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This is a discussion on INFJ Random Thoughts Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Watchin this ESFP react to thad Drake video is hilarious....

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Watchin this ESFP react to thad Drake video is hilarious.

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    Observing. I just love observing.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Hey. I won't break.

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    Impulsively spending money I don't have on books again.

    Also, stahp.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Can I be a Fe dominate ISFP?

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    This is not contact

    but I could have leapt
    out of my chest
    just to reach you

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Ah, weekend. Lovely, glorious weekend. How I love thee.

    I got a good bit of gaming in this morning. Stayed up way later than I had planned. Had a lovely city going in Skylines... though it was kinda turning to shit there at the end (water issues) and then... it crashed and it all went bye-bye anyway. I should've been sad, but since the city was turning to shit because of that water thing... I didn't have good water, all polluted, people getting sick, blah, blah, blah... I didn't care so much. Even though I had an entire tile filled up and had a good sized city working reasonably well... minus the water issue.

    Never got around to playing Civ5 cuz of that. I mean... when it crashed, it was almost noon already. Sorta lost track of time there and well, it was afternoon and then I decided I should probably go to bed if I wanted to be even somewhat functional at any other point in this day.

    Went to chow at the pub. Guinness, wings, fries. Quite delish. After, ended up at another table talking to our neighbors/friends. They're more friends of my parents, though they're (well, the wife is) closer to my age. It's an odd thing, really. The wife is only 5 yrs older than I am (the husband 10 yrs), but I've always seen them as my parents age... even though they're nowhere close. Mostly I guess that's because when they moved to our town, they were already married and had two kids. I was... 16, I think... so the wife was 21, hubby 26... it's not that big of a difference now but at the time it was a huge difference. Cuz they were adulting, you know? Kids, jobs, house, etc. I was still trying to get outta high school.

    So even know they seem so much older than me, when they're really not. Weird how that works, innit?

    Anyway, we live about a block away, but we don't really get much chance to chat or anything, so we sat at their table for a while and had a chat with them whilst they ate. (We'd already finished)

    And then home and here I be. Well... I've been here (not here here, though) for quite a while already. Been bouncing around the interwebs looking at videos and stuff.

    And reading commentary. Boxing stuff. Back in... 1970, I think it was, they did a computerized boxing match which was made into a movie, between Muhammed Ali and Rocky Marciano. This was done because of the endless debate of which of the two undefeated champions was the best. The computer/movie had Marciano knocking out Ali. (I really doubt it, but whatever...)

    I watched the "movie" (the boxers had sparred against each other, it was taped, cut and replayed as the fight) cuz I hadn't even know it existed until tonight (I was 6 in 1970, eh?) and it was... weird, honestly. (I think we could do a much better job virtually these days, not that anybody has)

    Anyway... more interesting than the "movie" fight between Ali & Marciano were the comments. Especially the debate between who would win in a match up of Ali vs. Mike Tyson, when both fighters were in their prime. The vast majority agree with me and my point of view: Ali would win... and most likely do so handily.

    It have been an interesting fight to watch, though, that's for certain. No matter who won.

    Tonight's agenda for me? 99% certain I will be sleeping through some tv program. I only slept for... 4 hrs? Something like that. The moment I lie down and start to relax, I'm going to be unconscious... which is ok. Fuck it, it's Friday... I can sleep all I want!

    Here's some old school bad asses for ya...

    Though I'd much prefer Van Morrison shut the fuck up and let Etta belt that shit out.

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    I was incorrect about the playoff game day and time, it was tonight and with it this close to audit prep... let's say no way! My youngest went with their dad to watch the game. In the 3rd it was 40 something them, 0 us. Looks like the season may end tonight. But in HS football, one never knows til the 4th quarter ends...I've seen some crazy stuff.


    In other news, I was pondering over life today, primarily mine, and decided I've spent the majority of it working to ensure everyone else is happy. I also realized that no one is especially going out of their way to ensure I am happy. So I'm thinking if happiness is up to the individual, I'm going to make a few people upset when they find out "she's not doing that anymore".

    Ahh, they'll be ok and so will I. But it may be a bit bumpy and why oh why did I have to figure this out now? Because I got "pushed" to the last limit. I suppose if doing all I do is the why to relationships, then maybe they're not worth it until some time passes and they grow up a bit. I love em with all I have, but I'm done. It takes a lllooonnnggg time for me to get done, but when it happens that's it.

    Oh so glad to be leaving town for next week, I'm excited to get on that plane.


    I read something and once again will attempt to share in something more than minuscule size, but well you know. It stopped me completely for a moment....almost as if someone actually truly knew me. Know what I mean?

    Me, exactly me.jpg
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    Wow... I just posted something, re-read it (of course!) and did not edit....

    What is going on??
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I lost my cellphone two days ago. I was so worried and sad. Yesterday, a stranger found it. He called the last person I had texted (he used another phone), who then emailed me and told me someone found my phone and wanted to reach me to give it to me. I hadn't even told her I lost my phone and I haven't seen her in months but we communicate via texts once in a while. There's no way she would've known unless someone did find the phone. I also felt that whoever found it wouldn't have contacted her if they didn't want to give the phone back to the owner (me), so I started feeling hopeful. Long story short, this stranger drove from his location just to meet me and give me the lost phone. My headphones were wrapped around my phone when I lost it, and not only did this man give me my phone, he also handed me a new pair of headphones. He said my headphones were broken when he found it. He described where he found it and I had been in the area that day. I was and still am so moved. It warms my heart that there are still kindhearted people out there. I didn't expect to see my phone again. Not everyone will return lost phones or go out of their way to do so. I didn't even expect him to come to me, I was ready to go anywhere in the city just to get my phone back, but he said he would come meet me. I took out 20 bucks to give him, just to show my appreciation; I didn't want him to go without me giving him anything. But he didn't want it. I thanked him and told him his kindness will always be appreciated. Hurray for kind people. Kindness is the #1 quality I look for in people. I am so glad I got to meet one person who embodies it.
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