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What's your favorite movie??????

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This is a discussion on What's your favorite movie?????? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Sorry, but The Watchmen really didn't resonate with me, but then again I was never into comic books and found ...

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    Sorry, but The Watchmen really didn't resonate with me, but then again I was never into comic books and found the movie to be morally unsatisfying (Not as morally vague as Green Lantern, thank god, though). I can understand why others like it though.

    Inception was good, but it hurt my brain. It's a movie that I'm glad I saw, but don't really want to ever see again - it felt like work.

    My favorites are (the non-Pixar-non-Disney-cartoon ones):

    1. Stranger Than Fiction*

    2. Nanny McPhee (1 & especially 2)*

    3. Anastasia (the older live-action one with Yul Brenner - especially the scene with the dowager Empress; it makes me cry every time) ["If you're not her, never tell me" - Empress to Anastasia after finally accepting her].

    4. We Bought a Zoo

    5. Secretariat - The movie has the single most thrilling, beautiful climax I've ever experienced EVER. You start to cry, but then your breath is taken away and you're left in complete wonder at the power and beauty of it all.

    *: I really like Emma Thompson; I refused to finish watching a movie when I found out her character was doomed to die. I just couldn't stand seeing that ><.

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