[INFJ] Do any other INFJ's have trouble with the majority of people disagreeing with you?

Do any other INFJ's have trouble with the majority of people disagreeing with you?

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This is a discussion on Do any other INFJ's have trouble with the majority of people disagreeing with you? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; It seems like people disagree with me a lot about different topics. It is as if I have unique views ...

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    Do any other INFJ's have trouble with the majority of people disagreeing with you?

    It seems like people disagree with me a lot about different topics. It is as if I have unique views on things. I'm not saying I actually do. I just feel that way sometimes because of the many disagreements. One big example lately would be the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game. The consensus is that people love it. I hated it. And I just got ridiculed by somebody for saying that I hate it.

    What is it with people needing to go along with what others think? Is it wanting acceptance? And can you relate to this frustration?
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    lol imagine him getting that mad over a video game.

    You should have said something like "it's okay man, it's just a fun little toy, you can like it if you want," stuff like that makes nerds go apeshit

    I really have no idea why people get mad over stuff like that. Don't let it get to you.

    Anyway, everyone has preferences. Sometimes you'll be the odd one out, sometimes you won't. That's just how it is.
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    Eh, I wouldn't worry, I bought the first one and I played it for like 30 minutes, lol and the second one doesn't look that interesting to me either. Opinions can just become a great circlejerk and the people that don't agree usually don't participate which make it look more one sided that it would actually be if you asked everybody. And then a lot of people just engage in the built up hype or attitudes where if they were the only one to interact with it they wouldn't care. Popular opinions aren't always individual people's well thought out things, sometimes just a shifting sea or mass of arbitrary sentiments which come and go as quick as day and night.

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    How dare they?! So rude!

    Not. LOL.
    In seriousness, perhaps some INFJs feel particularly sensitive to minor differences of opinion, but it's likely a temporary phase of development type of thing.
    Sometimes it shows on the forums when the indrawn breath of shock is almost audible at someone sharing a contrary opinion. Yet there are just as many, if not more, INFJs who have reached a point where they don't need so much agreement and are comfortable without it.
    We do tend to be an opinionated bunch, so that eventually adds up to an awful lot of stuff to need consensus on. Chances are, the more opinions you form, the more comfortable you will get with being an outlier in time.
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    you are talking about videogame? I disagree in a lot of serious topics. And I don't care. It is just their opinion. And I have mine. But I do have the nobility to go through by thought process again if someone is disagreeing with my view.
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    This is something to come to terms with that for the most part not everyone is cut from the same block unlike the rest and how you see things is going to be different from the normies.

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    My experiences and opinions tend to differ fundamentally from most. This has always been the case and I haven't been paying serious attention to it in a long, long time. It's nice the odd time I bump into someone and they really share my love for something, but more often than not, my tastes do not mesh with those of most people.

    When it comes to video games, the best were made some 20-30 years ago. It's been a steady shift towards more flashbang and less substance ever since, with the odd exception here & there.
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    Its really congested on the roads where I live, especially this time of year, and I apparently make really questionable decisions in traffic?? I feel like I try so hard and piss people off no matter what, It hurts my feelings. I get it, pretty much everyone is tougher than I am, don't care, I'm just tired of people honking their horns at me so I jump a mile, I'm just trying to effing get where I'm going with the least trouble.

    I think one thing it comes down to, I was noticing in myself yesterday, saw very clearly my processing of things super deeply. Like I saw all sides of something down to a pinpoint and there I held my deep opinion of it. Everyone has opinions and for some reason we really relate to these opinions as if they are pieces of ourselves, so when someone's opinion is different, it can be threatening. I'm thinking this is what Eckhart Tolle talks about as our ego, and how if we're too entrenched in our minds we are not present. So we're actually often not even relating to what's actually happening, but are relating with all the stuff going on in our mind.

    So that's another thing I notice, I'm really present and when I encounter someone who isn't and my way of being 'wakes them up' they are often irritated. People tend to 'sleepwalk' and spend a lot of time in their brains.

    Other ideas are it feels good to be part of a group. And as you were saying when people go along with others, I think it's annoying because maybe they didn't put too much thought or time into it, but not everybody does that. Some things have the ability to touch many people, certain pop songs for instance, and even if you don't love it or get it, you can probably see how it would affect humans in general. One of my favorite musicians was said by a critic to have his finger on the pulse of an entire generation, I liked the imagery of that, and it seems true, he really connects with his fans.

    Also not everyone has the same needs. I was so into this one band that I dove headfirst into listening to their 30 year catalog, and it's a lot of shows and a ton of songs, and then I came out the other side and found a second band with a 25 year catalog and learned *their* entire repertoire. I know a lot of people who maybe got through the first band's 30 years and were satisfied with that, they just didn't seem to have a need for more music than that. So if it's something you're really into, you'll become more of a specialist than dabblers; your opinions more refined
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