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What is up with Fe?

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This is a discussion on What is up with Fe? within the INFJ Forum - The Protectors forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; @ LimeDegree Jung's Psychological Types outlines the 8 functions. Dr. von Franz's Psychotherapy speaks of the relationship between our dominant ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors


    Jung's Psychological Types outlines the 8 functions.

    Dr. von Franz's Psychotherapy speaks of the relationship between our dominant and inferior functions.
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Razare View Post
    Others like me wont bother sharing their thoughts in most circumstances.

    Your actions might then seem unusual, or surprise people because they don't understand where it's coming from.

    Fe is a tool. It's not the center of an INFJ's values, it can only express and influence them. For an INFJ, values relate more to Ni and Ti. Fe influences can reverberate back into Ni and Ti, to make us rethink our values. Yet whenever we reflect upon something in our head, deciding if it aligns with our values, we're not using Fe. It's extroverted for a reason.

    Any personality can express any trait if that person has worked at developing that trait in themselves.

    The thing with an INFJ is that pesky Ni. It can be built infinite ways, and since that absolutely defines who the INFJ is, you have a hard time finding two INFJ's alike. There are actually a lot more INFJ's in the world than people think there is. We might be the rarest still, but there are easily double the amount that testing shows.

    The problem is that if our Ni relates to and adopts the qualities possessed by another MBTI, we will almost certainly score as that type. We're not using the same cognitive functions as that type. Testing fails to properly identify the difference between someone using a cognitive function and someone using other cognitive functions to act like a certain function.

    I could bash on Fi-users, but I've already done that plenty on this forum. Fi is okay, I guess... but I don't care much for Fe either. I'm an Ni/Ti/Se guy.

    And honestly, a lot of INFJ's that I see on youtube videos rub me the wrong way.
    I agree with all your points in bold...very much so, you aren't alone.

    Fe is just how I orient myself in the external world, where as an INTJ might step on a lot of peoples toes, I am good at maneuvering in and out of things, making people feel good, and have a super wide variety (cliche) but truly so many mixed type of friends. What is actually going on inside is Ni/Ti. The Fe makes me want to use it in a way that will help the world usually though, that is why I can talk to an Fi user and make them feel better, but I am not really like them at all and don't have the same feelings.

    I'm mostly Ni/Ti user and get along good with people as far as Fe goes, I rarely ever use Se though, definitely super inferior.

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    People are just more comfortable using the functions they prefer rather than the opposite, because the opposite function whenever they arise in their minds usually manifest themselves in irritating and negative ways, so it's easy to extend that negativity toward people who prefer that function. To a Fi user, Fe may easily manifest itself in such a way that's mentioned in that quote from the INTP forum, because that person never really got the hang of Fe. I find to a lot of Fi-doms, Fi-users, Fe can easily come across as being overbearing or insincere because that might be how Fe manifests itself when it appears within them, so they can easily assume when they recognize Fe in others, "That person's just trying to control my life," or "He's such a big phony!" without really having a good understanding of how Fe works in people who do prefer Fe to Fi.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by LimeDegree View Post
    Where do you all typically go to study on all this Ti/Te/Fi/Fe material? I've not looked at anything detailing it yet, but it's popping up with enough frequency in all these forums that I'm inclined to analyze it.
    Life tbh, but there are some sites that describe the basics: Introverted Sensing (Si)

    If you read a good book on typeology, it should have the cognitive functions in it, since that's what MBTI is based upon. The 4 letter types are really just short-hand for the cog. functions.
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