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What are you listening to right now?

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    Unknown Personality

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    This song is absolutely incredible... I just came across this artist about five minutes ago.

    Get the full album for free!

    Big Black Delta – BBDLP1 | TRASH_AUDIO
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    @endlessnameless - Interesting about Taylor Momsen. She sounds like a talented, purposeful person, which is refreshing and inspiring. I haven't gotten into Jack White's solo work quite as much, but I really like that song you posted (Love Interruption). I'll be checking out more of his stuff. Here's my favorite White Stripes (I also like Ball and Biscuit):

    I do like some of the work by The Doors. Off the top of my head, Roadhouse Blues is coming to mind. And um, holy crap! I just found this gem while looking for The Doors songs:

    And I'm not sure about whether or not I like metal, mainly because I haven't really delved deeply into that genre. I might, haha. I liked the Sentenced song you posted. It has Metallica-esque qualities, and of course, I love Metallica. I believe a new band that I really like (called Volbeat) is supposed to be classified as a heavy metal band, but some of their new stuff is not what I would call metal. Maybe I'm not knowledgeable enough to make that call though. You should check out Volbeat's songs "Still Counting," "Heaven Nor Hell," and "A Warrior's Call." I really like the Von Benzo song The Dark that you posted as well - darkly beautiful. Thanks for sharing your new band knowledge! Again, I feel the need to undergo some new investigations.

    Here are some random blues songs that I like (Sully Erna and John Kosco are both sexy in Reefer Headed Woman, haha, it's hard to watch without falling in love):

    And as far as classic rock is concerned, I'm obsessed with this (such a sexy sound in my opinion, although Ted Nugent's zebra pants leave much to be desired, haha):

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    INFJ - The Protectors

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