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This is a discussion on INFJ Random Thoughts Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I have a four day weekend. I'm glad for it. Seriously, though. Not just for the normal reasons, but also ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I have a four day weekend. I'm glad for it.

    Seriously, though. Not just for the normal reasons, but also for the recovery from the influenza nonsense. Mostly that, really. I need sleep. I need a lot of sleep. And I have the opportunity to get it. Which is happiness.

    Yesterday, I stayed up after work until the afternoon. Then I snoozed on the couch until chow. Then I snoozed on the couch until 1030p... then to bed with us. I woke at 0800. Had some breakfast and then snoozed on the couch till about 1130a. I needed all that sleep. I could use some more. I'm going to go have some couch time here in a bit.

    The result of all that sleeping is that the normal days off went by lickety split. I mean... I'd be back to work tomorrow under normal circumstances and it doesn't even feel like I've had any days off at all. Cuz that's the problem with sleeping all afternoon, night and morning, yeah? The day is all gone and you don't see much of it.

    But. I need the sleep. Obviously.

    I didn't really do anything today. I've spent most of the day playing Tropico 6 and trying to figure out what the fuck I'm doing. I've got the money making business figured out now. Which is awesome, cuz I sucked at that before. Now it's the staying in power bit. I'm apparently doing something wrong as people end up not liking me and voting me out. I'm not sure how I'm doing so poorly in that regard. I try to keep everyone as happy as I can. Perhaps that's the problem? Could well be, I suppose.

    Went to the bar for chow. Which means I showered and got dressed and everything. Yay me. It's cold and snowy outside so I'm disinclined to go anywhere or do anything. Though I'm considering going to the movies. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday. We'll see. I would like to see 1917 and I think my mom would enjoy Dr. Doolittle. So... I dunno. I'm not sure if my mom would really enjoy the former... and the latter wasn't playing locally yet. We'll see what tomorrow brings, I guess.

    I may decide it's nice to just stay inside and not be in the weather. Cuz the weather sucks ass.


    And it's the next day cuz... I apparently got tired and stopped writing. Or something. I dunno. Probably distracted by something. Then decided I was tired and then went off to lie on the couch. I know I ended up on the couch, so... I'm guessing that's it. I really don't know though. I don't remember.

    Oh well.

    I might go to a movie tomorrow. I'm debating. The only movie I want to see that's out right now is 1917, which I don't think mom would appreciate much... but she'll still go, cuz it's the movies, yeah? And then do I go to the earliest movie... to avoid crowds and pay less or do I go to the next one after... then go out for chow after? Cuz I have a gift card for some food... so that would be a good thing. But then there's the whole wondering if I'll feel up to all that... cuz I'm not sure I'd feel up to all that today.


    Well. Whatever. Maybe I'll just stay home and game. It's cold outside. And snowy. Stupid weather.

    It's like that ^^^^ outside. So... yeah. I don't live there, but yeah... it's like that. And probably worse today than yesterday as it was doing the freezing rain/sleet thing when we came home from the bar last night and then you know, it got colder overnight. So... yeah. Not really enthused about being out and about so much. Not that I fear my driving, but... idiots like this, on the other hand, I drive with them all the time. Some people think they can drive as they like, regardless of the weather... particularly on the interstate. Ice and eighty miles an hour, goddamn it! Yee haw! Dumbasses.

    I still need to figure out my controls again on Red Dead 2. It frustrates me cuz I can't get past this stupid mission I'm on... because I've become unfamiliar with the controls. Argh. Annoying as hell. I'll get it done, eventually, though. Probably start today.

    I'm tempted to keep playing Tropico 6 though, too... because I'm right there as far as figuring out how to do the game well. Not quite there, but almost. And that makes me want to put time in. But... I really do need to work on RDR2. Tropico is a summer game... it's on the pc... it's not summer. It's PS4 time. Must work on that...

    And it's easy once I get started. It's just so much easier to plop down here at the pc and start playing. I have to put in a little more work to get going on the PS4... nothing startling... just furniture rearranging and all that fun stuff. When I don't feel well already, just a wee little bit of resistance, as it were, can throw everything off.

    I think I might lie about for a while this morning and watch some Gaelic football. Looks interesting. I found an old game from 2017, so I think I might give that a watch for a while. Probably end up sleeping through it after a bit, but I feel the need for a nap already and I've only been awake a couple hours. Doh! Fucking flu.

    There's some curling on the same YouTube page as well. I don't think I've ever watched curling. I might give that a whirl at some point, too. Football here is about done... and then there is no sport worth bothering with until next fall again, sooooooooo...

