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INFJ careers - how do you pick one?

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This is a discussion on INFJ careers - how do you pick one? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Songs unsung I think the most common desires for INFJs (and many other people too) in their ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Songs unsung View Post
    I think the most common desires for INFJs (and many other people too) in their careers, is to have a high level of autonomy, opportunity to be creative, and a sense that our work is contributing to wider society in some positive way. Becoming rich would be a very unusual ambition for an INFJ, although, that's not to say that there are no rich INFJs, or that we like poverty; constantly being preoccupied with financial worries can really sap the joy out of life, however much we love what we do.
    you basically summed it up for me. also i had never given "personal autonomy" a great deal of thought before but i think that's also more important to me than i had realized. i prefer to work alone and do not like being held at the mercy of managers and pointless rules (then again, who does? haha). being self-employed would be good for me, but i'm also not good with details and practical stuff. i went to an artist talk the other day. the artist, who's pretty well-known in my region, spoke about how he just paints all day and his wife does all the paperwork, taxes, etc. i was wondering how he had so much free time to do his work -- guess it's all thanks to his wife who handles the business stuff. where do i find a wife like that...?? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by raschel View Post
    Would you say jobs in this field are usually heard of from 'within'? Rather than say public job sites such as monster.

    I am interested in a career in a subject in science myself, especially if it will allow me to work stable-y and alone. I have not approached science in my grade school years, so it is quite a new venture for me. I just realize that a large part of my hobby deals or can deal in that.
    No, both jobs I found through basic avenues, careerbuilder probably. Plan to do the same for my next search.

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    Do you really? Teaching is my no no job, trying to teach in front of so many people and what if the students talk about you behind your back? It's like if you dont like a class, thatd just bring everything down for me? I always thought everyone would hate me as a teacher because id be too afraid of making jokes and making it fun (just in case they didn't like me) etc.??

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    How do you find working in a lab? I want to work in a lab myself so I was wondering, does it help you to make friends because it looks like a quite lonely place to work. Do you have to work on animals? and Do you ever just get tired and wish you did something else? Sorry for all the questions but I really am interested! :)

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    I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me. Just kidding! I chose my line of work all through different opportunities that came into my life at the right time. I've been working since I was around twelve. I have done all different sorts of types of jobs. My longest career was as a high end bartender. Here in the U.S. You can make a killing in tips alone! Currently, I manage properties and I just got the position because I have the ability to interview well. I do freelance paintings or specialty art for fun part tis me. I think if you can help it, find something you love and are passionate about. I have known too many souls die from having to go to a 9-5 job everyday only to slowly die from going through the motions. I wish you the best in finding what works for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquiline View Post
    Eating is nice, but do not buy a house and do not have children.

    As for figuring things out, mostly we never do. Instead, we tell stories and learn to believe in them.
    i agree with you. idk if this is an infj thing but i'm so lazy about the menial tasks that don't make me believe in a higher power.

    but jobs in writing.. like becoming the new albert camus.. would be a very interesting job for INFJs i find. I believe albert camus was infj by the way he wrote.. except just extremely despressed and jealous about life.

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