[INFJ] Why is it too important for infj to have a connection with even one person in this wo

Why is it too important for infj to have a connection with even one person in this wo

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This is a discussion on Why is it too important for infj to have a connection with even one person in this wo within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; After all, as you write here about your problems, people on the Internet do not know you? Is not this ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Why is it too important for infj to have a connection with even one person in this wo

    After all, as you write here about your problems, people on the Internet do not know you? Is not this a paradox?
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    People on the internet also do not:

    1. Misappropriate my durian
    2. Try to drag me out to noisy/crowded places
    3. Ask me to meet their bff/parents/siblings/granny's gerbil
    4. Pinch my durian
    5. Snore in my ear
    6. Filch my durian
    7. Talk to me when I need quiet
    8. Demand help when I need rest
    9. Mess up my place
    10. Pilfer my durian

    ...overall, the internet's pretty cool when you don't expect it to be real.

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    I think it's about purging our minds by having to communicate our problems. There's a lot of empty clutter going on in the Ni brain. Talking to others allows it to form thoughts that go together with reality and therefore organise the clutter into something usable.
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    To be INFJ is to be Paradox!
    sharing stuff on here is like telling the world when you know someone is listening.
    I find that if I speak to one person in real life, on occasions I do feel that they do not hear what i am saying.
    On here there is always someone who is willing to listen and respond in a respectful way.
    What is unique though, is the benefits of the responses from those who really understand
    now thats what i call Empathy
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    Many infjs are great writers. It's difficult for us to verbalize our thoughts. The written form allows us to format our thoughts because we can take time thinking of the exact way we want to say things, we get to use our imaginations, we can use poetic language, and there is just so much going on up in our brains we need extra time to write it all out. There's a lot of things that if somebody asked me point blank, what is my opinion, I wouldn't know what to say. But I will read the threads here on PersonalityCafe, think to myself, Huh that is an interesting question, then spend quite a bit of time coming up with the perfect answer that reflects exactly what I want to say.
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    Unknown Personality

    It is therefore about some intellectual exercise and the thirteenth level of empathy.

    But are your requirements on the Internet the same as in real life?

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    People are meant to be social and much of our happiness or perception of self worth, revolves around the overall health of our relationship with others. It goes further than that though, I like to think that everyone is starved of intimacy in this world. We all seek that closeness and connection, even if we possess traits that may seem entirely to the contrary -- being a loner, socially awkward, cynical view of people and so on.

    Now, some people believe an intimate tie with others is unrealistic and it's more-so an exclusive quality only to be expected of in a romantic relationship. These people tend to almost give up in a way, of developing or deepening their relationships with their friends, maybe family. Instead, they hyper fixate on their romantic relationship or pursuit of one, often struggling while single, but feeling as if finding that partner will make everything in your shitty and difficult life come together. That's never really the case and often people will find themselves neglected within their relationships. Is that their partners fault? Maybe to some extent because we can all try harder at anything, really, but like I said people are meant to be social and from that I believe, we're meant to have multiple intimate ties with others. Your partner can absolutely be your #1, but I personally don't believe they can be your only one. That's why it's important to strive to constantly create connections with others -- it's for your own happiness and fulfillment. Think of it like creating a wolf pack or a community instead of just the whole Romeo and Juliet scenario.
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    I don't understand what the OP is about but it fills me with a vague yet deep sense of depression
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabi View Post
    But are your requirements on the Internet the same as in real life?
    Of course not. What would an internet durian even taste like? Yummy 001100001111100, nom nom!
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    Umm...as a walking paradox in a pair of docks (as far as you know), in terms of using internet to talk about our issues to people we don't physically know; we are (not just as INFJs mind you) trusting that the people on the other side of the screen are real people who, while they don't know us personally, are able to provide help/ insights. As a community (I like to think of it in such a manner, since it doesn't work as a group), we understand one another in certain manners and also we have a general idea that brings us together on this site in particular: our MBTI letters (from a sociological perspective, it's interesting to me).

    As inherently social creatures (as everyone here very well knows we are), we want to find an in group or community in order to have people to confide and help out ourselves when we have issues. We don't want to be left out. Again, we come together because of FOUR letters some test gave us; think of how amazing that truly is! I trust the people in these forums are who they say they are, going through what they say they are; we have a connection in a loose manner.

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