[INFJ] locus of control, attribution vs infj .. ?

locus of control, attribution vs infj .. ?

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This is a discussion on locus of control, attribution vs infj .. ? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hi, so check that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locus_of_control HERE: feel like fabi text in native language of wigi JOHARIHO OKNO alebo KTORÚ ČASŤ ...

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    Unknown Personality

    locus of control, attribution vs infj .. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabi View Post
    I'm not sure what the question or topic is. Locus of control means you either have an internal locus of control (I am the author of my own destiny) verses an external locus of control (things just happen to me that are beyond my control).

    It's has nothing to do with being INFJ.

    I have an external locus of control. It lends me towards depression. But I think it's reality. People who have done well can afford to have an internal locus of control because that way they can pat themselves of the back for successes which had less to do with them than with random luck. For example, a person says, "I worked hard and smart and became the Vice President. I deserve to be admired a paid a gazillion dollars." In fact, they were born with certain traits (intelligence, social skills, stamina, etc.) that they can take no credit for. And more often than not, they were born into privileged classes where they got placed at the front of the line. They forget that the other two top contenders for the job were just as qualified, but they were the one that had the best looks, or the personal reference from a friend in the industry, or happened to interview at a time when the President had just heard good news. It's a farce for them not to have any humility about it. They should thank their lucky stars.

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    Unknown Personality

    here is the problem of control and dependence on the outside

    people also have different perceptions and dependencies that are known to themselves and to others
    (johari window)

    in my opinion, the information system is large internal control and self-improvement as well as the lack of feedback.


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