[INFJ] Socionics description of INFJ (INFp in socionics)

Socionics description of INFJ (INFp in socionics)

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    Socionics description of INFJ (INFp in socionics)

    In Socionics mbti-infj are INFp's. How to convert MBTI® type to Socionics type

    So Iv been into socionics lately and everything seems good. Its interesting with the quadras and the relationship system they got. But one thing is kinda bugging me, the description of INFp's.
    It seems so negative when compared with the other types profiles. Down below are the description. The second one is "uncovered" and is supposed to be brutally honest and harsh truth. That which buggs me most is the 2 last sections. Always thought Infjs where quite good with the ”understanding” parts, and good problem solvers with lead introverted intuition.

    Intuitive-Ethical Intratim - INFp (The Romantic)
    Based upon original work by Victor Gulenko with some alterations

    INFps mainly have slim figures, however well-built INFps are not that uncommon. Their gait is usually graceful and full of poise as they like to project an image of self-worthiness. Their eyes vary from large to small, however if they are isolated a characteristic pattern emerges. Narrow eyes give the impression that the person is smiling whereas wider eyes convey a feeling of curiosity.

    During conversation INFps have a tendency to maintain eye contact and to touch their interlocutors hand. They often have a very noticeable shy grin that appears when they worried or excited, or when someone focuses other's attention on them.

    INFps have a very good understanding of harmony and know well how to successfully combine clothes and accessories, resulting in their characteristic, elegant appearance. Sometimes they may give the impression that they are somewhat foppish. This applies to both male and female. INFps show interest in a varied range of the unusual and original. They are also inclined to small talk. It can sometimes prove difficult for others to hold INFps attention during interaction. They may unexpectedly disrupt a conversation by commenting in such a way as to give the impression that they are not following the subject. This can confuse or puzzle others.

    INFps enjoy interesting or humorous anecdotes and stories. They often recall and share notable episodes from their own life experiences. In situations where they are required to give a answer they often delay the inevitable until the last moment even if they have reached a decision by evading and camouflaging their intent. INFps are inclined to make empty promises, always finding excuses to justify their lack of responsibility. They like to make others aware of their lack or practicality. However, INFps have a good instinct for commercial and business matters showing great flexibility. This quality coupled with their ability to choose reliable deputies helps them to maintain a firm grip on positions of power.

    INFps have the ability to positively console people who are upset or worried by helping them to look to the future with optimism. With strangers INFps behave gallantly and tactfully, showing good manners and education. However among friends and family they can be very up front sometimes behaving frivolously. They enjoy baiting others in a playful manner in order to create an easy and tension-free atmosphere. At home INFps can be very frivolous and capricious, showing great stubbornness in getting what they want, sometimes creating dramas and scenes. These emotional outbursts are usually short and disappear without consequences. Generally they have very flexible emotions which they control consciously.

    INFps are usually uneconomical in financial matters. They find it difficult to refuse their whimsical desires. This can often lead them into financial difficulties and can result in them having to borrow money if they do not have sufficient money reserves. They like an extravagant style of life which is why their demands often outweigh their resources. INFps more than any other type are inclined to marry because of wealth instead of love. INFps will often accumulate their complaints in order release them all in one go in an appropriate situation. In fact, people who show concern about INFps health and well being and who listen to their problems are very much appreciated.
    And here is the "INFp uncovered".
    INFp uncovered

    If you were to combine the likeableness and playfulness of ISFp with the criticalness and religiousness of INTp, you would probably end up with a perfect INFp. Just as any other type, INFp is truly unique and is probably the type that is the most adaptable to any social environment. INFp's Feeling means not forcing points or arguments and their Intuition means not pushing people with their elbows or stepping on people's toes. Introvertedness keeps INFps from sticking out and Perceptiveness makes them highly adaptable to change. A slightly spaced out personality, a likable appearance and a defenceless grin make it easy for an INFp to merge into almost any social group.

    However this appearance can change drastically once INFp gets a taste of power and authority. The power-money combination plays special role in INFp's Weltanschauung. It is like cheese for a mouse, who can smell its luring aroma miles away. Their fascination with $$$ and their intuitively intuitive intuition often walk hand by hand with a casino pass. In some cases an obsession with financial gain can lead INFps into arranged marriages. Despite their intuitive, fragile appearance, from a partner an INFp expects strong physical preponderance or domination. If such condition does not exist in the relationship, there is always plenty of "cheese" out there for an INFp.

    Probably the most interesting INFp's ability is their ability to learn. Having natural difficulties with their understanding, INFps tend to compensate for this with an impressive amount of reading, watching and listening. The more you know the more you'll be able to understand, right? But what if you can't connect the dots? Then someone will do it for you. That's why INFps are quite easy to brainwash. Whether it is a commercial or political bullshit, INFps often go around repeating it using exact words and phrases like brainless zombies, making them perfect puppets in the hands of a skilful puppeteer.

