[INFJ] Relatable? Please help with typing!

Relatable? Please help with typing!

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This is a discussion on Relatable? Please help with typing! within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I was tested as ENTP couple of times and I knew that I used Fe and Ti. But unlike ENTP ...

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    Relatable? Please help with typing!

    I was tested as ENTP couple of times and I knew that I used Fe and Ti. But unlike ENTP I am kind of softie, value harmony and don't like to argue that much. I like thoughtful debates. But my mind is kind of a mess. So I started to think maybe I was INFJ? Please, help me here. I thought I was a perceiver cause I am very soft, prefer going with the flow and don't usually mind if someone controls the shit, but I read somewhere that INFJ are the least judgers. I came from the country with strict gender roles, but I don't actually want to struggle with that nor I want to change anything, cause I find it beneficial (I hate making important decisions, hate much of responsibility, it would be a nightmare if controlled everything). So I am okay with that. I consider myself extremely smart, I get easily bored, but I am also actually very tactful, polite, smiling, friendly, generally kind. Actually I care about the opinion of close people to me. I am sensitive and hate personal criticism. I hate hurting people. I know exactly that I can hurt them if I speak my mind, so I decided to stay delicate in order to not make other people hate me. I also hate overemotional people who take everything too seriously too. I actually like when people tell me things directly, i appreciate this, but I, myself, can't do that lol. Also I possess childish exterior and people think I am irresponsible, even though deep inside I am very serious. I have period when I don't need anyone, I want to escape. I don't have many friends cause talking to people puts energy out of me. Except very interesting people, which I meet very rarely, around 1 per year. I also doubt myself everytime about doing something important. I look at the pessimistic side quite often. I consider myself as deep, with rich inner world, and I am quite emotional, but don't like showing it to others, cause I hate being seen as vulnerable. If I do something that could hurt others,I feel guilty and I despise myself. I do white lies quite often. Do I have strong moral principles? I guess no. I like to seek knowledge, I was kind of a lazy genius at school, but now I started to feel like I lack energy to start things off. I used to be very ambitious and goal-driven, by the way. I also liked to plan future and really imagined how things would be. I am new here, so I am wondering, is it similar to you, fellows INFJ?
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    I don't know about your MB type, but I'm getting Enneatype 9 vibes here. "Softie", "value harmony", "don't like to argue", "mind is a mess", "don't want to change anything", "hate making important decisions", "polite, friendly, smiling, kind", "sensitive", "hate hurting people", "stay delicate", "can't speak directly", "no strong moral principles", "lazy genius", "lack energy" ... sounds like a pamphlet for the E9 Club.

    If you are an E9, you are unlikely to have strong judging tendencies even if you are a judger. 9s are laid back and tend to avoid directing "sharp" energy at people no matter what their MB type is.

    Can't see signs of any particular MB type in your post, more data needed.

    Also, paragraphs are a brilliant invention and make reading a lot easier

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    Thank you for your reply! I am sorry, messed up with this. Next time I will write using spaces. I read about enneagram 9 and it's not really suitable for me. I can be quite hard on the inside. Very logical. I can't understand myself though, neither my emotions not feelings. It takes time to analyze how I feel about a situation. I am a closed book, rarely tell people how I really feel but others tell me that my emotions are all on my face. I can read people well. See them through their masks.I like making lists and getting things done, but too many projects overwhelm me and I can't catch up so I end up messing thing up and getting extremely exhausted. I like people in general and accept them who they are(but secretly judging them sometimes). I like reading books. I am ambitious and can be quite competitive. I like to win. Like achievements. I daydream a lot. I am forgetful.

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    You seem to be too focused on descriptions and adjectives to apply MBTI at the moment.
    MBTI is about process, not result. It's how you get there, not where you go.

    I suggest learning about the functions in detail, maybe pick up a book or two (my preference is "True Type" something or other, by Dr. AJ Drenth), but there are many great books out there.
    OR, you could head on over to the Typing section of the main forum, and they have formats somewhere around there for people to answer the particular questions that help identify functions.
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    Hi there!

    The picture that you have drawn is of something that I have seen before, but not of to the exact detail. But I don't know whether it is native to the type INFJ.

    I agree with @Sour Roses . It is best to follow her suggestion.
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