    At any rate... I'm off to do something or other. Cheers.
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    And so we reach Sunday again. I have spent most of my day in bed watching you season 2 (so damn creepy but some how i can't stop watching). I haven't even gotten dressed today, my daughter is due home from her dads soon and I know him and his wife will be giving me weird looks on my own front doorstep...I don't give a f... :D

    I seriously work like a machine all week, there is not one minute of my day unaccounted for from Monday morning all the way to Friday evening, I deserve a lazy day here and there.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Mercy. Woke with a damn headache. Grrrrrrrr.

    It's not a bad one, just annoying as all hell. I expect we're maybe going to get weather again? I have no idea, honestly, it just feels like that. When we did get weather the past couple of days, I could feel the pressure sitting in my head. Fucking annoying to be so sensitive to such weather related nonsense. I guess I should be happy that I don't have a migraine, eh? Especially on a Sunday since I've no meds on board. Something I was thinking about rectifying earlier in the week and then forgot about...

    I watched most of the all Ireland football game that I found. I can't remember if I fell asleep through any of it. I don't think so and if I did, it was brief. Fast paced game and I actually started getting hyped up. It was Dublin vs. Mayo... I went for Dublin only cuz their unis were blue and the Mayo unis were god awfully colored. Red and green? I forget... something ugly like that. It came down to the wire as well... with Dublin winning at the last bit.

    The game makes sense, so it's something I can follow. I'm not sure of the penalties, really, some are obvious... others, I'm not so sure. And injury time added, no idea what that's about, but whatever... I've got the rest figured out and it's not like I'm going to be watching a lot of games. Just a game now and then, probably a year or two old (or older, who knows) that can I find on the YouTube... some sport to watch that doesn't suck like basketball and baseball, eh?

    I spent last night watching/sleeping through some Tropico 6 videos... trying to figure things out. I was watching a guy play who thought he had a lot of money when he was up to $80,000+, which I thought was funny. I had over a million dollars sitting in my coffers and was gaining more and more. (About $117,000,000 at the top of it) I was raking in the cash... that is not my problem, I've got it figure on how to do that... now I've just got to figure on how to keep people happy enough that they don't oust me.

    I think I was making too much money, honestly, and not giving back enough. So... I'll try to work on that next go 'round. Trial and error, I suppose, is the way to learn. I do like the game... cuz it's building. I like building, as I think we all know. So... yeah. I'm going to play for a bit today before resting. I don't want to rest, but as I said... I've got this stupid ass headache. Bah humbug.

    I finally got past that stupid mission in Red Dead 2. Life became much easier when I restarted the whole thing and had one of my rifles. The previous go 'round, it wouldn't let me get to a rifle and yeah... pistolas were not doing me any bit of good. Much better once I had a rifle. So... I got through that and got Mrs. Adler her revenge.

    I think I might be somewhat close to the end in this game. Arthur is quite sick. The gang is breaking up. I think we're getting close to the end. I think I watched this whole game being played through at some point in time, but... I've forgotten now how it plays out. (This is why I don't mind watching someone else play through before I do... I'll forget it anyway, most likely.) I'm not stuck on another mission with Adler because I suck at using the sniper rifle. I failed a bazillion times before giving up and doing something else yesterday. I can only deal with so much frustration before it's time to step away... before controllers start flying through the air and shit. Don't need for any of that nonsense to get started!

    This is my last night off. It makes me sad. I have another four day weekend coming up next month. And then I'm out for a while. I probably won't bother with much until after the next shift bid in March. I might take a week off for my birthday... if we have any staff by then. Which... who the fuck knows about such things?

    Natalie bumped her game up from taking an hour off on Saturdays to taking 3 hrs off on Saturdays. Man, she's going to be sad when summer rolls around and she doesn't have any vacation time! She says it's so she doesn't get held over on Sundays... and that would make sense if Sunday was one of her days off... but it's not. I mean... why just Saturday then? She can get held over on any of the other days? Oh yeah... because she wants to make sure I can't take off Saturdays.

    Boy she's going to be sad in the summer when she's wasted all of her vacation cock blocking me (when I'm not even trying to take those days off!) and I've got all this vacation time stored up... and take a nice big block of Saturdays off again. Maybe I'll do two or three months worth of Saturdays. That'd get her going, eh?

    Of course, I'd actually be doing it because I don't want to be at work, especially on a Saturday, but... she'll think it's all about her, and we'll let her. Because why not?

