Favorite/least favorite types?

Favorite/least favorite types?

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This is a discussion on Favorite/least favorite types? within the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; I know every type has something to offer, and it is silly to try and rank them. Yet based on ...

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    Favorite/least favorite types?

    I know every type has something to offer, and it is silly to try and rank them.

    Yet based on your personal life experience, which type have you had the least/most conflict with?

    For myself:

    1. Type One. My transcendent way of thinking runs directly counter to the One's rigid morality and I have had many wars, where the crusader and fanatic whom I accuse describes me as delusional and impractical.

    2. Type Eight. The 4-8 relationship is especially volatile. When my "innocent" insight clashes with the "overconfident" power of the Eight, a barrier in communication arises and it is difficult to get past it. How can a highly self-aware person get along with a person who thinks he knows everything and has such a surefire confidence that can brainwash the 4... and when the 4 feels he's being brainwashed, he'll run for the hills!

    3. Type Two. The appeasement factor is so shallow that it can disgust a 4 like no other type can. Personal accomplishment is valued over social success. Weakness is not beautiful.

    4. Type Six. Fairly easy to deal with for us, until we realize how split down the middle 6's really are. On one hand, they are so trustworthy, and on the other hand, they can't be because they are always answering to a higher power.

    5. Type Seven. I get along with 7's fairly well. We have some things in common with them. Until the day when you try to explain some in-depth analysis of a movie to a 7 who sees you as being to obsessive and taking things too seriously because they're busy moving on to the next thrilling distraction. 4's love thrills too, but each thrill has a deep meaning and value to it, whereas for the 7, she must experience as many thrills because delving into a singular entity is a waste of time for her.

    6. Type Three. I've always had a way of *understanding* 3's. Maybe its my wing, but superficial is fine by me, as long as it's beautiful. I don't mind an actress who might be shallow and compromised, e.g. Lindsay Lohan, yet still has a pleasing aesthetic appearance, as the accomplishment of appearing beautiful holds some sort of value to me.

    7. Type Nine. I think 4's and 9's can get along extremely well. Yet my ex-girlfriend was a 9. At some point the 9's passive acceptance clashes badly with the 4's intensity. But this only happens in a serious relationship. Otherwise... how can you not love a 9? They are more receptive to us than any other type.

    8. Type Five. I really don't know what to say about this one. They are a mystery to me.
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    Favorite type: any enneatype (1-9) that exhibits average to healthy range behaviors consistently and is mature.

    Least favorite type:
    mistypes who try to mimic the persona (usually stereotypical descriptions) of the enneatype (1-9) they "think" they are, any type that exhibits unhealthy range behaviors consistently and is immature, any type exhibiting the potential pathology of an enneatype.

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    Im a 4w5 and totally agree with 7legion77.

    I find ones too rigid, 2s insanely emotional and superficial, 7s as interesting, 9s as the most genuine although they are too passive sometimes, 6s too anxious, 8s as too domineering, other 4s as too self-absorbed, but I like 3s alot. They can quite conceited, but there is an air about them I admired. Oh and 5s are always interesting to me, because I see myself in them, but as a 4, Im hypersensitive and far too emotional to be a 5.

    That said, all in all, it comes down to the maturity level of a person and their level of healthiness.

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    I have a hard time getting along with any type that has a hard time excepting others differences. Most of my friends are completely different than me in many ways. I embrace diversity, it is the melting pot and what makes us unique. I would describe myself as having a Chamelion type personality. Able to transform my personality at a whims notice to transform myself into something new and better. I embrace change and have often completely changed religous views, interests, political views, and musical tastes because I got tired of my old self. I can't stay in one personality for too long a period in my life without going insane. I strive so much to understand another persons viewpoint that like a chamelion I decide to become them. Even if that means getting rid of friends and completely changing everything about me. I love change and I love how different everyone is from everyone, I have little tolerance for people who like everyone to be the same as they are and can't be accepting of people's differences. It is about being very open minded and having an ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

    I like to take radical viewpoints sometimes, to challenge their viewpoints, to get people thinking, and to test just how accepting they really are of others differences, can they really put themselves in another shoes and accept how they view life?

    I have tossed between being catholic, presbyterian, lutheran, baptist, satanist, gnostic, and buddist. Right now I am a practicing baptist. I have joined their church. I have transformed my thinking to the way they view life. I even started acting the way they act at the church. I will soon get tired of being a baptist and move onto my next new adventure. I have always wanted to try Hinduism. I think it is rare for white european males to become Hindu's, but I love being odd. If I have a chance to be even odder than I am now I will definitely jump at the opportunity. I can't do that just yet though I would probably lose my girlfriend and the sex is still good with her so she is still of some use to me, but when she no longer thrills me anymore I will move onto Hinduism.

