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This is a discussion on INFJ Random Thoughts Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; This fucking show...(and books)...

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    This fucking show...(and books)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    I find out tomorrow if I need another heart surgery. I have to get up early.
    Oh, everything will be okay. Remember to tell us, we will be here!

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    (controversial post was supposed to go here but I censored myself until I sobered up)
    You make me sad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    My family thinks my grandfather went deaf a while ago but he's just too stubborn to admit it.
    Sounds like my mom. Last year, finally convinced my mom she couldn't hear and that she needed to have her hearing tested. Went in, confirmed everyone's beliefs (knowledge, lol) and got a hearing aid. That she never wears.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halcyon View Post
    I'm doing SAT math practice and listening to Pink Floyd. Only one of those things is good.
    I feel your pain. I hope you have survived this insanity?

    Quote Originally Posted by girlinthemoon View Post
    I'm watching The Fellowship of the Ring for the one hundred and eleventieth time.
    I rewatch the trilogy at least once a year. That and Band of Brothers... can't get enough of either.

    Quote Originally Posted by AtlasShrugging View Post
    Just sitting here watching the Denver/New England game. I really love to hate New England. Go Broncos.

    I also really hate watching Seattle win. I have a long memory and just can't get past the shitty call by the refs during the Seattle/Green Bay game last year and how annoying Tate is. Yeah. Random. Plus Colin Kaepernick is HOT. So go 49ers.

    That concludes my random post of the day. Carry on.
    I'm not a fan of the Patriots... so glad the Broncos won, even though I dislike the Broncos as well. (I do like Payton Manning, though.) Didn't really care about the other game. Though it's better that the 'Hawks won as now there's no threat to anybody joining the Steelers in 6 Super Bowl wins.

    Quote Originally Posted by renna View Post
    A body in motion stays in motion. Very clever arthritis commercial. Use science on me. I'm convinced!! <----- sarcastic tone
    lol... I'm guessing the vast majority of peeps viewing the ad have no idea there's a reference to Newtonian Principles being tossed in their face. I'm always slightly annoyed by the fact that Howlin' Wolf's Smokestack Lightening is used in an ad for boner pills. Disgraceful use of classic blues, man.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemxn View Post
    @warweasel Ouch. Get well, War!
    Double whammy... cuz that's how I roll...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ad Astra View Post
    Hi Derange At 170! *waves* O. Henry was a short story writer. He is nicknamed "The King of Irony" because all of his stories are ironic. "The Ransom of Red Chief" is a cute story of his if you're interested in reading his work.
    O. Henry is pretty awesome. Read a ton of his stuff as a kid. The Ransom of Red Chief was one of my favorites.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    Got my first hate mail from a troll on the PSN. I took his bait but responded as a fictional character. Trolling the troll. I'll post pictures if he keeps at me. Including my replies.
    Trolls are fun, aren't they? I used to love getting trolls on my blog back in the day. So much fun yanking their chains, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    I find out tomorrow if I need another heart surgery. I have to get up early.
    Oh... that doesn't sound good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    Thank you. It's only ever minor surgery. Nothing to worry about.
    But dude... it's surgery... on your heart... seems like something to be at least a little concerned about!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemxn View Post

    This fucking show...(and books)
    lol. Right? My coworker Rick had a huge fit when he read the Red Wedding bit, lol. (He's not seen the series.) Man was he pissed, lol. Said he was going to stop reading the books and that he wasn't going to start watching the series. Lies, of course, but... damn, he was upset.


    So. I'm back to... almost human status now. No fever. No... icky bodily function stuff. No cramps. (Good god almighty, the stomach cramps that came after the cessation of the icky bodily function stuff? That was horrid. I won't compare it to child birth, as I obviously have no idea, but... while I was double over and writhing in agony, that's immediately what came to mind.) No aches.

    Still restless and not sleeping well, coughing and/or sneezing and sniffling here and there. (Remember... head cold and stomach flu at the same time. Don't recommend, for the record.) Oh... and dehydrated. I can't seem to get in enough fluids and yes... I know there are products that will help with that, but they're nasty and I'm just getting over the stomach flu... don't want to put anything in that may make me feel all vomity or something. So... it's just water. Lots and lots of water.