    As far as other people are concerned, INFps can be very productive, making them good social workers, musicians, entertainers, media, etc. In contrast, INFp's ability to think logically is circumstantial and limited to memorised examples, which makes them poor experts in technological fields, especially when the situation requires non-ordinary solutions. This, however, does not stop INFps from becoming sloppy engineers, sloppy mechanics, sloppy programmers, sloppy you name it.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    holy sh*t.

    I am not sloppy.

    lol, yeah I think they got a bit away from the neutral line. A lot of it is applicable. A lot of the bad stuff is true for me. But sheesh. I'm not easily influenced, not money-obsessed, and am a complete perfectionist with my work.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    But moreso than that its wrong for me, I don't think any of the types are that whole-fully incompetent or despicable.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    That's one example of why I prefer the MBTI to socionics.
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    The only thing unique to the second socionics profile that was accurate was the desire for money and power, which while quite true for me, is something that is decidedly untrue for the vast majority of INFJs.

    Difficulty with understanding? Repeating exact phrases? That is such a load of bullshit I'm not sure where to begin. Speaking personally, I have trouble repeating what someone has just said to me word-for-word without paraphrasing the entire thing, I'm sure as hell not a robot that plays back recordings like a citizen in Brave New World. As for my understanding of things, my academic record alone is probably proof against a supposed difficulty in comprehension for INFJs.

    The MBTI is barely scientific at best, but socionics takes the cake for its reliance on unsubstantiated and unsupported claims. I'd make a crack about Soviet "science", but mentioning socionics in that light would be unfair to the USSR's actual scientific achievements.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I have to buy some cheese!
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    That was a lazy hit piece. We need the guy who wrote this about INFP:

    The INFP is almost a cosmical type.

    On the one hand, there is deep empathy for individuals the INFP interacts with (Introversion of Feeling makes them more focused on the individual than the group), but on the other hand the global (N) view makes them deeply concerned with the bigger person-centered questions. (Such as the future of the human race and the possibility of the outcomes of large groups of individuals they are concerned with, such as for instance their nation, their corporation or a team of some kind).

    Yet, again, we should note that Thinking is the inferior faculty of this type. This means that it is most servile of all functions, and specifically most obedient to the dominant faculty--Feeling. It is with Thinking that we derive our worldview, as only Thinking is concerned with what an entity is, Feeling is only concerned with how we emote towards an entity, Intuition and Sensation are completely irrelevant to this question as they merely collect information without passing any explicit judgments.

    Accordingly, the INFP will likely have a very self-serving worldview (unless Thinking happens to be distinctly developed, which it rarely is). Uninhibited feeling gravitates towards things that make one feel good, and the only way it can be inhibited is by Thinking. This does not happen for a typical INFP. Quite the opposite does. Instead of putting limitations on the chaotic and egocentric will of Feeling of the INFP, Thinking (because it is servile to Feeling the most) conjures ways to defend the aforementioned value judgments of Feeling.

    Extroverted Intuition is also servile to Feeling, but not as significantly, however because it is a clearly pronounced (secondary) function, it allows for a myriad of ideas to be conjured which directly support the whims of Introverted Feeling. For this reason the INFP will have many ways, some highly ingenious to appease his/her whims.

    The INFP is highly sensitive to other people and will be very considerate, but is even more sensitive to his/her own Feelings, no matter how frivolous or jejune they may be. Thus, the distinction between a good cause and a bad cause is not based on any objective criteria (that is the business of Thinking!) but based on what 'feels good', hence, whatever agrees with the INFP's instincts is good and what does not, is not. Quite elaborate self-deception takes place as a result of the work of Ne-Te to convince the INFP that the cause is noble rather than a mere appeasement of a whim. Ne and Te in their own right are concerned with processing abstract information about the world and analyzing it, but because these faculties are subordinate to Introverted Feeling, there is no objective percpetion or analysis of the external world, these activities are carred out as strictly means to the end of affirmation of the Fi inspired prejudices.

    There is very little by way of sincerity with regard to how this type functions, contrary to what appears to be the case on a very superficial level. The INFP is driven to please others in order to be in harmony with them. However, unlike the INTP and many T oriented types, their feeling lacks this 'child-like purity' aspect which is often brought to our attention in INTP profiles.

    Because Feeling is the dominant faculty of the INFP, the identity of this type heavily depends on the Feelings it entertains. For this reason, the INFP engages the emotions of others for self-serving ends, strictly to receive positive emotion in return. This is the striking difference between the Thinking oriented type and the INFP, the former deems assisting others as a good thing in itself, and the INFP merely uses this activity as an instrument of appeasement of impulse. The appeasement of impulse is the primary drive of this type in life, the secondary is contriving elaborate ways to befool oneself that this is not the case.

    One may be attracted to the INFP based on what they appear to be on the surface, specifically, deep and highly emotionally sensitive. Deep? There is depth of sentiment no doubt, but can we regard this as legitimate depth as such a quality is associated with a virtue of character? Not at all, as the causes the INFP fights for are not deep at all, because the causes are determined by Thinking (as Thinking decides what the world is) because Thinking is very primitive and subordinate to the impulses of the INFP, the causes this type feels passionate about are often unremarkable at best, and opprobrious at worst. The 'INFPs versus the ESTJs' myspace group is the case in point. One may ask, what about the INFPs who fight for the end of war, getting the homeless off the streets, or raising the salaries?