    You see be whatever you want to be, believe what you ever want to believe. Thats fine with me. If you are like Charles Manson and believe ordering people to be killed is morally right then I have no qualms with you. If your are more like the Pope and beleive strictly in Catholic doctrine, then I have no qualms with you either and your cool by me. You want to practice santeria and sacrafice animals, hey whatever floats your boat I still like you for the individual you are. But if you start critizing other people for what they believe in or can't understand why anyone would view life differently then you, then I have serious issues with you and we will have a hard time getting along in the long run. All of the religions in the world cna be summed up with simple phrase "Do What Thy Wilt. Shall be the whole of the Law". Crowley was a mastermind, I idolize the guy. Do whatever floats your boat and live happy ever after.

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    Type 4w3

    Favorites - 5s, 7s, 6w7s

    Least favorites? Unhealthy 1s and unhealthy 2s.

    Most alien to me? 8s.
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    My best friends are types 4, 5, and 7. I would say that I get along with them all pretty well. I also really like 9's.

    I think hardest for me to deal with are 8's and 6's.
    Sometime's 4's (like one of my best friend) are a bit too dramatic for me too hang out with too often

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    Type 7

    I don't dislike anything

    Favourite probably cp6s: brave, unpredictable, crazy, fiery, usually sarcastic. Very entertaining!

    Least favourite: 9w1 (sometimes boring & dull. I know some who're just a bundle of niceness / cuteness, yet don't show enough substance or personality, and so gives me a "meh" impression)
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    This is tough, my favorite is probably a 6w7. You really can't beat that personality.

    Least favorite: type 1w9 can be a bit too rigid and perfectionistic for me.

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    Favorite types: Probably 1s, 5s, 6s, 8s as romantic partners - and pretty much all types as friends.

    Least favorite types: I don't mind having any type as friend, but I tend to not feel any chemistry with 2s, 4s, and 7s. The latter is funny because I have a very strong 7 influence, but I tend to feel that they're relatively fickle and jump onto the next best thing the moment I become predictable. At least that was my experience.

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    Type 9w1

    1's: I love 1's. they're usually straightforward to be around and not too complicated or overemotional. they seem innocent to me for some reason. they always seem to have a good head on their shoulders.

    2's: I don't know many 2's - my grandmother (who I live with along with my parents) I'm fairly certain is a 2, and she doesn't bother me as much as she bothers them. I think its funny when she tries to make people feel sorry for her and over-dramatize things - I just take it in stride. She's really really sweet but she's evil at the same time. One time my dad left a nickel on the counter to see if she would take it. She took it. :P One time she called 911 because her shoulder was sore, she runs away and says she's moving somewhere else when she gets in arguments, etc.

    3's: I honestly don't know any other 3's. they're probably somewhere but I haven't really gotten to any of them, but I'm sure I would get along fine with them. I'm not competitive at all, I just want to be liked, so that wouldn't be an issue.

    4's: I had an online best friend who was a 4 and I had to ditch her. What I liked was that she seemed to understand my ways, but her fits drove me away. My aunt brought over a cat for us to keep and we couldn't keep it because it wasn't happy, and our other cat was depressed, it was keeping us up at night, and the original owners missed it anyway. So they took it back and I told her about it and she flipped. Because "I just blew it off without thinking twice like her parents always do to her." We would be talking and all of a sudden she would send me Korn lyrics and I would be like wut. "I can't believe you don't understand the lyrics!" "I understand them but why are you sending them to me.." "UGH. YOU KNOW WHAT. I'LL JUST GO TO SOMEONE ELSE FOR SYMPATHY." She tried so hard to stand out, feel special, be artistic, and it just got tiresome. I'm sure they're not all to this extreme but I can imagine this is how they are when on unhealthy levels, and that's something I can't really deal with.

    5's: They're so in their own little world. I don't even think its possible for me to not get along with one, they're so innocent. XD

    6's: When we get along we get along great but when we don't get along its bad. I like them though. :> They have annoying qualities, but the types of things that I'll hate and then the next day I'll be like, "Meh, I guess I can deal with that."

    7's: Love em. :3 I really can't think of anything I dislike about them.

    8's: I'd love to form a strong friendship with an 8 but I'd probably end up fighting with them before even giving them a chance. I've noticed that they can be over the top and take themselves too seriously. I will probably never get along with them. :( In fact I'm scared of even posting this because I feel like I'll get attacked. XDD

    9's: Love 9's. Breath of fresh air. :3

    So in order from favorite to least favorite...

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