[INFJ] INFJ and Enneagram Tritype (for those who know their tritype)

INFJ and Enneagram Tritype (for those who know their tritype)

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This is a discussion on INFJ and Enneagram Tritype (for those who know their tritype) within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I would like to know what tritypes other INFJs on the forum have. If you know your tritype please post ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    INFJ and Enneagram Tritype (for those who know their tritype)

    I would like to know what tritypes other INFJs on the forum have.
    If you know your tritype please post it and discuss it here. How do you think it relates to and conflicts with being an INFJ?

    If you're curious about tritype, here's a good place to start:
    Personality Types: The Enneagram Tritype

    I'm a 4w3 with a 4-7-1 tritype and I feel that it's an unusual tritype for an INFJ, mainly the 7 part. With the 3 wing and the 7 in my tritype I frequently have an urge to go outside of my inner world and thoroughly explore, interact and enjoy the world around me. But with Ni I feel very inward and like to spend a lot of time in my head too. Sometimes I feel as if I want to be in 2 mindsets or 2 places at once. I also vacilate from being very lively and out reaching to living quietly in my inner world of dreams.

    I'll elaborate more on my tritype as more people posts. I would really like to hear about INFJs different enneagram types and tritypes and see how they relate to the world.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I've done this test a few time and gotten different numbers

    Mine were 1 - reformer/perfectionist, 2 - helper/servant, and 5 - investigator/problem solver
    Even though I didn't get same type between the tries, I always scored highest on these three. I think I alternate between them depending on environment, like if I am in my introverted mode I can become more of investigator, want to read and figure out how things work. When I am around other people in informal environment I can become more like type 2, want to help and generally make sure others are having a good time. In a formal environment like work place or activities club I can act more like 1 around people and even clash with people if I think they are being overly selfish or unjust.

    All in all I think these three go well with Ni/Ti dominant INFJ profile. #1 is due to us INFJs having high standards in general as well as our extraverted feeling function so we want to go and correct what we see as wrong for everyone, can be overly protective of others. #2 is I think when Fe goes into overdrive, then you just want to altruistically help others without demanding or expecting anything in return. #5 is probably related to having a strong Ti that is talking to the Ni all the time, so everything that Ni brings into your field of vision you go around analyzing.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I'm probably 4-6-9. Here are my test results:

    Type 4 - 10.7
    Type 6 - 10.7
    Type 5 - 9
    Type 9 - 7.7
    Type 7 - 4.7

    Wing 4w5 - 15.2
    Wing 6w5 - 15.2
    Wing 5w6 - 14.4
    Wing 5w4 - 14.4
    Wing 6w7 - 13.1
    Wing 4w3 - 12.1
    Wing 7w6 - 10.1
    Wing 9w8 - 8.7
    Wing 9w1 - 8.4
    Wing 7w8 - 5.7

    I might try to explain how I relate to these results later as I seem to have trouble putting my thoughts into words atm :/
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Main type: 9w1

    Tri-Type: 9-1-3 (I'm a social variant of the 9 type.)

    I use my Ni a lot.. its pretty ridiculous I must admit. However my Fe and Ti are very balanced. While my Fe takes preference, I usually stop and ask my Ti whats going on.. before I just act. Regarding my thought process, I'd say I'm a quite healthy INFJ. I'm taking every measure to stay healthy and continuing to grow and develop to become a more efficient individual.

    Me in order:

    9 60 I must maintian a peaceful and easygoing environment to be happy. 1 50 I must be perfect and good to be happy. 3 47 I must be impressive and attractive to be happy. 5 46 I must be knowledgable and independent to be happy. 2 37 I must be helpful and caring to be happy. 6 36 I must be secure and safe to be happy. 7 33 I must be high and entertained to be happy. 8 30 I must be strong and in control to be happy. 4 28 I must be true to my emotions to be happy.
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    After deliberation my main type is most likely 8w9.

    I would say my tri-type is like 8w9, then 5w6, and finally 3w2. So, it'd be 8-5-3.

    This tri-type does seem to make sense for me. First, I truly do feel like an 8 so much, but I'm more familiar with 5 and 3 because I'm more conscious of those behaviors. I deeply fear being 'harmed' or 'controlled by others' (whether it be actual or perceived, of course!). As such, I want to 'protect myself'. And then I add in the 9 wing I also deeply fear disharmony and separation. In response I often want to firmly preserve life around and within me.

