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This is a discussion on INFJ Random Thoughts Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Fellow INFJs- question. How efficient is your Ni process? Meaning, do you reach conclusions quickly and easily or does it ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Fellow INFJs- question. How efficient is your Ni process? Meaning, do you reach conclusions quickly and easily or does it take time and effort/ lots of thinking to get to something you can (almost?) blindly trust?

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by EmotionalMe View Post
    Fellow INFJs- question. How efficient is your Ni process? Meaning, do you reach conclusions quickly and easily or does it take time and effort/ lots of thinking to get to something you can (almost?) blindly trust?
    I think this has a lot to do with age and experience or the type of situation that we are processing. Ni is a function that develops and becomes more efficient with the more knowledge it has, since it is a pattern seeking 'inside the box' type of thing. For me, normal everyday thing such as expressions, emotional states, and motivations of other people come almost instantaneously (in conjunction with Fe of course), I can sense their emotional reasoning/or lack there of pretty much right away just due to having experience being around a lot of people.

    The thing that takes me the longest (often days or weeks) is the motivation or overall behavior patterns of myself (why do I do the things I do, or say to another person, what is it that I really subconsciously expect/want from them). Deep down, behind our every action, thoughts, or words are deep motivations of how we want to be treated or seen, in relation to the other person. This takes absolute honesty, as a lot of our true self thoughts and motivations can have a seemingly selfish root, so I feel this is where Ni can shine but also where it can take the longest to uncover the hidden meanings of our lives.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Considering five courses for the fall... everything from bioethics to Shakespeare to philosophy. I'll probably only be able to work two into my schedule, but... we'll see. Depends upon when they all get going. If I can get through one, mostly, before another starts... I'll be able to get more squeeze in there.

    Gonna get my learn on... give this beautiful brain of mine something to do with itself.

    Movies on the agenda for tonight and tomorrow night. I've only got 4 left... so... I'll be all done with them this week. Which is ok. I need to get back on track with coursework next week. Get ready for my finals.

    Jake brought the movie End of Watch last night. That was... eh. Ok, I guess. Something to do. But a horribly predictable movie. (Are there any movies that aren't, though? Really? Seems like everything I watch, you know how it's going to end about 10 minutes into the movie. That's really fucking annoying.) I should've been watching lectures, but... I watched this instead.

    I have the sweetest dog in the world. When I went to bed this morning, he curled up right next to my chest, then put his head on the pillow next to mine. After a bit, he moved about a little and ended up sleeping next to my chest with his head on my shoulder.

    After graduation from the academy, the boy's gonna be working 3rd shift like me... same hours and everything. We've already determined that there shall be many morning of IHOP after work. Had I not been bumped by Doug, we could've even rode to work together... our facilities are right next door to each other... but my shift starts 30 minutes after his... maybe next shift bid I'll get my hours back. Hell, the boy even got Thurs/Fri off... as a brand new employee. That's... people in my facility would die to have a weekend day off. People who've worked in our facility for several years. Of course, our administrators try to make people miserable, so they keep eliminating shifts with weekend days off... there's no reason for it, they just like to irritate the masses. (And they do) The boy's lucky... very lucky.

    I just noticed an "infractions" tab on my profile. I'm amused by this. I'm infracted! Well, I knew that already... just didn't realize there was a tab for it. Cool. I have 10 points, too. No fucking idea what that even means. Don't care. I find it all quite amusing.

    I'm horrible with rules and people flexing on me. Tell me to stop doing something (especially if I wasn't doing it in the first place) or else and... we're certainly going to find out what or else is cuz... well, hell I'm contrary and I need to see what or else is... let's make all these ultimatimatums worth everybody's effort, for fuck sake. This behavior gets me into trouble all the time... but, hey... that just makes life interesting. Besides, it's amusing to get everybody all in a huff over absolutely ridiculous stuff. Well. It amuses me, anyway.

    I have to censor myself cuz Tá deartháir mór breathnú... and camping on my profile.

    Ingrid Loyau-Kennett is a bad ass... she confronted terrorists in Woolwich today after said terrorists ran down a soldier with an auto then beheaded him in the street. You got some kinda brass if you're going to do that, let me tell you.

    bad ass mom.jpg

    That dude's still gotta knife in his hand. Seriously... that takes some kinda cojones, yo.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Today, the other single guy from work asked me out for lunch again. I had to decline because I had already made arrangements with another friend. He said "Sure, no worries - catch you next week." He grinned and dropped by my desk later in the afternoon. He complimented me on my coat as I was leaving (to be fair, it was a nice coat).

