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Are you scared to feel hated?

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This is a discussion on Are you scared to feel hated? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I don't care of what "ordinary" people think of me, no matter if it's love or hatred; however I do ...

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    I don't care of what "ordinary" people think of me, no matter if it's love or hatred; however I do care pretty much of what people I love or I am attracted to think of me.

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    They can hate me how much they want I dont care. Which I don't like is when people wanna have arguments with me. I don't like confrontations.

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    It doesn't bother me a bit. It would, however, upset me if I did not understand them.
    I appreciate a person's honesty if they say they dislike me. I know I am not made for everyone and that's perfectly fine with me.
    If it is someone close to me it will be on mind often trying to remedy the situation until I can process why they hate me. If I cannot find an answer it will take me longer to accept.

    In general though, it does not bother me at all.

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    Nah not really. Hate seems like a silly way of feeling or being towards someone or anything, imo. If someone hates me, even if I initially cared for or considered them, i don't think I can even take that personally. Id probably wonder why they did in the first place. . i guess i could ask why, though usually i know why at some point if not already. . . so the most i might say is "damn. .oh well then" and ill move out their way because people who can still feel the extremes of "hate" seem otherworldly to me. It's best for me personally to find and be surrounded by people who can understand and be on similar pages with me and i to them. i don't bother with people who have any chance of viewing me in such negative ways for long, there is no need to think more.

    And idk i wouldnt say itd be a lack of Fe. It's just that hating someone is so. . outdated in nature. .

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    For people that I'm not really acquainted with,I can't be bothered.But if its someone I'm friends with,then yes.I want to know why :/
    Though I'm also wondering why people would hate one another,I may not like someone(specifically one trait of the person) but I will never hate them ._.
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    Well, I think I value being loveable or neutral more than being hated.
    I dont like arguments too much..

    But.. as I was thinking the other day, if one isn't being hated by anyone AT ALL, then one must be being something wrong,- wayyy to bendy in values and stuff.
    Few hate me I think because I very often try to take a stance where I try to see things from everybodys viewing angle, and my opinions are not so strong and directly expressed.. BUT!, there are people who very much dislike that about me I know, they want it like "BAM BAM BAM; So and so; Thats the way it is, final; A fact; Speak up!." They see it as weakness, lesser respectful in some way, dishonesty, or other.
    In a way you cant avoid being hated, you could sit and do nothing and people will hate you for that.
    (But all of this you can also switch around.. I may be slightly annoyed if somone dont speak up, or does nothing at times)

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