[INFJ] INFJ's, how do you deal with anxiety?

INFJ's, how do you deal with anxiety?

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This is a discussion on INFJ's, how do you deal with anxiety? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; This is along a similar vein, I suppose, to the depression thread, but it's a slightly divergent issue. I have ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    INFJ's, how do you deal with anxiety?

    This is along a similar vein, I suppose, to the depression thread, but it's a slightly divergent issue.

    I have always been a classic "worrier", and I think that it is largely connected to the way my mind works as that of an INFJ. I'm positive other types can be worriers to, but I seem to have a specific way of doing it. In deference to my primary Ni function, I suppose, I am always imagining possibilities and envisioning the way things *might* pan out. Unfortunately, though, this often lends itself to my being worried about something, and immediately envisioning the worst possible case scenario, and convincing myself that that is what will happen. However unlikely it may actually be.

    I exhaust myself from worrying about things sometimes. I get so anxious, I actually make myself physically sick from the strain. Logically, I know that I am being unrealistic and irrational, but I cannot seem to force myself to stop overanalysing and worrying.

    Do any of you have suggestions as to how you deal with anxiety and the ensuing stress?? I would appreciate anything you have to say.
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    I'm not an INFJ ... but thankfully, I have the gift of self-expression.

    I write poetry - and allow my deepest, darkest and most raw emotions to express themselves. But I do project what I write on others - I let them see it .. and just knowing that someone is aware of my feelings and anxiety helps cure it.

    I also compose music .. I sit in front of my system and compose something new everytime I'm going through a difficult time. It helps pacify the developing anxiety and oncoming depression - because the excitement of creation itself is usually stronger than whatever the reason for the anxiety was ...

    In other words, I avoid it without truly facing the root cause of the problem. But then, all of my problems can't be faced or corrected. I just have to live with them day in and day out.

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    Between ages 14 to 18 I suffered from Agoraphobia, and although I'm cured for over 5 years now, there are still some leftovers, with addition to being an INFJ which just spice things up a notch.

    My anxiety nowadays occurs mostly when the complexity of things is high. In example, if I'm going to the Uni., there are bunch of things that needs to be considered, such as: Taking the car (Maybe it won't start? Maybe suddenly it'll stop in the middle of the road?), finding a parking space (What if I'll have to park while 10 cars are behind me?), reaching the class in time (What if I couldn't find a parking space or there was a traffic jam?), the interaction with other students (Maybe someone will sit next to me and ask me stuff and then I won't listen to the class and then won't understand anything?) and so forth.

    Anyhow, how do I deal with it? I calm myself down, and try to think objectively as much as possible.
    The thing is, it appears my mind and body aren't quite in sync and the anxiety is always there, even when I'm actually clam in mind. Could be that my body just pick on my mind's 'lies' and it's like: "Cut the crap, I know what you really feel! You can't fool me! Muhaha!". Damn you.. body. DAMN YOU!

    So, basically, although I work very hard on the cognitive part by calming myself and not making a big deal out of things, my body still reacts automatically. However, I started this method of trying to take things more easily not so long ago.. so perhaps it's just a matter of time till the body adjusts accordingly, or maybe it won't. Time will tell I guess.

    It will be silly of me to give you a concrete suggestion on how to deal with anxiety, since I didn't quite find the formula myself, but in global view - it's all about cognitive behaviour, the ability to use known scenario schemes and past events to decrease the effect, and obviously run this broken record in your head of "It's no big deal."
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I'm a worrier too. I make myself sick and depressed from it. Its because of how much I care about those I care about. I find taking break to breathe and letting people know that I need said break so they find someone else to dump their emotional bullshit on. I also find screaming into a pillow help though after a while it will give you a headache and writing is always a good one. Buy a punching bag as well as the act of punching is a great stress reliever.
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    Since worry is a function of your organism, you can regulate it and prevent it by working with your physiological system. Breath, breathing is vital here. When you breathe and I mean consciously, i.e. when you put attention on the cycling of your breath, the inhale and the exhale, you will see that your thoughts no longer flow incessantly. Focus the attention on the breath in the inhale through your nose and the exhale through your nose/or mouth here for exhale. I have come to the conclusion, before one wants to prevent something they need to learn what it is. Why does worrying happens and what is it's significance in my life? I found that worrying occurs do to a false since of human perception, i.e. we want everything to be a certain way and haven't come to terms with the reality that most things we have very little control over it. This feeling of being in control, deludes us. Have to come to accept what is, without expectation, if expectation is centered around what you think can happen. As nothing is set in stone, just live in the moment.

