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This is a discussion on The Venting Thread for INFJs within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I'm sick of the world looking down on me because I have severely damaged self-esteem, as if men aren't allowed ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I'm sick of the world looking down on me because I have severely damaged self-esteem, as if men aren't allowed to be this way. I'm feeling trapped and alone. I simply get tossed aside for someone with a better past and better health, and no matter how hard I try to get better it's never good enough for anyone else. It's easy to say their opinion shouldn't matter but I deal with this enough to not be able to simply ignore it. I have to lie about how I'm doing every day just so I can get by. I can only try and seek comfort in myself.
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    It hurts to know that you'd sell your own sister out for someone you barely even know. It hurts that you won't ever give me the benefit of the doubt but I know it's because you've never experienced having your heart ripped out and because of that you know nothing about humanity. You are naive. People are not all good and some day you will know that for yourself but I'm sure you still won't give me the benefit of the doubt. I guess I'll just have to accept that and move on.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    What the hell is an heart good For?
    Nothing besides keeping your body alive. I give up my heart.

    What good does it do to know yourself?
    None, it simply limited your ability to do what needs to done. I give up my identity.

    What good does it do to have friends?
    None; they eventually forget you even exist. I give up meaningful relationships.

    So then what matters?
    Good question
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    Expectations of men can go screw themselves. No wonder I don't get along with guys. I've got enough expectations from myself, and from external sources, I don't need your freaking expectations of what is "manly" or whatever to top it off.

    You know what fuck expectations in general.

    Fuck feeling alone. Somehow I believed I could live all on my own by myself forever. But I strive for connection. And honestly, while I love my emotions, they also give me a lot of problems.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I am tired of people mistaking an inability to care what is believed of an individual with contempt for other people. It is tiring to me and the people that I work so hard to open up to the world when rejection is formulated simply upon an inability to understand abstract thinking processes that are more fragile then they seem. It would be very nice if I did not have to help another person through insecurity and fear of others only to have them relapse as soon as another person labels them as strange for expressing repressed desires.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Get to know her.
    She's chasing dragonflies along the far garden wall, overrun with vines and slanted sun. She's bounding over to the lawn chair cushion, propped up against the sheer light of day that seems to follow her and chase the others into shade. She is Light; chocolate coated and sprinkled in spots. When I first met her, she was soundless but alight in the eyes; twice a mother, something more of a kindred spirit than just another member of just another species. She was myself, just with a better sense of self, of simple pleasures, of purity than I knew before I set eyes on her.
    The welcome was immediate and pure. There was no aversion, no cautious edging but a bounding towards a stranger's hand. I knew you in the summer but I know you eternally now.
    Little one of my own heart, you're a body Light now. The world fell away in moments and upon the hour I heard it, you were all that remained in my mind's eye, in motion on a summer day: Vivid, weightless and upon the landscape, a little kingdom of a backyard. The varying greens and swaying hues blurred around you to make you distinct.
    You were distinct, ethereal and a voice only I could truly comprehend; the language of knowing we shared changed me.I hope that with every returned smile and stroke upon your fur, you knew me and that I loved you. You warmed my otherwise apathetic heart and healed me in one summer; I was jaded, incomprehensible to myself and you drew that away by being filled with nothing but Light. I was full of myself, working in-tandem with thought tangles using the same comb to create a finer mess.
    You were full of the day, the breeze, the charge within the storm approaching.
    And I miss you with an ache so full of my own soul, it is difficult to decide what I am.
    God knows it and I acutely know it, though I do not regret it: Angel after my own heart, you renewed a truth for me: I do have a soul and there is no weakness inherent in its depth, only the glory of limitlessness. We spoke like ladies of nature, like mothers been and to be. Your gait was that of an old soul. Do others notice these things?
    And I miss you with a soul so touched and so wrenched away from its remoteness that I can't decide what I am.
    Sasha, daughter of Nature who just happened to have four paws.
    I love you and you're within my very soul.
    You're welcome to stay, forever.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    No means no, guys...asking every ten minutes is not going to change my answer...

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    If you bring up one more person who knows "my story," I am going to strangle you! Your version of the story is NOT my story! Please stop bringing up the past before you say something even more stupid.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I wrote this to my family & Friends on facebook;
    but I never published it... so it sits.

    "Considering my love for you
    takes a person who knows it
    I tend to be aloof, leaving those who love me most outside un-sheltered
    Only to feel a deep grieving pain from being alone in my peacefulness
    never had I felt to be the object of appeal
    seeing myself as the odd one out
    unique in my own right, a determined mind to set goals and focus on that alone
    living unnoticed,
    I see it to be true.
    No bother saying its not so, as I know the same things you know
    we feel the distance and sometimes I feel the cold
    but it's not froze,
    as I am aware it is just the winds that keep us apart
    the warmth I would feel if we were to be close, I know would last a lifetime
    So I say this to all of my loves
    whom Ive grown to retreat from
    in my words of a way, who some may find to be too eccentric
    A healthy way of living requires some space indeed,
    but my heart melts each day I can not reach out & touch those I've lost
    Stuck in my own world wrapped with faith of true security
    I try not to lack the willpower to at least reach halfway.
    I only ask that in all your busy lifestyles, whatever you may be doing
    take the time to know me, for I've done some major changing
    I share myself with you through this lousy facebook page
    so that you can receive some of this
    sometimes a little unbalanced
    beauty I call my personality :)"
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Knowing I'll have to work 10 hours today when I'm feeling burned out is not a good feeling. God give me strength....
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