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This is a discussion on INFJ Random Thoughts Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by warweasel Alrighty, minions. Don't wander too far from home. (I am paying attention, you know...) If you ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by warweasel View Post

    Alrighty, minions. Don't wander too far from home. (I am paying attention, you know...) If you see anything shiny in those other places, snag it and bring it home, eh?
    Jeb and I are bringing Unicorns very soon. We heard they are very delicious
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I think I give off the air that I need to be handled with kid gloves haha. I will admit I can be sensitive...but I'm finding that there is some truth to it sometimes. I'm also finding that the sensitivity stems from past injury.

    Some offenses are just mere differences. People are so much more beautiful to me when I learn to hold them with loose hands.

    I'm so thankful for the goodness my mother possessed. The more "real" life gets for me, the more I realize how good and golden my mother was. Life's not about all you can get while you're alive. It's about the change you made through what you gave before you die.

    I've been humbled in a lot of ways and I began to see in hindsight when people gave me grace. I give myself more space and time to process my feelings in true honesty with myself. We all have flaws...

    ...I think that's why just plain ole wicked ass people piss me off so...not bitter people, not jaded people, not angry people--- Wicked ass people...light killers...joy takers....The types that plan ill things with sole intentions of harm. 'Cause now I gotta clench my fists again and get ready hahah...It's like that sometimes....wickedness fkn up my flow...so now I gotta flex.

    Fa realz tho....

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    My toe is getting better, I can just about walk normally again. :)
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    So right before my history class I was tired (class is at 5pm, my first class for the day starts at 8 am) and I decided to close my eyes for a bit. Then an image of an eye popped up and the next thing I knew I was focusing on meditating rather than resting my eyes. The following thoughts came to mind while I was meditating:

    "The places we seek are within ourselves. What we are not told, though, is that they are sealed, and we are the keys.

    It takes discipline to stay awake during this 100,000 year darkness, for the light withdrew when we as beings separated from it. We pushed and pushed for change then, but we never stopped. Even to this day we push for ourselves. We take. Now the existing forces that be are pushing back without our knowing, for over so long we have ravaged them and ourselves. Instead, we should push what we were away and pull in what we could be, embracing all that is. We are far from divine. We are far from being stewards of anything, for to embrace and take care of what surrounds us we must first learn to embrace ourselves and one another.

    We are far more than we give ourselves credit for. Unlike the others out there we are what limits us. Not resources. Not our minds. Not our bodies. Not our cultures, for even they have shown signs of adapting. And certainly not this planet. No, it is our essence. It is something most still have yet to recognize and that those who have believe is based around a pre-determined destiny. What few have seen and understand is the limitless, encompassing the new and old, past and future, existing and the yet to exist.

    Filter out the noise and you will hear the faint whispers. Close your eyes and another will open. Climb the golden rope before you with your heart open."
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelle View Post
    Eh, I don't know if Vodka is going to help this. I just found out the coworker that got me sick is in the hospital with pneumonia. I'm supposed to go on my first vacation in ten years, first one with my husband who I've been with for 7 years (we didn't do a honey moon), in two days. There was a $700 non refundable deposit put down on this vacation.

    Guess im off too urgent care to beg them for a miracle cure that will make me better in two days and keep husband well. When I got a tiny fever on friday I was really hoping it was a cold that was going to go away in a couple days.

    This was the part time coworker that decided to come in sick because they already had two days to make up because they decided to take extra vacation days off (that they don't have because they're part time yet people still let them have it) and didn't want to have to work any more 4 day weeks than they already had to.

    I am overflowing with unholy and very unINFJlike anger. And mucus.
    Hmmmmm... that does sound a little much for vodka. Hope you feel better, cuz that's a seriously suck position to be in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deejaz View Post
    @warweasel a differing response, (ofcourse, an INTJ :D) but just as true. What am I doing? I am on the verge of going into one, like we've been 'together' for awhile.. it's complicated.. but I'm just not sure if I should pull through or save the heartache. But I think I have a pretty good idea now. "but you should also know when you've hit the wall.." I'll keep that in mind. Yes the part about love does not conquer all is true in a way, but I'd like to believe it does (just a bit?). Is there anything stronger than love? I can't think of any.. yet.. but like you said and which I agree on is that it can't be forced upon.
    Wishful (or perhaps wistful?) thinking, I'm afraid. That being said, love certainly doesn't hurt, which should be quite obvious. It doesn't make the world go 'round as some would have you believe (that's money), but... it's certainly not a bad thing and it is something we should strive for, especially within the confines of a relationship... if not, what's the point, really?

    Is there anything stronger than love? Oh, yes. Lots of things. Greed and jealousy, just to name two. Gorilla Glue...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    You know, if I had no memory of my walk home on Friday night/Saturday morning I'd be genuinely convinced I got hit by a car. My whole upper body is in pieces. Thankfully I know what happened. I was trying to take my usual shortcut by jumping over a wall that cuts 20 minutes off my walk. Unfortunately I was hammered drunk and my muscles weren't working so I spent thirty minutes trying various different wall mounting techniques and none of them worked. In the process, I destroyed every muscle down as far as my abs. Even the simple act of turning over in bed has me wincing in pain. Moral of the story: Take the long way home after drinkies.
    I've just imagined all this in my head... something Shaun of the Deadish, really. Please tell me you had a line of mates hanging about whilst this was going on?