    Two likely answers, either the INFPs in question have developed their Thinking (very few do, hence, the ones we have in mind here are not representative of this type) or what is much more common is, simply acting out on their Feeling which relentlessly urge them to seek approbation from others. Merely identified with the cause that others value and spoke up in their endeavor to get praise from others.

    In other words, they were not fighting for anything noble, they did not even know what they were doing, they were merely acting out on their impulse to try to be liked by others, as they usually do. (The nature of Feeling strives to generate positive sentiment, therefore longs for harmony with others).

    Thus, the INFP is not deep as he/she may have appeared to be at first. Sensitive? Only in a very insincere way. Feigning concern for others as means to the end of getting closer to them in order to appease their own longing for a positive emotive bond with others.

    With all things considered, the INFP has been a false prophet. Why did I call this a cosmical type? Because, almost like in a fairy tale, he/she ostensibly has all the qualities one may hope to see in a friend/partner, but alas, they are illusory. This type appears to be deep, yet is actually very superficial. This type appears to be sensitive, yet is primarily driven to appease his/her own impulses. Appears to be moderately intelligent, as Introversion is mistaken for reflectiveness, yet that is not the case also, the inferior Te is less than sharp at solving complex problems to say the very least. The INFP appears calm and put together? Another trait that is mistakenly associated with Introversion, but that is not the case also, being Fi dominant the INFP is fraught with vulgar and torrential passion which tears him/her up from within, and those who do not carefully study the psyche of this type remain wholly ignorant of the nature of this process because it is internally grounded.

    Hence, what exactly is good about the INFP? It is the most intensely Feeling oriented type, thus is excellent at striking a rapport with others. Hence, most Feelers should appreciate this as they too long for harmony with others. Feelers with a dependency problem or a low self-esteem should also appreciate the INFP for this reason, as there is no type more emotionally supportive than this. Domineering Thinking types should also appreciate this tendency within the INFP, as the primary way the INFP can appease his/her impulses is by generating positive emotions through interaction with others. Hence, the INFP will without a doubt conform to the wishes of the domineering Thinker almost exclusively with the purpose of retaining harmony. Perhaps the same domineering Thinker will appreciate the INFP evoking their emotions (as they may have trouble evoking their emotions on their own because the inferior Feeling is intensely supressed) and of course, because the INFP cannot easily stand up for his or her needs, he/she cannot insist on engaging the emotions to any greater degree than the Thinker finds desirable. Hence, it is a propitious situation for the Thinker, as if he chooses to have assistance with evoking his emotions, this service is available to him, yet nothing stops him from choosing otherwise, and if he elects the former, only he has the voice with regard to what extent the emotions are to be evoked.

    Hence, there are indeed positive attributes to the INFP, yet if one wishes for a partner or a long term friend that he can respect and treat as his/her equal, I highly recommend turning elsewhere. The whole temper of mind of the INFP and the personalities associated with is aimed at the sole end and goal of magnifying passion and supressing the intellect, and precisely this is what prevents the type from having the strength of character one needs in order to command respect from others.

    In summary,

    -Nature of Feeling gravitates towards what feels good.
    -The only way this process could be intervened with is through the disciplinary judgment of Thinking.
    -Thinking of the INFP is subordinate to Feeling (in a fashion typical of an inferior faculty to be subordinate to the dominant), therefore does not discipline feeling, but supports it.
    -Because point one is the case, the INFP is unable to have a clear view of who they are and how they ought to live their lives, and as a result lack a backbone. Their life tends to be an incessant overflow of torrential, self-serving and in almost all notable respects vulgar passion.

    *This post was about applied typology, not pure typology. In other words, it is not about the unconscious tendencies of the INFP, but about how a typical INFP tends to be. The only exception to the above is the case of the INFP with a well developed Thinking faculty which is indeed rare. But even in that case, one can avoid the problems listed above to a certain degree as the inferior function can have only a limited influence on the psyche of the type despite being well developed. This is the case because naturally we are drawn to our dominant faculty, and much self-discipline is required to reverse this tendency. Only very few INFPs with a well developed Te will be able to overcome most of the maladies of their temperament.
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    I guess what I wanted to discuss was... does infj have a disability to learn and understand things?
    There must be some truth to the text, even if the truth is that the author are a Te-dom who do not really understand the feeling side and thus don't get the intuitive understanding that infj contain. Or is the case more like that which is described in the mbti-infp text, the same idea, that we are constantly fooling ourself?

    What does it mean to have a high/low ability to learn and understand?

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    Unknown Personality

    more INFJ (IEI/INFp) descriptions from socionics

    by Gulenko: The Lyricist Profile by Gulenko
    by Beskova: Esenin, Female portrait, INFP by Beskova
    photos (look under IEI): Filatova portraits

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Wow, we really suck! I guess we should turn ourselves in to the mental asylum now since we have no ability to live properly.
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