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Struggling to put out vibes

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This is a discussion on Struggling to put out vibes within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Snowflake Minuet btw @ raschel please share how you got the music notes in your signature if ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake Minuet
    btw @raschel please share how you got the music notes in your signature if at all possible, I've been looking for something like that forever...I swear I've tried every keyboard combination possible!!!:)
    They are alt codes from here Alt Codes List of Alt Key Codes Symbols
    I can't type them on a phone but I can just copy/paste.
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    Thanks to everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by unspokendeeplyunderstood View Post
    First of all this isn't a flaw, more so you just need a bit more understanding of yourself. Giving off vibes and such is a very subconscious thing, we don't necessarily think about it. You are consciously thinking about it from what I can tell "its hard for me to open up or give anything off due to fear of pain" this alone, this feeling you feel. It is a vibe, you're projecting this emotion unconsciously, now how others pick up on this can possibly be a "DO NOT DISTURB" feel. "i don't want to be misunderstood and then misjudged" We live in a world where people will willingly project there emotions on to others and then judge them accordingly. This is why we have emotional barriers so to speak. We protect our fragile existence from comments and emotions by subconsciously block them. You definitely are giving are giving off vibes, whether the problem is if consciously realize it. Well I read you have a boyfriend, I'm sure when you are intimate with him he can tell if your being yourself or are feeling upset. Not because you tell him but because he can sense it. Same thing happens in public, whether others can actually tell or have the sensory perception to pick up on it isn't your fault. Some people are that dense in fact. Your vibe ties back greatly to your emotional connection to yourself and emotions in general. If you feel like your lost inside well then your vibe will be confusing, you will project conflict. Learning to project your vibe or aura isn't something that easy. It requires you to know who you are inside out. Controlling your feelings that you decide to show is even harder. Its takes time. It sounds like you are thinking about it too much and not feeling enough to allow yourself to send or project the right feelings. Its common mistake.

    Yeah it definitely depends on who is around me. In highschool I feel like I put out more energy and like I was more fun. Then I moved away a few years ago and have found only a couple people I feel okay with. I've found myself more reserved than ever, or at least more aware of being reserved and I don't like it. I don't mind physical energy so much as social energy. I love expending physical energy. But around someone I don't know quite yet or that doesn't resonate with the bits of myself I put out for them, that is truly exhausting.
    "I found myself more reserved than ever, or at least more aware of being reserved and I don't like it." Emotionally speaking this is normal I feel for INFJ's to give off and feel. There could be something underlining reason causing you to feel this way. Maybe you feel disconnected with yourself or something happened that just threw you off. I wouldn't say being reserved is a bad thing. Yet your feelings of how others see you seem to overpower your own feelings to just be yourself. Its important to just be true to your own thoughts and emotions. Identify when your feeling conflicted or emotional and maybe just take yourself out of being social that day. A lot of what we feel interjects directly into what we say consciously or subconsciously. Usually I feel when i'm emotionally unbalanced, my words seem like I don't want to have a conversation. They throw others off because they pick up on my conflicted attitude so to speak. Even so I don't always recognize when i'm in that state of mind. Once again its common for me, I then apologize and tell that person that i'm just out of it. Being mentally exhausted can also hinder these emotional responses. There's a number of factors that can cause you to feel the way you do. Resonating with others is a great way to un filter your thoughts and feelings and just have a great conversation. Maybe you just crave more in depth talks, if so then seek those people that are receptively in tune with what your wanting to say. Some people just don't bother to pay attention to whats being said to them. I could go on and on, but I honestly don't feel this is a Vibe issue but more so an emotional one.
    This is great. You're right, my boyfriend, ESTP, easily picks up on when I'm actually having a good time, when I'm bored, etc. I think I'm pretty aware of my own emotions as they come. I think I'm just concerned that what I'm feeling is actually being broadcast for it to be picked up on. Because recently my boyfriend's roommate, who is ISTP, made a comment about how I don't give anything off in a social setting. I think we were talking about if people usually like whomever in a group. So that along with not having as many friends since I moved out of state, has made me concerned. Just for some context, I moved a couple years ago.
    I see being reserved as a bad thing for myself because I think I'm being that way out of fear, or because I'm out of practice or something. I want to let go of the fear, or let the things I'm afraid of pass through me while keeping myself standing upright.
    I think I just crave more meaningful friendships. I've been alone more often the past couple years and I'm worried it's changing me in this way. And I've been putting up with friendships I don't necessarily want because I need the interaction.
    I do go through phases where I'm detached from reality and then eventually emotions, but I don't really think I'm in that place right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizw47 View Post
    Okay well you have already given insight into the situation. You are afraid of being judged by other people.

    Which is greater: the risk of being misunderstood and judged by others, or the risk of being unable to form connections with other people?
    Personally it feels like a bigger risk to be misjudged. I have connections with people I highly value, and I think it spoils me because I don't want to "connect" myself to someone who won't understand me.

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    Vulnerability is key to connection. Share something low key like on a scale of 1-10 between a 2-4 of feeling personal depending on how safe you feel in the environment. Smiling and looking someone in the eye briefly can be a silent way to give good vibes.
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