[INFJ] INFJ Entrepreneur?

INFJ Entrepreneur?

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This is a discussion on INFJ Entrepreneur? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hello everyone, I'm an INFJ currently working 9-5 job as a pricing analyst. I recently felt and realized that I ...

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    INFJ Entrepreneur?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm an INFJ currently working 9-5 job as a pricing analyst.
    I recently felt and realized that I don't enjoy my job and started to feel confused and think about entrepreneurship.
    a little background about me:
    I majored in Actuarial Maths and did well in college.
    I don't mind working dealing with big data since I love working with numbers, but I crave creativity, human interactions, and being close with colleagues as well as good company culture are really important for me.
    Otherwise, I'd feel like working only staring on my monitor for 8hours and I feel dead...

    I know my field is not common for INFJ and that INFJ suits best with jobs like psychology, counseling, and arts for examples. But I don't really want to go into arts and would like to still work in fields (at least) related to my major (strategies/numbers). Hence why I'm thinking of entrepreneurship(?) since it's a combination of being creative, analytical, and also have my own (kind of) freedom.

    Is there any INFJ entrepreneur around?
    If so, could you please share your stories? :)
    What personality types do you think best match as business partners (2 to 3)?
    I read that ENFP is one of them.

    Anyway, if you have any suggestion for other jobs, feel free to comment!
    Would appreciate any thoughts and inputs you guys could give! :)

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    The same old struggle that the rest of us well the majority struggles with, I gave up on holding a regular 9-5 wall and chain job so doing contractual work for now. As for business it can work but it has its own problems especially when you start needing to hire people as well the usual money troubles should business get slow. I would do it myself but you need decent money to start with as not everyone can do it from nothing.

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    I think @Buoyant owns a company ... unless I misremember? Possibly @halfamazing as well.

    I technically do, but I'm my own one man business, more of an incorporated freelancer really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felichan View Post
    Is there any INFJ entrepreneur around?
    If so, could you please share your stories? :)
    What personality types do you think best match as business partners (2 to 3)?
    I read that ENFP is one of them.

    Welcome to the forums. If you're a pricing analyst, you probably have a great sense of what products should sell for. You should look into selling products on Amazon, using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon.) You can import widgets from China, mark them up (using your pricing skills) and make a profit.

    Ideally you want to to start a business with as little capital as you can and grow it as you need to. If you can, I recommend starting the business while you are still employed. Stay away from partners! Partners are like a marriage. When divorce time comes, you will lose the business. 95% of small businesses fail and never celebrate their 5 year anniversary. (Bad partners, poor business plan, bad management, etc.) Small businesses can look large. Create a professional web site, get a toll free number from a VOIP provider, and create a menu system. Answer the phone as often as possible during normal business hours. Work hard and provide great customer support. Your business plan should be to lose money the first year, break even (or close to it) on year two, and make enough to quit your job by year three. If you haven't met this goal by year three, figure out how to fix the problem, or cash out and try a different idea.

    Being your own boss is very rewarding...
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    I am in my mid 50s and recently retired, having sold an automotive service business I owned for almost 15 years. You’ll want to talk to many people and do your due diligence before striking it off on your own. I’ll keep my comments to INFJ related thoughts for now.

    Which MBTI types are best suited to be entrepreneurs? I believe ENTJs and INTJs have an easier time than we do, especially if employees are involved. My big weakness was that I loathe confrontation and was too slow to fire. I also tended to engage in activities that I enjoyed, rather than doing what really needed to be done every minute of the day. An ENTJ or INTJ would’ve done things differently.

    That said, my business was remarkably successful and my family is very well off because I took the chance and made it work despite my weaknesses. As an INFJ I also had special strengths. Customers and the right employees thought very highly of me which made sales and customer retention easy, and ensured that my people were dedicated to delivering top notch service. INFJs can make great entrepreneurs! Just be very aware of your weaknesses and constantly work to overcome them. You’ll get overstimulated and it will not feel good to an introvert.

    One non-MBTI comment: Don’t get too caught up in the common advice to follow your passion thinking the money will follow. If you want to succeed you have to find the right thing at the right time in the right place. I was never a gear head / car guy. I’m a capitalist, and capitalism works very well regardless of the headlines.
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