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Explain Your Avatar / Profile Picture

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This is a discussion on Explain Your Avatar / Profile Picture within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Tell us about your avatar and profile picture! You can follow the template I've laid out here or just give ...

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    Explain Your Avatar / Profile Picture

    Tell us about your avatar and profile picture! You can follow the template I've laid out here or just give quick, general descriptions.

    What is your avatar?
    My avatar, obviously, is not really me. But, it is a drawing of me done by somebody who had only seen me for a few minutes.

    What's the story behind your avatar?
    I was visiting a friend over Christmas break last year and she invited me over for her family's party. I knew I couldn't stay longer than a half hour, as I was on a time crunch, but I wanted to see some of her family again. So, going upstairs to their little apartment, I was greeted by familiar faces but there was one person there I hadn't seen before. It was a girl, probably 12 or 13 years old, sitting at the table. While everybody else was smiling and having a good time, she seemed lonely and detached. There was something about her facial expression that caught my attention.

    I continued to watch her demeanor throughout the rest of my time there, and it was obvious that she struggled in the worst way with self-esteem and probably had depression issues as well. Having stayed a little longer than planned, I knew I had to leave so I said my quick goodbye and made my way out the door to go downstairs to my car. There was that girl, sitting out on the steps in the cold with a drawing pad. I caught only a glance of what she was drawing before she quickly covered it up, but it seemed to be quite good. Knowing I would never see this girl again in my life, I said the one thing that I would have wanted her to know. These would be my first, last, and only words to her. Ever. Walking past her down the stairs, I looked up over my shoulder and said "You should know, you're beautiful." With that, I walked away, and have not seen her since. A couple weeks later, my friend messaged me on Facebook the picture that is now my avatar and told me "That girl at our party... she drew this of you after you left."

    Do you feel your avatar is a snapshot of who you are?
    In one sense, yes. The person in the drawing appears to be in deep contemplation, with a hopeful half-smile that says "hey, it'll be okay." I can't say there's a waking moment that goes by where I'm not deeply thinking about something, and my eyes do sometimes tend to shift away as I'm thinking. I tend to have an optimistic hope that's always looking for the positive way out or through. And I always want someone to know that they are worthwhile.
    In another sense, no, though I cannot explain because even in my own mind I can't find the words to explain why.

    Why is your avatar so special to you?
    The sheer fact that this girl was able, after only seeing me for a couple minutes, draw a picture that so well resembles me not just in physical appearance (of how I looked at the time), but also capture in that picture the core essence of my personality, shows that an unusual connection was made and thus it was no ordinary occurrence. For some reason, I guess it just reminds me that I should never underestimate the value of offering kind words to a stranger, even if they are the only words I will ever be able to give them. Not only that, but it reminds me that, even with my level of intuition, there are simply some things I'll never know or understand.

    What about your profile picture?

    Is your profile picture the same as your avatar? Why or why not?
    My profile picture and avatar are different. I honestly just don't want the same picture filling both spots. Plus, I feel like the avatar offers a greater sense of anonymity, as my profile picture does actually have me in it.

    What is your profile picture of? What's happening in it?
    It is a picture of myself. I was experimenting with movement and it was something I sort of invented on the spot. To describe it, it was like a windmill/cartwheel/whatever where I planted one hand on my trunk and the other on the bumper. The pose is actually a frame taken out of the video I was recording at the time. Going back later to study my movement, I paused the video right there and knew I had to get a capture of that frame.

    Is your profile picture an accurate representation of yourself?
    In a sense, yes. The movement captured in my profile picture was one I sort of came up with all on my own, which goes to show that I like to explore new possibilities as much as I can. The fact that it's on my car also shows that I don't care much for traditional ideas, such as "Don't horse around on or near the car." Granted, it is my own car and so I can do whatever I want on it, but growing up my dad was very protective of his vehicles and something like this would have gotten me into a lot of trouble. So, in a sense, it's a statement of my own independence.
    In another sense, no. Though I do have a thirst for adventure which is captured in this photo, I don't crave it as much as the photo may tend to allude to. Sometimes, turning the photo upside-down may show a better representation of me, as it would then look as if the world had turned upside-down and I was hanging on for dear life with all I had in me.

