[INFJ] Does anyone else sorta get told that they find you interesting/mysterious?

Does anyone else sorta get told that they find you interesting/mysterious?

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This is a discussion on Does anyone else sorta get told that they find you interesting/mysterious? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; At least, initially? Cause I tend to think I look that way but am actually not... haha...

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    Does anyone else sorta get told that they find you interesting/mysterious?

    At least, initially? Cause I tend to think I look that way but am actually not... haha
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    @HyperRoyalty I find you interesting/mysterious. The gender neutral- very mysterious. Asking a non NI_TI -Se question - very interesting!

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    I've been called 'not normal' before. It was in an endearing but slightly suspicious way I think.
    Other than that, I'm pretty much viewed as just another guy.
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    I've been told I make the world a magical place. That's pretty interesting.
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    Often, over many years, and by those who meet me in person.

    Mysterious? Me? Does this look mysterious?

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I get told this sometimes. Mostly because I like to observe social situations before interacting. I think people tend to find quieter people harder to read. So there is a kind of "mystery" about us.
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    There's been a few occasional times where I get told this, I'm usually very quiet and sort of look at my surroundings. If I say anything, I speak if there's something I want to express or say to a person, otherwise I will simply just listen. Sometimes I've even been told to say something and to stop being so quiet, lol!!
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    I've been told that I give the impression of the dark mysterious guy, or the dark intellectual type of vibe.
    Remarkably, they get this impression before they speak with me. Huh.

    But this type of feedback usually comes from more educated or learned people. People who don't have a college degree as a rule don't like my style and often criticize it. So to each their own.
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    Dear lord....yes. So many times I have had strangers walk up to me and say, "Something told me to come over to you and say...."

    I have had people tell me I am one of the most interesting, mysterious, magical, spiritual, intriguing, loving, caring, blah blah blah person that they have met. I always felt I was extremely unique and weird. I never met anyone like me. And if someone was close to being like me, I was so excited to meet them.

    I used to work as a Defense Contractor where a polygraph and clearance was mandatory.

    My boss, who ran the company, was extremely complicated to read. I can usually read people so very easily. I couldn't read him at all. The only person I have ever met that I couldn't figure out, actually. (Come to find out he was trained to be unreadable).

    One day we were going through my feedback and he said, "I cannot read you at all! You are very mysterious!" I started to laugh. This was before I knew I was an INFJ mind you. I knew I didn't let many behind my walls (and have been fascinated to learn about myself and how spot-on it is to my personality). My husband always said he didn't know what I was thinking (and it frustrated him).

    Well, I didn't realize my boss had the same problem reading me. And I said, "Well you are the first person I haven't been able to figure out!"

    Come to find out. We were so alike in that way. We both had premonitions, same beliefs, etc.... And we became friends. After that conversation, I began to be able to see behind his barriers. I understood him. He is 25 years older than me. I think he understood me more too. (Did I ever get pissed off at him. Heck yes. But at least I knew where he was coming from now).

    I then realized after taking the Myers Briggs why the polygraphers had such a hard time reading me. They kept thinking I was hiding things. Was it the layers I have that protect my heart? I don't know. It totally pissed me off whatever it was that the "F" word started flying out of my mouth. I am a kind person and I was shocked at my reaction and kept apologizing for my mouth.

    They were getting close to not passing me and I had had enough and told them this was all stupid and they were missing out on a very trustworthy hardworking person. I was furious. Well that infuriated them even more. They started yelling at me.

    They were frustrated with me and they had to get the head guy in and I had to come back the next day.

    He was very firm with me if I didn't pass, I would be giving up a chance of a lifetime. I was pissed. I wasn't doing anything but telling the truth. Thank God he could read me right. But it took all day long. Two whole days where they finally could read my poly.

    I am a very hardworking individual. I give 1000 percent and was an asset to their organization. So yes. People found me mysterious.
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    Sometimes but more often than not it's in a pejorative way...

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