    So, I turn to 5w6 at times of stress or when I feel as if I need to understand whatever is happening both around and within me. For a while I thought I was a 5 or a 6 because I did this, but I understood now how having understanding allows me to both protect myself and give me a greater sense of self-control as well as to preserve harmony around me and give me inner-stability. A few months ago before Christmas, a woman I loved left without saying 'good-bye'. I turned metaphorically into a 5w6. For two weeks I rarely left my house. In fact, I rarely left my bedroom. I thought for a long time to understand what had 'happened'. I felt she had hurt me, and I didn't like that at all...and so I wanted to understand it all. What a journey it was. The insights and knowledge I gained about myself, her (and subsequently others) transformed me, and within two weeks I re-emerged with an understanding that would serve me well both in managing myself and my dealings with others.

    And then 3. I sort of humorously compare myself to Patrick Bateman or Cheap Trick's "He's a Whore" when I'm 3. Of course I'm not that awful. Nevertheless I do have a strong desire to achieve and subsequently be admired and respected for it. Here, the 5's desire for capability and competency as well as 8's desire to protect oneself play a part. I can become quite the 'extrovert' here too. I feel like I 'shine' when I allow my capability and competency show. Play the electric guitar as a volunteer? Tutor others in 'hard' courses like biology or human anatomy and physiology? Cook? Guide a friend through a 'difficult time' (which, to me, isn't that difficult!)? Ah, yes, that is me! And I love to 'shine'! Look at the prize I've brought home! But I've analyzed it further...it is about achievement, yes, but that achievement is, again, a defense mechanism to ultimately protect myself (and back to the 8) and give me some sense of inner-peace and -stability (and back to the 9).

    The Enneagram is so cool.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Type 9 - 11
    Type 1 - 10.3
    Type 6 - 10.3
    Type 4 - 10
    Type 3 - 9.7
    Type 7 - 8.7
    Type 5 - 8
    Type 2 - 8
    Type 8 - 7.3

    Wing 9w1 - 16.2
    Wing 1w9 - 15.8
    Wing 4w3 - 14.9
    Wing 9w8 - 14.7
    Wing 3w4 - 14.7
    Wing 6w7 - 14.7
    Wing 6w5 - 14.3
    Wing 1w2 - 14.3
    Wing 4w5 - 14

    That would be... um... 9-1-4. I don't like close results.
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    9w1-6w7-2w3 (main type is 9w1)

    I don't think there's too much correlation, but then it does match my personality. I'm very peace-loving, a bit anxious, and... no, I'm not sure why 2 is there.
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    Unknown Personality

    I’m a 1w2 though I did a couple of tests the other day and it said I might be a 5w4 but I read it and it is not me. Is the 4w5 similar to the 5w4 in some things? One of my types is 4w5 so maybe that is why.

    My tri-type 1-4-6, I’m not sure how these three get along they seem contradictory and I do feel that way, the action and rationality of the 1 then the independence and emotionality of the 4 then the 6 looking for an outside source to follow. It is frustrating but at the same time I feel like they kind of balance each other, not too cold and good knowledge of my feelings but at the same time having independence but still wanting to make sure my source of values can be connected to something outside myself.

    Did that make any sense lol? If there is anything not right tell me please I’m still learning about it.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Type 4 - 12.3
    Type 5 - 11.3
    Type 1 - 8.3
    Type 6 - 8
    Type 2 - 6.7
    Type 9 - 6.7
    Type 3 - 5

    Wing 4w5 - 18
    Wing 5w4 - 17.5
    Wing 5w6 - 15.3
    Wing 4w3 - 14.8
    Wing 6w5 - 13.7

    i am a little confused to how to find the tri-type...can anyone kindly tell me how.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I'm 9w8-2w1-7w6

    It means I'm a social chameleon. Very conflicting influences there. As soon as I am happy in my blissful 9w8 zone I feel like I need to stop being so self-centred and asleep to the world around me, like I should get out there and help people, do good in society, make things better and then as soon as I gain satisfaction doing that my 7 kicks in and I want to fight against all obligations I've imposed upon myself and go and be hedonistic and impulsive and escape, and then after a time I become drained and want to calm down and not feel such highs and lows and so I withdraw from the world again.
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