    Quote Originally Posted by INFJRoanna View Post
    @warweasel Those are all good points.

    I suppose that's the difference between thinkers and feelers - I always got picked on when I was younger and it did bother me. I did blame myself until much later when I began to learn to strengthen in the face of adversity, instead of wilt.

    To me the two types do seem very similar. Recently I have been trying to determine whether my dad is an ISTJ or INTJ and i'm a bit lost for now. He seems to have a mix of qualities from both types - i am going to have to look further into it. That must be why i've always gotten on pretty well with other introverts, everyone in my family except my oldest sister are introverts.

    I guess you would have to be right about the tattoos. After all, Philip has had my name on his arm for months and we definitely haven't broken up. Weirdly that only just occurred to me.

    That's cool. What tattoos are you getting next?
    You're in a family of introverts and I'm in a family of extraverts. Extraverted feelers, yet. The lot of them. (One would think I'd be better at dealing with the feelers since I grew up surrounded by them, but... nope, lol. Still very strange beings, I"m afraid.)

    Of course I'm right about the tattoos!

    As for what I'm getting next, tat wise? I'm not 100% certain just yet. I have two ideas, really, it's just a matter of what I want to do first. I think I'm going to do a Celtic harp... out of the harp will come musical notes, as the musical notes waft upwards, they will slowly turn into shamrocks, before falling to the ground... leaving the harp in the midst of little shamrocks all about.

    That's what I'm thinking at the moment, at least. *shrugs* I'll have to talk to my tat guy and see what he thinks.

    Quote Originally Posted by FePa View Post
    Come and play with us, in our thread of questions about anything
    We love INxJs there
    Quote Originally Posted by FePa View Post
    My invitation is open for you too
    Don't use your tricksy come hither tone on my minions...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    Let's stick with the NFs so we can... FEEL them out.
    Out or up, Jebby!?

    Quote Originally Posted by FePa View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    Fe Fi Fo Fum.
    Have you minions been in my secret stash???

    Quote Originally Posted by bbh5193 View Post
    Anyone else have extensive but nonsensical conversations with their pets when they're alone?
    Occasionally... far more often than I should probably admit to, actually.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mschievious View Post

    Love conquering all....

    I wish, I truly wish.

    However, reality is not so Utopian.

    But I so wish it were.
    Who doesn't? But wishing the world was rose colored won't make it so, sadly.

    Or, as my daddy used to say Wish in one hand, shit in the other... see which fills up first!

    And CO is BEAUTIFUL as usual - gotta go play

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemxn View Post
    Today a dog followed me all my way back from home, it was almost ten blocks from work. I lost him in a moment and almost tear apart. I wish I had a place to take all the dogs from the streets and give them food and love.
    Me, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by 11thNight View Post
    Am I the only one who has a problem with mbti character charts? Trying to fit the characters from a book, movie, show, etc into all the mbti types usually just doesn't work. One, not all the types may be represented in that work; and two, some of the characters (even the main ones) may have the same type.
    Typing fictional characters... good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemxn View Post
    Jeb and I are bringing Unicorns very soon. We heard they are very delicious
    Mmmmmmmmmmm... unicorns.
    @Jebediah said he didn't know nothing of unicorns. I think he's participating in a willful campaign of misinformation...


    Work good. Especially now that it's over. I read my book. Or read through it. I need to go back and work on getting some stuff good and locked up in my head. But... it got a thorough once over at least.

    IHOP with the boy this morning even though he'd told me no IHOP last night. Glad he changed his mind, as I was starving.

    PT tomorrow... and then it'll almost be the weekend again.

    Interested to see how shift bid plays out, now that we're to the 2nd tier workers. (2nd tier in seniority, I mean.) Only myself, Malachi, Todd & Rita have signed on for 3rd shift... people who normally don't work 3rd are talking about coming to 3rd and if that happens, there'll be a serious domino effect for people getting displaced. It may be a very unhappy thing, come tomorrow.

    At least I kept my days off. Yeah... I lost my hours and I hate the hours I got stuck with, against my will... but I'll survived. I won't like it very much, but I'll survive.

    Filled out leave requests for Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYs... figured I could spare a few days of vacation. I'm not going to Ireland/Scotland until May... so plenty of time to bank hours on that backside of things. Not to mention, just getting from here to the end of December is going to bring in a several hours as well.

    Well... I'm running outta time before my self imposed bed time. I didn't sleep well or much yesterday, I need to catch up today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by warweasel View Post
    Mmmmmmmmmmm... unicorns.
    @Jebediah said he didn't know nothing of unicorns. I think he's participating in a willful campaign of misinformation...
    Well, we are starting to creep the ENFPs, you know...ENFPs and unicorns


    I started my training routine today. I walked 8 kms around the park (almost like 80 blocks) and then I did some exercises and I am fucking tired but happy. It's very relaxing training outside with fresh air. I don't know If I am going to be able to walk to work now. I am going to sleep like a puppy tonight.
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    Can. Not. Resist. The. Shiny.

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    Sometimes I think, "If I could drive as fast as possible to work, how long would I take to get there?"
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    I'm enfp and i dont like unicorns!! I think they are lame. And shiny too

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool View Post
    I'm enfp and i dont like unicorns!! I think they are lame. And shiny too

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Cleaning up Rainbow poo isn't as exciting as you'd think either.
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