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This is a discussion on INFJ Random Thoughts Thread within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Jebediah Bull shark? That's cute. I harpooned a lake monster back in 2005. Shoulda brought a bigger ...

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post
    Bull shark? That's cute. I harpooned a lake monster back in 2005.

    Shoulda brought a bigger boat, mate.

    I want to harpoon a whale or orca or something. I've only seen one other hunting spot and I tried to hunt, but... 'twas in the midst of a mission and the game wouldn't allow me to do so.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    21 Things Introverts Love

    Things introverts love.

    Describes me PERFECTLY.

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    Amazing what brilliant insights you can intuit when you only get 15 minutes of sleep for the night. My Ni has been going crazy the past few days. I love it!

    Word of advice for all Ni-doms, always have a pen and paper on hand. You can scribble down your thoughts as they come to you, and record them before they're lost.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    INTJ here, just saying your idealism paired with your manipulative skills are really a pain in the ass. If you ever fall in love with someone but that they ain't sure about it, by all means just stop your idealism right there ok?
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    One of my clients tried to kill me today. Had a crazy weird dream I wouldn't dare talk about! Feeling a little down. I need a hot chocolate.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Let me be just my mind and soul, please. A body is totally unnecessary.
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    What is it with cats' need to knead wobbly bits?!
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Well. No more sore throat, no more headache. Fever... but it's down to almost normal. Such a weird cold... or whatever... I've got going on. Spitting out symptoms in fits and starts. Which, I suppose, may be preferable to having them all dumped in one's lap at once? I dunno. Yesterday I was somewhat miserable... but half of that was because I couldn't sleep and I couldn't sleep because my throat was killing me. So... I dunno. Whatever it was/is, it seems to be on it's way out... so that's good.

    IHOP with the boy in the morning, I suppose. That's the normal schedule, anyway. And... the boy passed his corporal's test, so it's just a matter of seeing if he's picked. I think he will be, honestly, because two of his sergeants wanted him to take the test. So, that would be a nice salary bump of + $1 hrly. $16+ hrly... not too bad, eh? Sure as hell wish I had been making that kinda $$$s (or the equivilent, at least) back when I was 20 yrs old. I wasn't lucky enough, however, to have my career picked out when I was 6 yrs old... hell, I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, lol.

    Today I did a lot of sleeping, off and on. For a long while... about 0500 or so on... I'd watch an ep or two of Fawlty Towers on Netflix... then I'd sleep for a couple hours... then I'd watch another ep or two... sleep a while longer, so forth and so on. Finally dragged ass outta bed at 2p cuz my back was starting to hurt and I was, due to the fever thing, hot. Very hot. It's much cooler in my living room than in my bedroom... so me and the dogs moved. I played AC Black Flag... until just a bit ago.

    Haven't found anything else to harpoon lately, which makes me sad. I have, however, taken over several naval forts. Cuz I rock like that. Currently about to abandon a side mission cuz... I keep dying. I actually won once... but accidently sank the ship I was meant to board and had to start all over again. Since the ship is Man O' War... yeah... I've done a lot of dying. I need to upgrade some shit before I try this mission again, me thinks.

    I ordered my niece a stethoscope. Infant, blue, laser engraved... with a case. One Christmas gift down, lol. Probably just give the boy money. Dunno what he needs or what he wants. He can buy what he wants now, so difficult to figure that shit out.

    Two weeks till Christmas? Crazy. Looking forward to that 5 day weekend. I hope New Years is also a 5 day weekend. Cuz... why not? Imagine all the gaming and scotch drinking I can get done with 10 days off outta 14, lol.

    We got about 7" of snow here. Was supposed to be 1" to 3", of course, but of course... 'twas't. I didn't do any shoveling this go 'round cuz I didn't feel well. Mom did most of it... light, fluffy snow... so she really just had to push it out of the way. Kinda sucks, cuz I don't like my mom to be doing that... but sometimes it happens.

    Hope that's about it for the snow this season. Not fond of the stuff.

    And... now going to try to catch 40 winks before getting ready for work. I fear I will become very sleepy during the course of the night if I don't. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal tomorrow.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by NK View Post
    One of my clients tried to kill me today. Had a crazy weird dream I wouldn't dare talk about! Feeling a little down. I need a hot chocolate.
    A real downer - Glad you are physically unhurt.
    Once a patient had a pool cue and said he was going to knock my head off. I stood still with a blank expression and downcast eyes while a lone security officer talked him down, and them he knocked a water cooler off the wall and went to sleep.
    He could not remember anything about it. But I surely could.

    I wonder what Hot Chocolate with a slug of Bailey's Irish Cream taste like? Bet it is good. . .
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by Zech View Post
    I've just had a horrific experience....

    I made myself a large mug of tea and was drinking it while sat at my PC, and also eating a chocolate biscuit. I finished the biscuit and then had a final gulp of the tea and was aware of something unexpected in my mouth. At first I thought some of the biscuit must have fallen into the tea. I spat the object back out into the mug - and it was a small slug I've gone through the steps of how I made that mug of tea and can't figure for the life of me how the slug ever got in there. Insane.

    I've posted before (in venting thread I think) about the slug problem I've had in my kitchen these last 2-3 years. I've tried to peacefully co-exist with them but have always felt that if some line was crossed (think: Israel's attitude to Iran) then my policy would change. So - sadly - I may now have to start killing the buggers.
    In any place where there is moisture and cracks they can come in, put table salt down. They dehydrate and expire quickly. And no more slime trails.
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