    Of course... maybe she'll be a supervisor (God help us all) by then and it'll all be for naught?

    My headache today has erased any idea of going to the movies today. Too loud. I don't need a worse headache then I've got already, thanks. And... well, I really don't feel like it. I mean... I wanna... but I also don't want to leave my house.

    The introvert's dilemma, eh?

    Plus... it's cold and stupid snowy outside. Blech.

    I guess I'm going to put some work in on Tropico 6 for a while. Leave you with this...

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    Great milestone for our anti-bullying project, Zero2Hero, today. Our complete programme, with which we are going to visit schools from March onwards, isn't completely done yet but at the start of the week we were presented with an opportunity to do a 'lite' version of our programme. A first real testcase. A sunday school asked us on Tuesday if we could do something for them because in their group there was some bullying. Three group members, including yours truly, said that we were up for it....we wanted to help.

    Today we went there and it went really well. Kids were first taught what the differences were between teasing & bullying. After that I shared the story of my experiences with being bullied. How that felt for me and what the impact was on my life. I also spoke with the kids about what they can do when they see bully behavior.

    Lastly we let them write down words which describe how they want to interact with each other from now on. A sort of code of conduct for the group. By the group...for the group.

    Our 'mascotte' , a superhero squirrel, was with us as well and you know what......it proved to be a perfect ice breaker. The kids loved it and made lots of pictures/videos with Nutz.

    So all in all an encouraging day for our project. Can say I am somewhat proud!
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I was binge watching John Oliver's show on HBO last night and one of the episodes was about Monica Lewinsky.

    And it was basically... about how one survives what amounts to decades of (ongoing) bullying for a one time incident. And... I never really thought much about what it was like to actually be her... I actually never thought much about her at all, other than to think 1) she should've kept her mouth shut and 2) she should've had her dress laundered... and generally considered her an idiot.

    I didn't consider she was a 22 yr old... and that this one thing would be something she'd have to live with forever.

    It reminded me of an episode of House MD. The patient of the week was an inmate (LL Cool J) that House was trying to save. At one point, the inmate says Can you imagine your whole life being about the worst thing you ever did? Which is generally how we judge people, innit? Or maybe by the best thing they ever did, on the opposite spectrum, yeah? I mean... I person could spend their entire life being a real bastard... and end up doing one unselfish and he lives out his life as hero despite the other shit, yeah?

    Anyway. I felt bad for Monica after that. I mean... it's not only all the shit then... but it's ongoing. She's a punchline. She will always be a punchline. And that sucks. A life sentence for a blow job. That's a bit harsh, innit?

    I mean... we all do dumb shit. Do embarrassing shit. Do shit we know we ought not to have done. Right? So just imagine now, that the dumbest or most embarrassing bit of shit you've ever done (not that you were caught at, but that you ever done... caught or not) and have that be broadcast world wide and joked about... for the rest of your life.

    So. I suppose we should all be happy to have not had our indiscretions broadcast for the world to see/know about... eh?

    It's gross outside. Cold and icy and cold. Did I mention... fucking cold? My phone says 9F... with a "feels like" of -2F. Yay. It was colder than that overnight, I know. And it's an icy mess. Been a lot of videos on social media and on the news of people/children ice skating on the streets. That's delightful.

    Last time I was outside was Friday evening after the bar. And that's when it was starting to do the freezing rain bit. It wasn't unbearably cold then, but it got that way after. Fuck going outside. I have to, tonight... but I don't want to. Blech. I hate winter.

    Ok... Brits... this Royal stuff with Harry. I'm curious as to why it's a big deal? Anybody???

    I mean... didn't Edward do virtually the same thing? You know... that other Prince nobody in the US knows about cuz he's like... not doing Royals stuff? I'm very confused by this, honestly. I mean... I don't care, really. One way or the other about what they're going on about. (Though I certainly don't blame Harry... cuz that Royals nonsense would suck ass) It's just curious to me that they're all up and over about something that's clearly been done before... by the Queen's own son. So... what the fuck?

    Very curious. I'd want no part of that nonsense. Or being famous in any way, shape or form. What a pain in the ass with people being all up in your business all the time. I'd be so bad at that. I'd be in the tabloids because I would be bad at it. Which likely wouldn't make it any better, eh? Cuz the shit heads aren't going to stop just because you shoved one's camera up his/her ass, right? That just makes it all the better.

    Ugh. I'd be... I'd be a recluse that never left my house. Like now, only with more money.

    All right. I'm off to lie about and sleep through something on tv.

    Leave you with this... I think more elders should be encouraged to game, honestly.

