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    Some people suck at the art of "bluffing" they think they´re cool "" and they´re just pathetic "". Just saying. *goes back to polishing nails*

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Convo with Marisella last night. (She was in a good mood! That's not common these days. And I was in central control. Bored.)

    Marisella is in the max security vestibule, looking in the cabinets. Pen & paper in hand... she looks, then she writes.

    Me: What're you looking for?
    She: Nothing.
    Me: Have you found any nothing?
    She: Yes.
    Me: Are you counting up all the nothing in the facility?
    She: Yes.
    Me: May I inquire as to how much nothing is currently in the facility?
    She: No.
    Me: You can't tell me or you won't tell me?
    She: I'm ignoring you.
    Me: I think you have actually found something, not nothing.
    She: I'm not listening to you.
    Me: The fact that you're saying you're not listening to me implies exactly the opposite of what you intend it to, for the record.
    She: Lalalalalalalalalalalala...
    Me: It's a conspiracy isn't it?
    She: What?!
    Me: Knew you were listening!
    She: Shut up!
    Me: Do you think I will horde nothing if you tell me how much nothing there is?
    She: Don't you have anything else to do?
    Me: Nooooooo. You're afraid I'll ransack the building for nothing and take it all home with me. Maybe sell nothing on Ebay or the nothing black market. That's it, right? You don't want me to profit from nothing!
    She: You are being ridiculous.
    Me: I'm in a ridiculous place, what do you expect?
    She: You're in control.
    Me: Of course I am. Always.
    She: That's not what I meant, jackass.
    Me: I know. But it's true nonetheless.
    She: Whatever.
    Me: I'm in control in a ridiculous place.
    She: I guess.
    Me: Makes me King!
    She: NOT!
    Me: Say who?
    She: Me.
    Me: You've no authority here!
    She: I'm a supervisor!
    Me: You're a temporarily elevated peon...
    She: Stop calling me that!!!
    Me: No. It's true.
    She: I have power. You have none!
    Me: You really wanna test that theory whilst I'm in control?
    She: Was that a threat?
    Me: Nope. Question.
    She: Yeah, right.
    Me: Just remember, I control your ability to egress. I can leave you locked in a vestibule all night long.
    She: You wouldn't dare!
    Me: You sure about that?
    She: YES!
    Me: Ok. I wouldn't. But I can slow your progress to a snail's pace. Which might be bad for a pregnant woman who needs to pee frequently.
    She: That would be mean!
    Me: Yes. As King it's my right to be mean to those who don't acknowledge me or pay proper respect... Peasant!
    She: I am not a peasant!
    Me: You're not a supervisor, either.
    She: I'm done talking to you.
    Me: You're just a sore loser.
    She: I'll be in the supply room. Call me on the radio at 0100.
    Me: 'K. Till then... peace out, peasant!
    She: Shut up, dork king.

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    I'm thinking... shells & cheese for dinner instead of the usual fish and veggies.
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    no husband tonight... <sigh>... what to do... what to do.

    I need a new movie collection now that winter is beginning in Wyoming. Hubby will be gone a lot tending to the roads to make them safe for travel and I'll need "get out of my head time."

    Gosh, why does all the sherbet have to be gone? Sure wish I could teleport to town to get a movie and a treat. It's going to be a longggg night.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Up waaaaay too early, but accomplished a few things, so I guess that's good. Going back to bed for a bit, though.

    It's really nice outside. Crazy weather.

    Text messages from K & RN this morning. Have to confirm possible plans with K later... and RN for Sunday. Oy.

    Maybe a photo shoot next weekend. (Apparently the dress has arrived, but the wig has not? Since it's a bald female cancer patient, the wig is pretty important...) We'll see how that goes, I guess.

    I'm almost hoping all the possible plans fall through... so I can just chill all weekend.

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    You are such an arrogant ass. I don't know why I ever cared. I don't know why I ever thought you were worth it. I'll think twice before not trusting my instincts again.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Difficult day yesterday. Still trying to get myself back into a better headspace after the experience.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Today was a good day. I delevered two projects and went to the gym by motorcycle. Go me!

    Now I'm so tired I could sleep for a week :-p
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    Is there really any point in sending Christmas cards when you have a Facebook or email account? Wouldn't it be less wasteful and more efficient to post/send a Christmas picture and greeting on your FB account for all your friends to see? Then you can send a physical one to everyone who does not have a Facebook account or an email address.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I'm pretty sure creating multiple accounts here is against forum rules...


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