[INFJ] How to deal with evil/misguided People who dehumanize and try to hurt you? - Page 6

How to deal with evil/misguided People who dehumanize and try to hurt you?

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This is a discussion on How to deal with evil/misguided People who dehumanize and try to hurt you? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Marvin the Dendroid ...on blonde boys? You're clearly waxing Lyrecal about this topic. And only because i ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin the Dendroid View Post
    ...on blonde boys?

    You're clearly waxing Lyrecal about this topic.
    And only because i think it's hot he can't have done it for someone else?
    What about attacking an argument at least for one time instead of me?

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    I am sure I am missing a lot here of the context here. But, what's with the whole race and IQ thing and why are you being admonished for that? What was it that you said before that is causing this outrage?

    Also, leaving aside the above particular question, I understand that it must be really difficult for you at this time dealing with all this. Have you involved the police? Are you gathering evidence of these people stalking and threatening to you?

    And last, but not least important, INFJs or any other F types are not illogical or unable to use rationality or logic. Anyone who chooses to dismiss F types on this obviously don't know what they are talking about. So, I'd personally ignore anyone claiming anything as generalized and stupid as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyre View Post
    My crime was basically telling the truth about a lot of topics, like Feminism, Race and IQ, biological Differences between people and standing up for the agonized people of my homeland who are afraid of speaking out while facing a lot of rapes, child abuse, manslaughter and other kinds of abuse by foreigners who have been let into the country by corrupt elites and brainwashed Ideologues.
    How did this racist rubbish get 7 thanks...? This whole post is basically admitting you are a literal racist - by the definition - who is fearlessly pushing for the truth on these topics but somehow you're the victim. And how can you possibly be so devoted to telling people the "truth" about "race and IQ" and call yourself a "kind hearted and sensitive person who just wants to tell the truth." Hahahahahaha this is ridiculous. We all know there is no connection between race and IQ, there is a connection between education and IQ, and obviously if someone lives in a rural part of the world and works on a farm or doesn't read books from an early age the development of their brain is not going to be pushed to its capacity. Add in a corrupt government which under-funds education and you get the same result in any people brought up regardless of their "race". You don't seem to care and just want to demonise people using this "fact" though which is why I don't trust this sob story or a word you're saying as even-handed or objective.

    Nobody here or anywhere should give you the light of day, by the way.
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    I'm sorry about the problems in your country.

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