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This is a discussion on INFJ Poetry Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; The Doormat Rant An appropriate reaction? Well, don't look here What dreams would I have in the autumn of my ...

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    The Doormat Rant

    An appropriate reaction?
    Well, don't look here
    What dreams would I have
    in the autumn of my life
    if my salivary glands spit
    bile instead of dribble honey
    longings into my hand secretly
    too sticky to show?

    No wall was strong enough
    for me to rail on
    So don't think I learned
    to scream or wail
    If anger protects some
    turning hands to fists
    in some fair fight
    the glass surrounding me
    would make mine poor tools

    What I want to forgive
    is that I immediately forgave
    so many barbs and hooks big and small
    I'd so much rather be your doormat
    than be something else
    to someone who didn't have the opportunity to know
    what tough stuff I'm made of
    I guess I really just love myself
    love that there is this in me to see
    If you would look
    what a strong fiber this doormat is made of!
    what a long time this doormat has lasted!
    I'm absolutely convinced
    I'm the best doormat ever
    and that you value doormats!
    I caught you staring in the market
    at the ones your mom used to make
    with wonder

    But I hate hate
    besides that's not what a doormat is made for
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    @Llyralen Another zinger!

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    Sometimes, I hurt just enough
    to hear the bullshit bubbling
    under the floorboards.
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    @Marvin the Dendroid You need to call a plumber!!

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    Now I am green, and hard as a fist
    but small.
    A miracle! Where did I come from?
    A flower.
    the flower is gone now, and no one would have me.

    But over many days,
    perhaps months of days,
    long bright hot days--

    You will gaze on me,
    and I will begin to blush.
    I will blush and blush and blush
    in the heat of Your gaze.

    I will


    and swell

    and sweeten

    throughout the long hot summer days
    of Your love.

    Should no one ever see me
    or think to taste me,
    You would, O Love!,
    throw me to the ground
    for the creatures,
    the little ones,
    who would carry me off
    in their stomachs
    where You would




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    Hurt Me

    Sometimes I want the band-aid ripped to show me what life is.
    I get caught up in fantasies and forget swings can miss.
    I know that if I face the pain, I can move passed the worst,
    But first, I need to hit the bottom from which I'll emerge.

    I'm nothing of a perfect soul, or body...even mind.
    Yet in my objectivity, I'll dance with the divine.
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    You’re thoughts...
    Your thoughts it should be
    I like... you’re thoughts
    And so it is
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    Coming from the raven of the fear
    The blackbird did hear
    The crow in the ear

    Coming from the pages of the years
    The leaves splayed near
    The bark in the peer

    Coming from the glasses of the clear
    The sights sigh dried tears
    The glare in the sphere

    The blackbirds pencil their pickings
    The book doesn't mind its white space
    The eyes stare at the paler shade of write
    Somewhere, the background stands with trees
    Whispering, blackbirds come see me
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    You came amid an angry strength
    Storming wears its cloak
    Like a banner slapping
    The face turns a ruby blaze
    Fires its pricks caught amidst
    White back drops and flits
    Here flys the knowing it
    Was never love that could
    You have ever been drowning in
    The tangles of your own hands that
    I saw you standing in
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    Let it go...
    seems like a tornado
    There it goes,
    water and air sluice
    As heft of the breath,
    empty fills, rustling
    Every now and again,
    deep breathes gulp
    me loose

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