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How do you order a meal in a restaurant?

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This is a discussion on How do you order a meal in a restaurant? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; My first time in any restaurant I order spaghetti if it's on the menu. How good (or bad) it is, ...

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    My first time in any restaurant I order spaghetti if it's on the menu. How good (or bad) it is, gives me a way to rate the place. Serve me soggy, bloated pasta and I won't be back. Serve me an obvious jar/canned sauce over cold noodles and I'm gone forever. After great spaghetti, I'll be back to try some favorites or what sounds appealing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chantel View Post
    Most of the time I go into a restaurant for something specific. If it's a place I've been to many times before, I order the same thing; there's moments where I will get something different if I feel adventurous. When I'm going someplace I've never been before is usually when I'll try something completely new.
    I am completely the same way. I love my sameness but I also like trying new things to add to my collection of sameness- if you know what I mean lol..

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Well, I grew up in NY/NJ so there was always a sense of community. Every time you walk into a business, they know you by your first name because you patronize the same local businesses. And so I carried this with me even while traveling and living overseas for several years.

    So now, when I find a particular spot I like, I frequent it and get the same meals. One reason is because my brain doesn't function well with schematics, maps, and or manuals. I need to see the bigger picture and so just by reading menus frustrates me at times because I don't know what the end game is (especially when there are no images). This is why I stick to the same but willing to try other foods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vladioto View Post
    I'd like to know how INFJ's behave in a restaurant setting. Do you always go for the same thing? Do you try to be adventurous? Do you like trying new foods? Do you look at the menu, and if so for how long?

    Whenever I go out for a meal I always take my time to read through the menu (5 Minutes) and then pick something that sounds nice. I'm always up for trying something new and exciting and rarely get the same thing twice.

    For restaurant settings, I usually go for the type of dishes I would like. Something spicy and noodles over rice for example.

    But generally, for everyday meals, I have a fixed idea of what I want to eat since I don't like wasting too much time thinking about what to eat.

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    I already commented here, but I thought of something. After the meal, I always clean up and organize the stuff on the table. I've had various reactions from people, like "why are you doing that" or "stop" but it just makes sense to me to make things easier for the staff. I empathize with them and would want them to do the same for me. I'm not going to leave the table in shambles. Then I overanalyze and I'm like "...maybe I just made it worse" because I've never been a waitress before.
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    It all depends on the day/week/month I've had:

    Bad time: I get something familiar, that I know will be good and comforting.

    Good: I get something out of the ordinary - something I think I'll like, but have never had before.

    Time to Celebrate! I order a steak.
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    I Order a water
    I then order a a craft beer or whiskey, I like to drink.
    Salad, dressing on the side, no croutons. Watching unecessary calories.
    Entree, whatever is good... Low cal, but delicious... Know what you want when getting your order taken. Being a server is not an easy job.
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    Without first reading anyone else's comments (which I do always find fascinating) I find a restaurant I like and order food I either know I will like or food that I already know I like, then I have a great meal. I am only disappointed when what I know I like doesn't achieve the usually expectations.

    Trying something new and totally off the reservation is like inviting problems into what should be an enjoyable meal.
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    Here's to drinking... I'll hoist one (or many) with you anytime...
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    First, I'll go to the restaurant I liked.
    Then stands on the distance while choosing the menu I liked (for the longest time) before falling in line.
    When it's my turn to order, I'll tell my chosen menu to the counter almost automatically (like a robot) xD

    But since I'm not getting used to manage my budget, I ended up ordering an additional meal. (especially brande new recipes)
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