    I took tonight off... figured one more night of recovery was warranted. No sense in rushing back to work... a place crawling with the sort of germs I'm just getting over... nope. Couldn't see that as being a very good idea. So... my three day weekend has turned into a five day weekend. Though not an entirely pleasant one.

    And I'm all discombobulated. I had no idea what today was, as far as day of the week... I'm sorted now, but this morning I was all out of sorts. Of course, I was tired and had a headache (on top of everything else)... so... yeah.

    I've done nothing today. I did make a pharmacy run. Twice during the day I ate a half a sandwich. As in a took a piece of bread and halved it... then put some shaved turkey and cheese on it. Had that with a wee glass of 7Up. I wasn't in the mood for eating, but I'd not eaten since about 3p Saturday and my stomach literally felt like it was folding in on itself. That and I was terribly weak...

    This evening I made the pizza that I was going to have on Saturday. Man, did that taste good, lol. Ate a piece and a half... and was so stuffed. I'm glad it didn't cause any problems... but I sure wish I could've eaten more of it. Of course... I'll have left overs for later.

    Mom also bought me pudding and Jello cups. I think those will be perfect size snacks to nibble through out the day and night... no too much to stress out my innards, as it were.

    Being sick sucks balls.

    Being sick x2, at the same time? That's just insult to injury right there. I mean... seriously? That's not even nice. Though I suppose if my immune system was busy fighting the cold, that may be how the other managed to sneak in... I dunno. I just know it sucked balls. A lot.

    Jake, my former supervisor, emailed me to let me know he's getting married in June. Again.

    Ok. Don't get me wrong. I wish him the best and all that good stuff and I'm glad that he's happy... I'm just... this is marriage number three, for starters. Divorce number two was just final a couple of months ago... I mean... seriously? Why the rush?

    As a person who couldn't imagine being married even one time, the thought of signing up for it three times? Is a bit baffling to me, honestly. I mean... at what point do you say enough's enough? And I'm not saying to give up on love or whatever... but seriously? I don't get it, lol. I just... don't. People will say that they love each other... I get that and I'm sure they do. And I'm sure he and his first wife loved each other and he and his second wife loved each other... and... blah, blah, blah...

    I don't know how his 1st marriage came apart. I know how the 2nd one came apart and how that played out. It was not good stuff. (I imagine most divorces aren't good stuff, though, eh?) In the vein of crazy not good stuff... and ten minutes after you jump off that merry go round of nonsense, you jump right onto another one?

    Yeah... that seems like a bad idea to me. I hope, for both their sake, that all goes well and they live happily ever after. (My god kids' mom had to get to marriage #3 to get the right dude, sooooooooo...)

    Watching Dr. Phil today whilst lying in bed and had one of those I know that person (figuratively speaking) moments. We can blind ourselves to a lot of things if we decide to, can't we? Silly human beans. That stuff they say about the leopard and it's spots is truth. Every spot I've turned a blind eye to, has come back in bit me right square in the ass. Beware the spots, people! They bite!

    I just got an email with this subject line...

    Special Online Bullriding Discount...

    This amuses me on multiple levels.
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    Guys...I need a gif intervention...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemxn View Post
    Oh, everything will be okay. Remember to tell us, we will be here!

    Will keep everyone posted.

    Quote Originally Posted by warweasel View Post
    But dude... it's surgery... on your heart... seems like something to be at least a little concerned about!
    Pfft. Flesh wound.
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    Why isn't this thread stickied?

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Had a dream that I bought a $500,000 house on the whim (as I normally do things) and Judge Judy was the one that handed me the title to the house over for some reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Alpha View Post
    Why isn't this thread stickied?
    I asked the same shit the other day. We don't know.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Update: No surgery needed at the moment. Back in six months for another check. Guess I can start jogging again!
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    When I hate the common media (TV, radio, advertisements), do I hate society as a consequence?
    When I hate society, how am I supposed to survive (in it)?


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