[INFJ] INFJ's, where do you work?

INFJ's, where do you work?

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This is a discussion on INFJ's, where do you work? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Fellow INFJ's, I'm curious: Where do you work? Why did you choose this career path? Currently, I'm only a high ...

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    INFJ's, where do you work?

    Fellow INFJ's, I'm curious: Where do you work? Why did you choose this career path?

    Currently, I'm only a high school senior and am restricted to retail jobs (which I LOATHE ). Once I graduate, I will be attending college to double major in public health and psychology I originally wanted to be a teacher but I felt that career choice would drain me.
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    Home sweet home (digital nomad). I translate because I find languages easy and fun. And because they don't pay you for random Ni-philosophising :-/

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    For forty years, I worked clerico-administratively at a university (I retired just before last Christmas). I chose it because I thought (correctly) that it would be a good environment in which to spend so much of my waking time, and because I thought it would be a good "pays the bills" job while I worked on (and at length saw published) my books. The university life keeps one in touch with current trends both among the students and among the faculty, and, because students are . . . well . . . usually young and inexperienced in life, there's a rawness and diversity to what goes on which makes it ever-interesting and exciting, and one learns quite a lot about human nature and how things really play out (I see so many people asserting things from theory, and they clearly don't understand that those abstractions are simply not the way people really act IRL). I had a splendid rapport with the students (especially the graduates, with whom I had more face time due to the nature of my doings); and consequently I'll always get on much more easily with college-age folk than with people my own age. And so, if you can find some way to fit into university or collegiate employment, I recommend it heartily!
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    I'm still in college, so far I've only worked a couple of retail jobs (which I've hated) and some online contract/freelance jobs (which were Ok). My career goal is to be a Librarian.


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