[INFP] What types do you attract?

What types do you attract?

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This is a discussion on What types do you attract? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I didn't see this topic made here so I decided to make one. What types do you guys attract. IME ...

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    What types do you attract?

    I didn't see this topic made here so I decided to make one.

    What types do you guys attract.

    IME I have attracted, ISFPs they are really intrigued by Ne. ENTJ, ENTP, ESFP and other INFPs.
    Some people are drawn in by the artistic creativity, others LOVE the witty banter.

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    the ERROR-type.

    dnf database file

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    Lol, what?

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    Not sure... I don't think I attract many people at all, and I'm not good at typing. (Wonderful contribution, I know.)

    Last one was ISFP...
    The one before that, I believe was an ESTJ (crazy, I know).
    Purely online, sometimes - INFPs.

    I've realized that I need more "N" in my relationships with others though, and perhaps more specifically "NF"...
    Although that can get "depressing" as well, because if we both start painting the world black, well. Eh.
    The fcuk do I know, really.
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    Yea I know what you mean, sometimes you can have a grand ol' pity party, and it gets suffocating after awhile. ESTJ, that one sounds like it might of had alot of issues in communication.

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    None I feel like it's generally people who feel like outcasts so I feel bad for them and try to be nice and then they end up liking me and then I'm just like "no, you misunderstand me"
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    I love Feelers and Introverts (I'll open the door for them if they seem interested in interacting and for some reason are drawn to me). I'll usually put the kibosh on Thinkers and Extroverts. But honestly - - - >> not many people are drawn to me, like someone said above in a post. I'm usually hiding from most people. Their demands "to do stuff" often irritate me.

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    Who'll be attracted to a guy who looks like 15 y.o.?

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    maybe I should of made a topic called, what types are you attracted to lol
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    > me
    > attracting anybody

    good joke
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