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This is a discussion on INFJ Random Thoughts Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Freeeeeeedom!!! Finally. Though the night wasn't bad. Just long. The last bit was long anyway. The rest of it wasn't ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists


    Finally. Though the night wasn't bad. Just long. The last bit was long anyway. The rest of it wasn't so bad at all.

    My nephew Snap Chatting me vids of himself drinking Bud Light and Jamesons was rather annoying, though. And me with naught but a bottle of water and a book. Little asshole.

    So, yeah. I read. And daydreamed. But mostly read. That was it.

    My pain levels are still beastly and it's still cold outside. I should be taking stuff for it but... I dunno. Maybe I'll get the script filled this morning. Or not. Depends upon how I feel about freezing my ass off in an hour & a half, I guess. The stairs are very difficult today... it's days like this that make me wish I did have a cane already... one would certainly be beneficial at the moment. But... I don't have one... and I don't really want one. It's bad enough that I know that's my future...

    Oh well. Such is life.

    I'm off to install a game. Old one I found lying about. Just wanna see if it'll run on this pc...
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    There was no shampoo so I had to use my brother's baby shampoo. My hair feels fucking glorious.

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    Oh, It's national dancers day in my country, so, happy day for me
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    Paid in Gross.

    Paid Net.

    The same thing?

    N O !!!

    That is all.

    Have a most joyous day PerC.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Saw a licence plate on the way to work last night that said TWU WUV... made me smile out loud.

    Ah, ya gotta love Peter Cook, rest his soul.

    I posted this in one of the groups I belong to and said that anybody who didn't get the reference made me sad. The first to respond is an ENTJ.

    ENTJ: Who would get that?!? People are so lame. Sappy people puke me out.
    Me: Dude. It's a movie reference.
    ENTJ: What movie?
    Me: The Princess Bride.
    ENTJ: That explains it. I would never watch a movie called Princess Bride!
    Me: Dude, just... never mind. You're making my brain hurt.
    ENTJ: Stupid sappy vomity love stories...
    Me: You're barkin' without knowing what you're even talking about and you're making an ass of yourself.
    Some people's kids, I swear.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Kung fu..best decision I ever made to pick this up.

    Played with my first bo staff yesterday. My arms are sorely out of shape, literally--so sore in one it hurts even to type. The lessons are 90 minutes each, so 90 minutes of swinging that thing around. And of course, my sifu is one of those kinds who tells you to hold it out at arms length for 6 minutes straight as he (with great humor) paces sloooooooooowly around the class giving corrections. It's a lot of fun, though--it takes a LOT out of you, but everyone is so enthusiastic about it and supportive to each other that it's a good kind of ouch.

    The greatest benefit is the clearing of the mind, though. A good workout makes me too tired to think. It turns off that ever constant angry critic. Makes room for other thoughts and judgements from the quieter parts of my brain. Or absolutely nothing, which is nice, too.

    Here's to next Tuesday!

    Quote Originally Posted by warweasel View Post
    It was quite simple with me. It just took a few words and *poof* there it was. I was holding myself back the entire time. But, I suppose that's why they call it "self" confidence, eh? Once someone said the magic words, I stopped getting in my own way...

    It can be anybody. Mine came from that shrink that I refused to talk to, believe it or not. (Again, a long story for another day...) Him and the results of testing (from a variety of things, including MBTI & MMPI)... essentially, the magic words were "You're not stupid and there's nothing wrong with you"... and telling my parents to lay off, lol.

    That's what's so silly to me, looking back. Nothing really changed. All I did was choose to believe him and what he said over what other people had been telling me for years. The only thing that changed was whom I choosed to believe. And looking back on that from this point in time... I feel quite silly for having lacked confidence in myself. It was me getting in the way of myself that was the problem. It had nothing to do with anyone else.

    Which is why I don't give two shits about what people say or think now. Fuck 'em. They're not gonna take my shine, yo.
    I kinda want to frame this and stick it on my wall. This is what it was like for me, too, the shrink and everything. Well, not quite everything. There were some jackasses in my life that didn't help matters. But you can't go through life blaming other people for a lack of confidence. Eventually you just have to say...fuck 'em, I'm paving my own road. I know what's best for me and I'm gonna do it!

    Work in progress, however.
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    How much can one heart/emotions endure?

    Seems I'm amid testing this right now.

    Sons. Man in life.

    My mother telling me to "just be honest with everybody."
    First, I have no obligation to explain ANYTHING TO ANYONE.
    Second, she has been so deceitful and manipulative her entire life she has no idea that her last betrayal (point blank in your face I might add) was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Not only did that straw break the camel's back, but the poor thing had to be put down too. Let us not dig up a dead camel!

    I'm exhausted, weary and not sure how much more I can take. All this with the fact that I'm standing up for myself and have been for the last several years. I can't even fathom where I would be had I not begun that around the ripe young age of 40. WAIT, I'm only 27! I forgot! hahahahahaha

    Yay, at least I amused myself.

    Now that I think of it this should be put on the "Vent Thread". OOPS. Sue me.

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    You wanna hear about my new obsession?
    I'm riding high upon a deep depression
    I'm only happy when it rains
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    Quote Originally Posted by IdealisticAnimal View Post
    You wanna hear about my new obsession?
    I'm riding high upon a deep depression
    I'm only happy when it rains
    I've been listening to Garbage lately. Stupid Girl is probably my favorite. Reminds me of the 90s. Such better music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FearAndTrembling View Post
    I've been listening to Garbage lately. Stupid Girl is probably my favorite. Reminds me of the 90s. Such better music.
    Yeah, Garbage is decent. Every decade has probably had its highs and lows when it comes to music. ;)


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