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What are some INFJ opinions on the U.S. 2016 presidential candidates

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This is a discussion on What are some INFJ opinions on the U.S. 2016 presidential candidates within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Well, I'm not from America so I don't really feel entitled to say too much, but as a fellow human ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Well, I'm not from America so I don't really feel entitled to say too much, but as a fellow human being I feel a bit like this:

    Not meaning that I want to exterminate anyone. But it feels like Trump exterminates two things every time I hear him speak. First, a tiny piece of my brain dies each time. Second, each time I realise some people are ready to vote for him, an ounce of hope is lost from my soul.

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    The explicit goal of all governments, the central criterion by which they are to be judged, is the improvement of the quality of the people.

    Yet governments are today judged successful if everyone has a job (no matter that the vast majority of jobs kill the brain and destroy creativity, for instance, I understand that in the US the most common profession is truck driving), a little square box for a house, plenty of shops to buy pointless junk from, and plenty of crass entertainment to transfix the people. Providing what the Roman poet Juvenal derisively referred to as 'bread and circuses', when critiquing the government of Augustus; remains the sole function of government today. Isn't it time we moved on? Isn't it time government fostered reason and creativity in its people, rather than bread and circuses?

    I'm not an American but I know for sure no matter who wins, government will continue to be about bread and circuses. So who gives a fuck? It's going to the dogs anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snakecharmer View Post
    I'm a voluntaryist (peaceful anarchist).

    I made this earlier tonight to express my thoughts on the election:

    Attachment 489770
    I disagree with the ideology which informs you but your thoughts on elections and democracy are on point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zosio913 View Post
    My pessimistic ruling: We need to stop pretending that Plato's Republic is going to exist. Do we have philosopher kings? Clearly not. Ergo, no Platonic Republic.
    Do we also have the education system which allows philosopher kings to be trained from birth to be suited for the noble and severe responsibility of public service? Do we have the sort of structure and legal mechanisms which prohibit 'politicians', or 'philosopher kings', from being corrupt and self-serving? Let's stop pretending the Republic of the United States is anything like Plato's Republic, I'm with you on that one, but as for never existing?

    It's not going to exist unless somebody takes some steps to establish it. Critics love to call him a communist, or a fascist, depending on their taste or whatever suits the anti-Platonic agenda at that particular moment; to which I say, there's nothing communist about somebody who envisions a clearly stratified society. And as for fascism, well, if you had to have a tumour removed, would you not seek out the best brain surgeon available to carry out the procedure, or would you start complaining about "fascist" hierarchies of brain surgeons and instead pick the worst available brain surgeon to score some ideological brownie points? Plato outdates communism and fascism by a good two and a half thousand years; that his ideas echo down into modern day political ideologies shows how significant and important they are, it's ridiculous to accuse him of being communist or fascist - more like, communists and fascists are quasi-Platonists.

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    I think the first woman president would be great for women and men, I think it’s even necessary, but wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. Second I say Bernie should do a fine job. Not a fan of any Republicans.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I co-host a libertarian/anarchist radio show.

    Here's last night's episode, if anyone is interested.

    We talked about cognitive dissonance and how it impacts politics. Psychology! :D

    Your Brain Is A Bigger Enemy Than The Government! - Freedom Feens radio - FREEDOM FEENS talk radio show
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Not caring about politics and non-american?

    *Grabs popcorn and milkshakes*

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    I'm not an American but the US elections have quickly become my favorite reality tv show. I like Clinton, primarily because I like her story. Yah know, first lady and now potential history making president? It's one of those delightful political/rulership stories. Like Irene of Byzantium. Except Hillary is not going to blind her child. Prooobably. Sure she lies but so what? If you're in politics for as long as she's been you're definitely going to be labelled a liar 1) because you are 2) because genuine changes of opinion will be labelled as such and 3) things you'd have to do to forward your genuine beliefs in a political bureaucracy/climate such as the US will make you a liar.

    Also, for funsies check Hillary's, Bernie's and Trump's profile's on Politifact.

    But the best part's been following the numerous narrative's that spring up. Like if you read the news on the election and you read their various Reddit's and you throw in some other player's like Glenn Greenwald what you get is something absolutely fascinating. Their supporters' sheer conviction, the way the media reports and the way the same message is disseminated or repressed or spun, how the supporters range from 'frothing at the mouth' to 'pretty chill' and how the amount seems to differ depending on who they support, the why's of the support and what seems to get people to support someone, the arithmetic of support and fervor.

    It's all terribly titillating.
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    I'm a Hillary supporter all the way! I like that she has strong liberal values but actually seeks to implement them in realistic ways (something I dislike about Bernie); she wants to build on the work Obama's done without trying to redo the system. I like her stances on gun control, women's heath, mental health, controlling Wall Street, rebuilding race relations, confronting radical jihadism, building on Obamacare, etc. In my opinion, you don't need to have a "political revolution" in order to get good things done.

    Also, she is undoubtedly the most qualified candidate in the field-- Senator, Secretary of State, and even being First Lady gives her great experience in the executive branch. I have confidence in her diplomatic qualifications; unlike Trump, she won't start WWIII.

    A huge amount of the flack she gets is completely unwarranted.
    - Has she changed her views over the past 20 years? Sure. But who hasn't?? It's common for politicians to change their opinions-- not to get votes, but simply because situations change and people change. Look at Trump, who's been pro-choice and pro-life, pro-refugees and anti-refugees, etc. over the past several MONTHS, let alone years. Also, I'm voting for my candidate now, in 2016, and I couldn't care less about what they believed in the 1990s. It's all about what they're planning to do now.
    - Has she lied? Maybe? Does it matter? The information going around is all either false or inconclusive; for example, the ridiculous 11-hour Benghazi hearing was a waste of time for a shoddy incrimination attempt. And since when has a politician lying been big news?! The double standard is ridiculous. To bring up Trump again, I believe one source (edit: the post above me linked it! yay :)) found ~75% of what he says to be factually incorrect, which blows the other candidates out of the water as far as lying goes. For Hillary, it's a non-issue in my book.

    Ultimately, I believe Hillary is a strong, competent candidate with realistic goals to achieve progressive change and more qualifications to handle both domestic and international issues than anyone else. Being the first woman president is just icing on the cake.

    (Sidenote: I really don't hate Bernie. I think he's an awesome guy who did awesome things in Vermont. I just don't think his ideas are achievable or even wanted in this country as a whole. A Republican congress will block everything he tries to do, and even if something of his gets passed, it will likely cost taxpayers a fortune and not result in a proportionate level of success. America is simply not built on socialist principles, as great as they may be.)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    would like Carson to be elected, but I don't think he'll make it pass the primaries and he really doesn't have much experience as a politician. He seems like a good man, but at the same time I'm not sure how well he'll do as president. Don't know a lot about the other small time candidates. haven't had time to look into them. All the popular candidates suck. I feel like this election will be picking of "the lesser evils".

    Trump is a racist and awful person.
    Hilary is a liar who isn't qualified at all to run a country.
    Sanders has no idea how economics work.

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    If I were American, I would vote Sanders.
    Trump....*sigh*. Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said

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