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The Ideal Profession

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This is a discussion on The Ideal Profession within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; It says in many articles that I've read that INFJ's can work well with any profession as most anyone can; ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    The Ideal Profession

    It says in many articles that I've read that INFJ's can work well with any profession as most anyone can; but they look for something deeper and more meaningful... A calling to do something.

    Though many of us may resonate well with how the INFJ personality works, all of us would be different and my diverge from the definition too. I am curious as to what others think about what their ideal profession would be like or what qualities a profession must have to be appealing and appeasing to the self.

    You may share experiences if you have already found your calling, or if you haven't, then I'd like to hear your perspectives on what a deeper cause would be like. What would you want to do for the rest of your life and committ to as an occupation and profession and why?

    Hopefully this would be helpful to others who are struggling with their current jobs and give a little enlightenment; but this is just hopeful thinking. Looking forward to everyone's answers.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    If we tailor this with realism, I think my ideal profession will be something reflecting my experience, skills, and general desires for and in life so far.

    For me, it has taken me to law school.

    Why law? Good question. I think it's a challenging profession that utilises the my intellect fully (and I am a person who needs my mind to be engaged in my work) and it, particularly biglaw, has opened my eyes to things, people, and wider issues that I don't think I would know, or know as much, about if I were to engage in the typical solitary INFJ pursuits such as writing and the arts. It has challenged my potential and it has also given me valuable skills in society that I can use to help others, perhaps in a more indirect way than that suggested in your typical INFJ article but possibly in a more influential way (e.g. affecting many individuals rather than just one at a time). And I think the legal system can use more of the unique skills/abilities that INFJs possess.

    I won't say it's my 'calling' as I'm inclined to believe that no-one has a 'calling' in the romantic sense of the word - for me, you don't 'find' your calling: you have to do it or at least do something, and I believe that INFJs find meaning in all they do - but even apart from that, I don't think I 'just' want to do law all my life. I also write on the side and I like to engage in creative activities.

    Materially speaking, working in law has its perks which satisfies my Se. For me, being financially independent and stable is very important - apart from being able to buy things that I want, I can have greater control over the type of lifestyle I want to lead, including basic things like being able to afford the type of education I want my children to receive (though this is a looong way off - I'm only 21; just shows the extent of my J !)

    I mean, if we were to take the constraints of daily living and affordability out of the equation, my 'ideal' job would be a full-time writer. But I'm inclined to agree with another writer who told me that he couldn't write properly when he was worrying about the bills etc.

    I'll let you guys how I go in this field as I'm only at the only beginning, due to graduate law school at the end of next year and start working the year after.

    EDIT: Could I ask you @Gettingacrossthebridge what you do or where you are at?
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Theater! The english language! Writing!
    Atleast I want those to be mine. I feel stupid now for not taking the extra English class in my school.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    EDIT: Could I ask you @Gettingacrossthebridge what you do or where you are at?

    I am from the philippines. I finished a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, but I don't see myself working as one the way things are going in my country now. I'd rather not go with the flow as a huge number of students stampeded into this degree, and now there aren't enough jobs for us. It'll always be apart of me nonetheless...

    I'm surprised you were the first one to reply. In your thread about the cocktail party, I was going to ask you if you enjoyed law, but I got my answer on this thread so thanks.

    If I had my way, I'd pursue music. I love writing and everything, but I think it pushes me deeper into my solitude and bears the fruit of loneliness. Only in engaging in things like this forum am I freed from that. I've always wanted to rebel against myself and not be as shy as I am in the real world. I've always coveted the disposition of the musician, who is seen in awe by many as he demonstrates numerous techniques through his brilliant musical phrases.

    In the real world, the only profession that is catching my eye is Counseling. It works well with my mind, solitude, and myself as a whole. I don't mind if I can't solve another person's problem 100%, which won't always be the case if you are a counselor, but directing them to think differently when they are ready to and to realize that life has many options, each having their advantages and disadvantages seems like a wonderful thing my mind wants to pursue. I've performed that under the veil of anonymity here on this forum. I don't get through to people most of the time, but I believe I can present them with another way of looking at the world, which gives me a feeling of fulfillment.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I'm lucky enough to be in my ideal profession: archives. I love it. I'm surrounded by history all day, and my job is essentially to uncover people's stories and make them accessible and beneficial to others. It may not be a heroic profession: it's a quiet job that requires intellect, organization, and attention to detail. But I love helping researchers - usually genealogists or people writing a book - but to be able to find something that, on the surface, looks old and insignificant only to find the deeper meaning and importance behind it is sort of our way of saying, "Don't worry...you're not forgotten."

    Weird, I know, but I love my job.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I am a college student, but my passion would be to become an Archaeologist, or perhaps a historian, or museum worker,or anthropologist something that involves my love for history, my social skills, and my other interests in geography and psychology. But I suppose in the coming years I will narrow it down to find exactly what I love, God willing :).
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Understanding existence is my goal, and the way that I intend to approach this is by understanding the mind and consciousness. I'm studying Philosophy and Cognitive Science currently and hope for this to be the correct first stepping stone. In the perfect world I would be an modern Amazonian/African-style Shaman, taking Ayahuasca/Ibogaine/DMT on a regular basis in order to heal other people and to further my knowledge of reality. One day perhaps. :)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Beyond Passion The Science of Loving What You Do

    Just another way of looking at this. For those of you who want a different perspective (if that might be what you're looking for) this article might help.

    I am thankful to the one who recommended this to me. I think you'll read this later on.
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    I have an associate's degree in Marketing and am working on a bachelor's in Advertising. I like that it mixes art with business -- I think it's my 'J,' but freelance art isn't as structured of a profession as I'd like. I feel strongly about working with a company that's ethical, but am willing to work for the big guys on my way there. I currently work for a large corporation, actually.

    If my interests alone chose my degree (rather than a mix of interests and career goals), I'd be an Art History major with a specialization in contemporary art (it was my major, briefly), or possibly a Women's & Gender Studies major. I love a lot of typical N stuff though, so psychology, writing, art, sociology -- all interesting to me! I'm currently considering an Art History minor, as I'd love to do media stuff in an art museum setting, but am unsure if it'd be beneficial.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Redworah View Post
    I am a college student, but my passion would be to become an Archaeologist, or perhaps a historian, or museum worker,or anthropologist something that involves my love for history, my social skills, and my other interests in geography and psychology. But I suppose in the coming years I will narrow it down to find exactly what I love, God willing :).
    @Redworah , never, never give up that dream. You are old enough to have settled wishes for the future, and that is where your happiness lies. But be prepared for the sacrifices. . .dreams do not come free.
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