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    Japanese is easier and more caveman language than I thought. For example, if you want to say "After I eat I'll go" in Japanese, just say "たべてからいく".

    たべて = eat

    から = after

    い く = go

    Voilą. That's all folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnneM View Post
    Went to Mass today. Afterward, lit 5 candles, one each for @StinkyBambi @Sei35 @yippy nr 2 @Eroticarmin and of course @WritingLove . So, y'all have a candle burning for you in a little church in a tiny town in Texas; you've got THAT going for you!


    You're the five at the front.
    Heh reminds me of my first book... cool!

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    So. The hearing is tomorrow and I just realized I don't know where it is. That's awesome.

    I sent the attorney an email asking where it is but as of yet have had no reply. I'm not planning on coming home after work/before the hearing because it seems wasteful... I'd just have to turn around and drive all the way back into the city not long after I got home, so why?

    However... if he doesn't email me back by the time I leave for work? I might have to come home and read my email in the morning. My email isn't forwarded to my phone and I don't want it to be... that doesn't work for me, so... this could get interesting. I'm going to put his phone number in my phone, though, and maybe try to call the office before the hearing.

    It's quite amazing that nobody bothered to tell me where the hearing would be. I'm amused by this, honestly. Except for the fact that not knowing could be a huge pain in my ass. I'm just hoping he emails me back. Surely an attorney has his work email forwarded to his personal phone, eh? I mean... I would iffin I were an attorney. We'll see I guess. So far, no reply.

    I'll probably just call the office in the morning and not go home. Such a waste of gas. I'll go grab some breakfast somewhere, then go camp out in the parking lot of the government entity's building. I'm 100% that hearing is in that building somewhere... as that building houses all the city's business and also all the business of the branch of gubberment I work for... it's actually two buildings, but they're connected and I know it'll be in there somewhere... but where is what I don't know.

    Oh well. I suppose it will get sorted in the morning.

    Last night was more boring that it should've been since we had to deal with Brett as a supervisor for the 1st half of the shift and AC for the last half. Brett's basically a nazi... in the way he acts (and he's also a biggot)... he's not the most nazi-esque person I've ever worked around, but... he ranks right up there. We all had to do things differently whilst he was there... to keep him from being a dickhead to everyone... and then when he left, we went back to doing things the way 3rd shift does them.

    Sometimes it's just easier to acquiesce.

    Fortunately, for the most part he stayed in his office. Which was good. But he was there. Which is bad. And then he left and there was AC. The only thing better about AC is she is stupid. So... far less of a threat than Brett. She barely left admin, where her office is, so... she wasn't too much of an issue. Other than wanting to talk to me and what not. As short and direct with her as I am on a consistent basis, you'd think she'd figure out that I don't want to chit chat with her... ever. About anything. But... she doesn't get it. Or maybe she does and just does it to try to irritate me. It's hard to say with these people.

    Tonight, Kelly should be there... so... it should be ok. And then I don't work tomorrow night. Which is excellent. Cuz... then I have only Tue/Wed left before the days off roll around again. That's cool.

    Speaking of nazis...

    I used to work security at an international pharmaceuticals company. It was a company based out of Switzerland and thus had some international folks working there at the local place. One of them was an Austrian named Witold. (First name, I'll leave the last name out...) Wit, (Pronounced Vit) was a scientist. And while I doubt he was an actual nazi... he looked the (stereotypical) role and acted it as well.

    He was blonde tall, thin, angular. Had a goatee, round spectacles and, of course, spoke with a very German accent. If you drew a comic book nazi... it would look like Wit... just instead of a lab coat coat, he'd be in an SS uniform.

    And he was a fucking douche bag. Very arrogant and demeaning... just... a nasty dude. I remember him marching into our desk area (security had it's own spot), walking over to our short filing cabinet, which had papers and forms and what not stacked on it waiting to be filed and/or set up for the next shift and he just... walked up to it, looked at me, took his arm and swept all of the papers off the filing cabinet... the looked at me again, spun on a heel and walked away.

    I was so fucking shocked that he did that, I didn't even react to it. He never said a word... just walked in and shoved everything on the floor and left. The fucking dickhead.

    And all I could do was sit in my chair with a blank look on my face and think What. The. Fuck.

    In retaliation, later on... I used my old The Losers comic books https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Losers_(comics) and some translation help from my friend Martin in Germany, to write... interesting... things on Wit's white board in his lab. In German. Which I'm sure really, really, really pissed him off. But... whatever.

    Don't be an asshole Adolph, and people won't be assholes back. Duh.

    I had a good sleep today. I was tired as hell when I came home, probably cuz I got up too early yesterday. I stayed out on the couch for a few hours and slept through something on tv... mostly cuz I didn't want to take the pups out of their crates in my mom's room and then put them almost immediately back into crates in my bedroom. Poor guys. So they played, I slept on the couch.

    I had been planning on playing with them outside... it was nice this morning, a cold front came through yesterday and cooled us off from all that ridiculously hot weather... and... then it rained. A lot. Thunderstorms, rain... all that good shit. So no play time this morning or tonight, I'm afraid.

    Hopefully, tomorrow after the hearing will be better and we can play then.

    When I finally went to bed for realz, it was like... 1030a... and stormed and banged all day, but I didn't hear a fucking thing. As I said, I was tired... slept through the whole thing, didn't even take a sleeping pill. What?! Yeah. Crazy.

    Excellent... just got an email from the attorney in reply. So I now know where I'm going. That's awesome... one thing off my checklist for the night. Huzzah!

    I've been messing around with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands... I'm not very good at this game. Which is why I'm just messing about with it and not really playing genuinely. I knew how to fly the drone, but now I've forgotten how to call it up... I did it once by accident, but at a helpful time, so that was good. I like the shooting mechanics... they're quite nice, but there is still stuff I'm getting used to. I did find out I can fly the helo quite well. Since I normally suck at flying shit, that was good to know... and I've had fun just blasting the shit outta bad guys with the helo guns. That amused me greatly.

    I would probably do better with the game on the PS4 with a controller... I don't usually play these types of games on pc... and it shows. But I'll get used to it eventually. I'm playing through the campaign... not particularly well, really, but... oh well. When I get a good feel for the game, I'll start over and play for real. Right now I'm just... bouncing around learning how shit works.

    Anyway... think I'm going to go mess with that game for a while before work. I'll leave you with this...

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    For those who are interested in exotic fruits.

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    I always think that if I think about a problem I will be able to solve it. I have no problems thinking, so if thinking were enough to make changes, I wouldn't have any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yippy nr 2 View Post
    @Sei35 Why are you wondering that if I may ask?
    Wondering what??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sei35 View Post
    Wondering what??
    I think it was something you said about your family? Not caring about you or something? Days ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sei35 View Post
    Wondering what??
    I believe you were wondering if you had any value too your family.

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    Wondering if everyone but introverted intuitives should trust their intuition. A fish can drown in water that is not oxygenated enough.

    Here we go, babies:

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnneM View Post
    Wondering if everyone but introverted intuitives should trust their intuition. A fish can drown in water that is not oxygenated enough.

    Here we go, babies:

    Tell sensors they shouldn't be so shallow and trust what they see then


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