    Ni: hmmm......

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I can't work out today. I ran past my pathetic excuse of a limit so my ankle is really sore. I'm missing out in the fun so instead I guess I can do 1/3 of an assignment I was given for a class I've recently taken. Sigh. Maybe I can finally get around to finishing a book and attempting to learn calligraphy? Hmmmm.....
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Late getting home cuz I was late getting out. Had one come in late in the shift to be booked in and he was a big kid and an extremely unhappy one, so along with Sam & Rick in booking, they also brought in Malachi & myself... in the event we needed to roll this kid up. (Most often, overwhelming officer presence is enough to keep them from getting all froggy... but not always.)

    The cop that brought him was pissed at the kid. The kid was pissed at the cop. They were escalating each other. This is annoying because one of these people is supposed to be a professional and an adult... About 5 minutes of trying to deal with this pissed off kid, while the cop is intentionally trying to provoke him and I'd had plenty enough. I told the officer to knock it the fuck off... in a slightly less profane and slightly more professional fashion.

    The reaction to my request was mean mugging and then being called a bitch in Espanol... which he tried to do under his breath, but I heard him and that really made me even less happy.

    Me: Say it again.
    He: What?
    Me: Say it again.
    He: ...
    Me: I heard you. Say it again.
    He: ...
    Me: Don't be a punk...
    Sam: War...
    Me: Say it again...
    Sam: War...

    I went quiet for about... 10 seconds then let loose a barrage of every Spanish swear word & curse I know. This did not make the City's Finest very damned happy at all.

    He: (to Sam) You're the supervisor, you gonna do something about that?
    Sam: I have no idea what he said.
    He: He swore at me.
    Sam: *shrugging* I don't speak Spanish.
    He: Whatever.

    Interestingly enough (but not at all surprising), the kid calmed down during all of this, so I sorta helped defuse the situation by getting annoyed. First, the heat was off him... and second he sorta saw us (or me, at least) as being a unified front against the "asshole cop".

    After the cop left... Sam & I talked.

    He: What'd he say to you?
    Me: He called me a bitch under his breath. But I heard him.
    He: Ah.
    Me: I hate when people talk shit behind you. Fucking pussies & cowards do that shit.
    He: What'd you say to him?
    Me: Every curse & swear in Spanish I could think of off the top of my head.
    He: The only word I recognized was madre... I can guess what the rest of that swear was...
    Me: Yes you can...

    I've had go 'rounds with cops inside the facility before... some really nasty ones... but it has been a very long time since the last time I got into it with one of them. I'm reasonably sure I've not had a row with one of the City's Finest since we've been in this new facility... and that's been... 11 yrs. A really long time.

    The last time I remember being involved in verbal altercation with the police whilst in the facility, I wasn't directly involved in the incident, but for stepping between the two parties involved... which was a PD sergeant and a 3rd shift (female, even) supervisor. I thought the two of them were going to physically come to blows in booking one night... to the point where I actually stepped between them. (That supervisor, who's since been fired, was a bitch... but in her defense that sergeant, with whom I've dealt with for many years in this job and in others, is a complete and utter asshole. One of the biggest pricks in uniform I've ever come across.)

    But yeah. That's a fun way to end the shift. Sam wasn't even mad at me. He really doesn't speak any Spanish, so he really didn't have any damned idea what I said. (I'm not entirely sure I know what all I said... I just flung out everything I could think of and may have even made some shit up.) Sam still could've... been dickish about it all, since he knew I wasn't saying anything polite, even if he couldn't understand a word I said. But... I think he was about as tired of homeboy being an ass as I was.

    And... I was going to go to bed early today. And that's not going to happen.

    Ah, well. C'est la vie, oui?
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I just realized I have an uncanny connection with my toaster. I always know when it pops up.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Listening yet again to Skrillex's 'Summit' (with bass boost up) makes me think of my friend. It's so him. He transports me to another level. This is a gift. Always a gift.

    I'm the baby. He's the toddler. Forever young in spirit no matter what.
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    Feta cheese on watermelon is surprisingly delicious, as I learned yesterday at dinner. I wish I was eating it right now.

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    My Fiance has recently taken to trying to convince me that William Shakespeare is a fictional character, and not a real human that lived. his sense of humor never ceases to amuse me. Once he got off of the sofa and I heard him mutter 'This is Sparta!' to himself....
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