    Also another thing is counting. When you count you can't think -- it can only be one thing or the other. The flow of associative thinking does not take place when you count. If you count and while doing so imagine something like a sunset, or like.... or some simple image that makes you okay -- like if you are worried about someone have the image of their face will you count. Also count in sets. I would imagine this would do away with it momentarily. Evoke the release of different chemicals in the brain. Or the act of noticing that you are thinking in a way you do not like, brings a calm to the flow of it. But maintaining that moment of calm is difficult, but like a muscle this moment of calm or attention on your thinking can be developed like a muscle.

    There are other things... but what all this is showing is that our thinking apparatus (loss for a better word) is idle, so what occurs is functioning related to emotion. A sort of automatic thing. But if you fill the idleness of the mind with something useful or replace it with some sort of practical exercise, you can prevent this worrying. It's like burning it out. I think of it like with my nephew, when I take him to play at a playground and give him activities, he goes right to sleep after it lol.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I use to be a big time worrier but majority of the stuff I worry/stress about never came true, so what's the point? I just learn to calm myself down by listening to mediation music or just work out or read a book. Everything really does work out in our favor so I rather invest my energy on something I desire instead of something I don't desire.

    When I do go to that point of worrying, I tell myself what causing me to worry at this point? Checking in with yourself and you feelings does help out a lot too.
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    I also worry quite a bit and have numerous anxiety disorders. This is how I deal with my obsessive worrying:
    -Writing depressing poetry
    -Journaling (both online and personally)
    -Take my anxiety meds
    -Watch a cheerful dvd
    -Talk to a friend or visit a friend
    -Spend time with my boyfriend
    -Talk about my worries, often online
    -Go to sleep

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    yes i'm a classic worrier too. my own mind developed ocd to cope with worry
    honestly if i'm worried about something i will let it fester till i'm out of my mind
    i think its important to discus yr worries, tell someone about the things you're afraid of, it might not make them go away but i usually feel comforted that at least someone can sympathise with me

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Not very well!

    I try to find the good side in something, and then focus on that. Also, I ask myself what I can do right now at this very minute to fix whatever the problem is. If there's nothing I can do, then what's the good of worrying? If there is something I can do, why not do it instead of sitting around and worrying? Easier said than done...

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    It's been a reoccurring tendency for me to have low confidence in most social situations. I'm not perfect in eliminating it completely from my life, nor should you expect for everything to run smoothly all the time. It's extremely hard to do much of anything if we're constantly aligning our behavior with this perfectionist attitude. So when things go haywire, do yourself a favor and see it from a humorous perspective. Often times my inner critic judges me very harshly for doing the simplest of things wrong but sometimes you just need to tell that inner judge to put a sock in it. When you're not ignoring your critic altogether, though sometimes it is fully necessary, try imagining your inner critic as a chill surfer laying on the beach drinking a pino colata instead voldemort sentencing you to your wrong-doing. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself and take things with a grain of salt. We're all human here. I tend to feel less anxious / more confident when I realize that I'm not in the center of the universe and that other people too, perhaps even the same ones that I am being anxious around, are anxious too; they don't want me to fail, to laugh in my face, and make me feel like less than I am. Try opening up to a stranger, friend, family member about your anxiety and ask for their opinion on how they deal with it. Many people, more than you realize, feel the same way you do.
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