[INFP] When do you wish you were born?

When do you wish you were born?

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This is a discussion on When do you wish you were born? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I often find myself dreaming how amazing it would be to have been born around 100 BC and be immortal ...

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    When do you wish you were born?

    I often find myself dreaming how amazing it would be to have been born around 100 BC and be immortal so I could experience the whole world change, have all the time in my life to travel and see how everything evolves. Oh and the medieval clothing... I would love that so much.

    Do you ever wish you could have been born in another decade or century? And why? Would you like to be immortal to watch the world change as well? :)
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    I wish I was born during the Italian Renaissance. I actually think the clothes around the time were awesome and don't even get me started on the art. I think some of the greatest art came from that time period.

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    I've always wanted to live in another time, preferably simpler but here's a few of my favorites to imagine...

    During the European renaissance. The whole ordeal because it spanned awhile and each country had different apsects to it.

    I wanted to also experience the Romanitc movement in Europe and the Transcendentalist movement in America.

    Colonial America for it's simplicity and DIY lifestyle.

    Specific decades I would like to have live through are...

    Roaring 20s- Jazz and swing! I would want to have some money though so I wouldn't have to live in the cities. I heard they were quite disgusting health code wise.

    50s- Birth of mainstream rock, beatniks, and pop culture. Also I am just a bit envious of how simple it seemed. Could be that way only due to television though.

    60s- Largest counter cultural movement focusing on love and peace ever. Music was killer and to be honest I really have wanted to try LSD to see if I can get anything spiritually out of it.

    70s- Pop culture in this decade still fascinates me as well as the music. Rock got both hard and soft with soft rock topping the charts and the underground punk scene burgeoning. Let's not forget disco!

    80s- I'm not a fan of the fashion but once again the music and pop culture is what I want to live through.

    90s- This decade would be the most modern for me. I was born in 1994 so I didn't get to really experience any of it except for the tail end and some of it spilled into the early 2000s. The music was just a mix mash of everything before it and I would have loved to see Nirvana or at the very least been capable of listening to their music. I personally think pop culture was at it's peak in the 90s and early 2000s.

    That's what I would like to live through, but I don't know about being immortal. Sounds more lonely than my life aready is. I'd have to think about that. There are some other times and places I left out but that's plenty for now and those are what I would most like to see.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Actually, I like living in this century, but I wouldn't mind having been born before. My favourite period is Renaissance for now, but I could change my mind.
    I wouldn't like to be immortal. >_>
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Ancient Greece, I've always been drawn to it. Yes I would like to be immortal, not to watch the world change but to gain knowledge and pass it on to others.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I couldn't wish to be born any other time then when I was, because if I'd been born before 1970 chances are I would have had a pretty crappy life as someone with Aspergers. Being immortal would be alright so long as I could chose to die, like the elves from Lord of the Rings or something. If being a fantasy lover has taught me anything, it's that being invulnerable and immortal sucks.
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    It depends ... could I be born as a man? 'Cause not a lot of historical times were woman-friendly ....
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote View Post
    It depends ... could I be born as a man? 'Cause not a lot of historical times were woman-friendly ....
    Yeeaah this is the other thing. Like a lot of people I wouldn't have minded the Italian Renaissance (a lot of my personal philosophy is Humanism based), but I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything as a woman in that time period, let alone a disabled person.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'd like to be born in the future,
    you know, when the sci fi stuff is going on

    and there I will be, immortal in the virtual reality, creating my own worlds how I desire them..
    then, after I lost my sanity for some reason I start to destroy my worlds and those of others and devour the whole virtual reality and with it mankind itself
    hmm though, I wouldnt be that significant to pull something like that off, even when immortal and insane..
    probably everyone is immortal at this time anyway, mehhh

    but oh well, future would be cool and beeing immortal too - if it's not mainstream atleast
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    Its hard to pick one era. I mean it would be between the Greek and Roman civilization and medieval Europe.
    I would love to analyze the cultures of the Greek and Roman era, I'm a huge mythology fan so that would be exciting.
    Medieval Europe is just so I can be an apprentice to a blacksmith and them eventually become a wandering sell sword just doing whatever I want to.

    I wouldn't mind being immortal but I should have the capability to end my life if I desire. Otherwise no.
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