    What makes your profile picture so special to you?
    It reminds me that I'm free, that even if I may sometimes feel trapped in a cage, I'm really not.

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    Unknown Personality

    My avatar is taken from A Japanese video game series, God Eater. Here in my avatar shows the two main characters. Nothing really special but I admittedly feel jeaolusy to the heroine. Because...well, she had a hard fight and worry about herself being worthy or not. But at her back, someone(the main character) held her hand as if guarding her, no matter what and even when they seemed to be apart.

    I was having the girl's expression. .some kind like that before. And I am fighting alone..I mean I haven't found or know my right one yet, that one guarding me and 'held' my hand from shadow. the It is just sweet and something I probably longing for. :)
    I am sure soon I will have that someone, haha. So that I'd look at this pic with smile that day.

    Cough. I feel like cheesy salmon *shy off*

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    My av is Benjamin Sisko, commanding officer of Deep Space Nine. Star Trek.

    It is fan art of the GOAT captain.

    it really isn't that special, but like the series and this particular image



    i guess

    it isn't

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    My avatar is a tarot card that explains me. I am an individual who has been focused on self enlightenment since I was a child. I am also a hermit.
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    Mine's from a design I made. The mouse kind of represents sensitivity, at least it reminds me of notes from underground (apparently Dostoevsky was INFJ). The sup kind of contradicts sensitivity, just means I've learned to be casual I guess :)
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    Unknown Personality

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    My avatar is of two ghosts on a lake. They're playing music and having a good old time. :)
    I picked it because it symbolized me and my husband and our goals.
    We moved to another continent with dreams of owning property of our own and having a little private shangri-la in the woods.
    We've left our old life (which is kind of like a "death" of the old way of living, which was more worldly) and in a sense we are like two ghosts. We both love music so two happy ghosts playing symbolizes a happy life. The picture is intimate and happy. I don't know who it's by because I found it on Tumblr and it did not identify the artists. I love it though. :)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Mine is of my pet rabbit, Blackberry. Same with my profile photo. I love her and think she is adorable so sure, I guess she could represent me in one way or another. We live together and I spend more time with her than even any other humans since I telecommute.

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    My avatar and profile picture are of Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail. I used to love him as a kid, which represent some of my earliest memories. Lately I've been trying to rediscover my inner child, so he has a special place in my heart. Not least because I have the same sense of adventurousness that characterizes him.

    Also the fact the historical setting for the film is one that interests me very much, which is one enduring quality to the story that still fascinates me today. So yes it symbolizes so many aspects of my own self, not least just reconnecting with an old buddy.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    My avatar is a drawing I made on my computer a few years ago (I draw very rarely..). It's Adam hugging Eve (like a "Protector" so I thought it would be a suitable infj-avatar), and they grow on some type of DNA-double-helix plant. I'm not sure what I was thinking but I guess it represents me in some way :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    My avatar and profile picture are of Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail. I used to love him as a kid, which represent some of my earliest memories. .
    That's a funny coincidence (I've been having those quite often lately), I thought of Fievel earlier today for no apparent reason. I hadn't thought about it for years, I used to like that movie as a kid too.

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    What is your avatar?
    A rose bursting with colorful light. At least I think it's a rose lol.

    What's the story behind your avatar?
    I don't have an awesome story behind it as you do ;) It's actually similar to the first one I ever had on here except not as realistic. I just think it's pretty and I'm drawn to it. Always have loved rainbows and avatars that play with light in some way.

    Do you feel your avatar is a snapshot of who you are?
    Sure. When I first joined someone said my avatar represents the INFJ type pretty well (a rainbow rose).

    Why is your avatar so special to you?
    It perty lol and full of life.

    What about your profile picture?
    My profile picture is just my previous avatar (A girl dancing in light). I just love it. Makes me happy.

    Is your profile picture the same as your avatar? Why or why not?
    They're different. I used to keep them the same but a few months ago i decided to make them different just to offer some variety and surprise for visitors :D

    What is your profile picture of? What's happening in it?
    Me told you already :D

    Is your profile picture an accurate representation of yourself?
    I'd like to think so.

    What makes your profile picture so special to you?
    I think it's beautiful.

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