[INFJ] INFJs, Are You Organized or Slobs?

INFJs, Are You Organized or Slobs?

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This is a discussion on INFJs, Are You Organized or Slobs? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I've heard it both ways. Are you tidy and do you keep an efficient schedule, or are you absentmindedly living ...

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    INFJs, Are You Organized or Slobs?

    I've heard it both ways. Are you tidy and do you keep an efficient schedule, or are you absentmindedly living in a world of squalid clutter?

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    Can I say organized slob?
    Idk I'm a bit of both. I like things neat and tidy but don't open my drawers or cabinets BC they are a mess.
    But I can tell you where exactly the needle is in that haystack.

    I find as long as I have internal order I can handle quite a bit of external chaos.

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    I inherited a little plaque from my grandmother, which says: "This house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy," which is pretty much my attitude. "Public" areas (i.e., where visitors would be) have a higher "don't clutter" requirement than private areas; and the kitchen counters should not be bug-attractive (neither by potential food nor safe harbor); but in no way am I a finicky cleaner. If an INFJ would have apparent clutter, I'd guess that it would tend to be organized clutter such that the specific location of a particular item would be known at all times; so if the dichotomy is organized vs. slob, then I'd say we tend to be organized.
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    Mostly organized. I can handle a bit of clutter, but I get annoyed by it if a) said clutter is around for too long or b) becomes too much to my taste. Then my need for order, neatness and a clean living environment take over and shit dissapears in cupboards, drawers or bins.

    Having said that.
    I am the sort of guy who can create a big mess when in a creative mood, but he does clean up his shit after him. Like a grown up basically.

    My INFJ sister on the other hand is completely different. She is a self confessed slob and lives in a constantly cluttered home. I wouldn't survive in there.

    So......I said it before and will say it again....
    Although each type will have his preferences....
    Human traits transcend type...
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    The reason there's such a big contradiction here for INFJs is because Ni tends to forget the world exists in reality and fails to notice object related stuff... and inferior Se is hyper-sensitive to the environment.

    So you will find both extremes in one person.
    Some manage to create habits and design their environment to help them out and allow their J side to shine. But not everyone can find something that works for them.

    For instance, I really struggle with cleanliness when living with others. Because the issue most people have is clutter, and I can't organize their stuff. I just can't, not only through feeling like it's a trespass, but they often don't appreciate my system, and in any case I can see the future (lol) = they are quickly going to mess it up again.
    In this situation, the disorganization prevents me from cleaning … organizing is always my first step, and stopping myself from doing that makes it seem useless to swipe a rag around. To tune the lack of organization out is something I can do well enough since Ni is quite happy to see a different version of reality, and dirt goes out the awareness window along with it.
    I just attend to my most personal space and keep it the way I like it, which can create a freakishly unbalanced living space.

    But when I'm living alone, I arrange things so everything has a place, and items I don't have a place for either don't come in at all, or get tossed. Without clutter, I can clean the whole house as if it's my space.
    This also works if I'm living with another clean and organized person, which is so exceptionally rare I may as well not add this in.

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    Don't want to sound like a broken record,.. but both.
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    My INFJ wife is an OCD neet freak. But she has an Se out of sight, out of mind attitude. She cant put something away in the same place twice. I'm constantly searching for where she has hidden stuff. She has some perfectionism enneagram thing going on I think.
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    I'm somewhere right in the middle of both extremes
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I am an organized slob, of course.
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    In terms of living space, always organised. Clutter is like a mosquito bite... Got to scratch it.

    However in terms of scheduling my life, accounting, taxes, dull SJ paperwork like that, I'm a complete mess.
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