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    Anyone want some SE in their day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anunnaki Spirit View Post
    Anyone want some SE in their day?

    Cute huntsman spider.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Anunnaki Spirit View Post
    Anyone want some SE in their day?

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider!


    One down, two more to go. Oy vey. I'll make it.

    It wasn't bad last night. Honestly, it's fighting boredom more than anything currently. I have a total of seven inmates. There's really not a lot for me to do. I was done with everything, minus rounds of course, by 1230? And so then it becomes this thing of trying to not die from boredom.

    Don't get me wrong. Boredom in this line of work is good. It truly is. But boring is still boring. And boring sucks. It doesn't suck as much as not boring, right, but... time drags when it's boring. On and on and on and on. So... there ya go.

    I read a book. Almost the entire thing in one setting. I tried to get it all in, but ended up like... maybe a chapter from making it. It was time to go home, so... I'll finish that off tonight. I had another book set aside. I'm not sure if I'll like it or not, so I might look for something else, too. I usually try to find something that the youthful offenders are reading. Some of them have good taste, for one thing and it's also a way to connect with a kid if that need arises. I use video games a lot... but books can be good, too.

    I think the book I'm reading is called We'll Fly Away. It's about two teenage boys from less than desirable situations who are and have been dreaming of getting out. They're down south somewhere (I don't recall were... North Carolina?) and one of the boys is a top notch wrestler who has a scholarship to Iowa... and this is their ticket to a better life.

    But, as things often do, things go sideways. I'm not 100% how just yet... and I'm almost at the end of the book. I just know that when it goes sideways... it goes that way in absolutely catastrophic ways. There are hints... just based on the boys themselves... but you just don't know for sure all through the book, you know? It compels you to read along to find out what went so horribly wrong and why it went so horribly wrong.

    The book makes me sad, in a way. It reminds me of people I've known that came from bad places and despite their fighting spirit and the kindess of others, life still goes on kicking and kicking at them until there's nothing left to kick.

    I have no idea what the book I stashed away is called. The cover looked interesting. *shrugs*

    Talked with Isaiah... for a little bit. Asked how his interview for supervisor went. He said he thought he'd done well. Said it was the easiest interview he'd ever done. (Shocker... ) And he said that he told them he was doing the interview for experience. He said he'd told them that the odds of him taking the job if he were offered it were only 40/60... for multiple reasons.

    He said he'd talked to Natalie about her interview and apparently she was snappy with him... suggesting he had a far better chance than she only because he's black. Which doesn't surprise me in any way, shape or form. Plus she went on to say that the director didn't like her and that they thought she abused sick leave (because she does) and she uses far too much of it (because she does) so she wasn't expecting to get the job. (Of course, the fact that she's woefully unqualified probably never crossed her mind...)

    Isaiah said that if she became a 3rd shift supervisor, he would quit. He would try to get onto another shift first (which, due to our poor staffing isn't likely) and if he couldn't, he'd just quit. I told him that Rita had said the same thing. Isaiah also said he told this to Kelly. He said he told her that he knew they were friends and all that but, she had no business being a supervisor and if she became one, he was going to quit.

    So. That's fun.

    I find it highly unlikely that Natalie will be a supervisor. I'm not even sure why she applied... and as I said before, god help us all if she does. That'd be a nightmare situation. (Obviously, if half the shift will quit if she's a supervisor...) So... yeah. I think there were 6 or 7 outsiders that applied. We'll see how it goes with all that, I guess.

    As long as none of them are fucking Dean. Again. I've heard no rumblings of such, but... knowing him, it's not outside the realm of possibility. It would be like his... 6th time returning? 7th? Somewhere around there. Fucking crazy shit... and they keep hiring his dumb ass back, too. And don't any of us need that little shit stain in our lives.

    It's supposed to weather on us overnight. Fucking winter, man. Not a lot of snow, maybe an inch or two. Just enough to make a complete clusterfuck out of the drive home.

    The upside is that it's going to warm up to snow. So it'll be above freezing, if only just. Which makes me happy cuz it was 4F degrees this morning and that blows ass. By the time the damn truck starts getting decently warm, I'm home. Freezing balls all 30 minutes of drive. I dislike icy balls. And fingers. And toes and ears and noses and all the other parts, thanks. I'm not a winter person... at all. Fuck winter and it's bullshit.

    Anyway... time to dash off and enjoy what little time I have left before work. Yay.

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    Give this game a try and you probably never know boredom again lol, also I find it hilarious watching a guy struggle with a smoke detector while live streaming.

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