find their "identity" in their achievements.
    A 4w5 would find their "identity" in their knowledge.

    A 4w3 will feel ashamed if they fail something important
    A 4w5 will feel ashamed if they weren't prepared for something important

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    Type 4w5

    ^ Makes sense.

    However, I never really understood this "finding my identity" thing. Even though I guess that's what I'm doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowsRunner View Post
    I'm really over-dramatic, and I almost have sort of a 'split-personality' and a bit of a schism resulting in self loathing as I get mad at myself for being so disingenuous and fake; whilst at the same time, always putting too much pressure on myself to be 'exceptional' in some way.

    I can be really lively, social, and amiable; and the next, withdrawn, pensive and reserved. Both sides are quite often in conflict with each other. I really desire to be authentic and real, and I sometimes have to remind myself to reel everything back in a bit, and get back in touch with who 'I' really am, and not to be so focused on shallow or superficial pursuits. Sometimes, I force myself to do things that aren't authentic or genuine to myself, and it makes me feel really sad and like some slutty Mc-Hooker face, or something, but yet for some reason, i cannot stop. I can't ever fully stop trying to strive and be 'successful'

    but if I ever do reach my desire for 'success' and 'accomplishment' I would just give up and become totally lazy and not give a crap. Because deep down, I resent all of it.

    But I sort of like working hard, and seeing how all your hard work pay off. It's really fulfilling (I used to be really lazy; so more so because of that) Of course, it can't just be anything. It has to be something that is meaningful and personal significant to me. I cannot quite put in the same amount of effort into a normal job, and a lot people still think I'm lazy because of that. That, or I am thought of as some kind of swindler, Which in all honestly, I probably am just a little bit.

    I suppose my 3-wing seeks to make myself feel 'special' and 'unique' by fitting into a more conventionally attractive molds, and to desire to have some sort of 'pzazz'

    It's really easy for me to lose track of myself and what I really desire or is the best for me, though. Liable to get a little burnt out.
    I'm a walking contradiction!
    Spoken like a true 4w3 :).

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    I acted like a 4w5 for I while because I wanted to be one and wanted people to see me that way .

    Short way to tell: if they really care about what other people think, they're a 4w3. This is demonstrated in doing things strictly for a good impression or pleasing someone else. I'm a major people-pleaser, but I also hate it because I'll abandon my own opinions and identity to be accepted. But when I'm all about my identity, I feel like a selfish prick because I know how much I might be offending people :/.

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    Type 3w4

    Fours are image types, so idk why people think 4w5 wouldn't care about their appearance. I care about my appearance and looking stylish, I generally follow normal fashion trends. I wasn't always that way but I've started caring more recently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightstorm View Post
    A 4w3 would find their "identity" in their achievements.
    That is the 3w4. 4w3s have an identity without their achievements.

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    Passions are envy+deceit.
    Has more of an ego but may often be oblivious to it.
    Is more of the over-doer.
    They are attracted to grandiosity.
    They seem more like a walking contradiction due to the difference of the 4 core and the 3 wing.
    Seems ISFPish or ENFPish.

    Passions are envy+avarice.
    Often seem to be insecure?
    Is more of the overthinker.
    They are attracted to minimalism.
    Their 4 core and 5 wing seems to flow together more.
    Seems INFPish.
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