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This is a discussion on INFJ Description by A.J. Drenth within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; This is a great description. Thanks @ Kanon...

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    This is a great description. Thanks @Kanon

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    Unknown Personality

    INFJs with a lesser degree of emotional stability may devote more of their time to regulating, evaluating, or indulging their emotions. These types feel very deeply and intensely, which naturally prompts them to discover ways of expressing themselves. Though at times they may express themselves by confiding with a trusted friend or partner, INFJs often feel the need to channel their emotions through writing, poetry, the arts, or religious engagement. This desire for artistic or religious expression derives from a felt need to communicate their feelings through a universally understood, symbolic medium. While sensing types may opt to express themselves through conversation or practical action, intuitives prefer to communicate in more abstract terms, using their personal experiences to develop far-reaching principles, theories, or symbols.

    Unfortunately, many INFJs struggle to find a consistent forum for self-expression. This can lead to a bottling of their emotions, which only serves to foment negative emotions, self-absorption and self-loathing. In other words, if INFJs fail to find a meaningful outlet for their feelings, they may fall into an unhealthy, self-perpetuating emotional morass. During these periods, INFJs may appear similar to their perceiving counterparts, wandering from activity to activity without any sustained sense of commitment or purpose. They may also get entangled in an incessant quest for self-analysis and identity-seeking, believing that if they could only sort out their emotions and understand themselves that everything else would naturally fall into place. They feel it necessary discover who they are before they can possibly discern what to do with their lives.

    Like INTJs, INFJs are generally quite verbally articulate and well-spoken. Depending on their degree of emotional stability, they may or may not evince high-levels of self-confidence, assertiveness, and leadership abilities. INFJs are often perfectionistic, self-motivated, and goal-oriented, with a marked tendency toward workaholism. Though capable of working well with a team, INFJs can be reluctant to delegate duties, as this requires them to relinquish some amount of control over the outcome....

    .....Those with an artistic bent often pursue careers in writing, music, or the fine arts. Of all types, INFJs tend to be the most gifted of poets and novelists, employing their creativity, emotional intensity, and sensitivity to nuance toward the crafting of .....

    ....However, INFJs with a strong preference for intuition or those who demonstrate high levels of emotional volatility may appear very similar to INFPs....

    ....,,,For these types, learning to effectively manage and channel their emotions is critical. This involves identifying an effective means of regularly expressing themselves, be it in the context of relationships, art, religion, or otherwise. INFJs also need to be wary of becoming overly absorbed in their moods and emotions, tempering their romantic ideals and fantasies with committed action in the outside world. Though self-concern and self-analysis have their place, if comprising the sole focus, INFJs can start to feel isolated, lonely, and disconnected from the sources of meaning and vitality outside themselves.

    Another aspect of personal growth for INFJs is mollifying their perfectionism. In combination with emotional volatility, perfectionism can be especially debilitating, fomenting feelings of guilt, failure, anger, and self-reproach.
    Referring especially to enneagram 4. Lol.
    Limbic on the big 5 corresponds to type 4.
    The description is pretty uncanny.
    I would like to point out that you can be in a leadership role as a type 4. I tend to be pretty directive in most creative projects I've been involved in.
    Delegating has been a problem, but I've consciously worked on it. ;)
    ....just say no to emotional morass fellow 4s. Wink wink.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    The aerobic exercise portion is spot on - running was my outlet for emotional distress. I would spontaneously decide to run 20+ miles at seemingly the most random moments in order to clear my mind. Always proved to be quite helpful in shedding emotional baggage and gave me plenty of time to think and decide a good course of action.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I think this is pretty much accurate. Very, very accurate, at least for me.
    With a big, BIG quote for this:

    Another aspect of personal growth for INFJs is mollifying their perfectionism. In combination with emotional volatility, perfectionism can be especially debilitating, fomenting feelings of guilt, failure, anger, and self-reproach. Consequently, INFJs will benefit from instituting more flexibility into their standards and expectations for both themselves and others. Learning to let go of past hurts and perceived failures is especially critical, as these can foster an encumbering sense of guilt and emotional distress.
    My perfectionism always (well, almost) keeps me from doing what I want to do.
    I have always wanted to be a writer, but I am constantly torn between my need to express myself and write and my excessive perfectionism, which will lead me to tear up entire pages of what I too easily tend to judge as drivel.

    And I also have trouble delegating.

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